Earworms 12 January 2015


I think this week’s selection is pretty much unclassifiable, but no less enjoyable for that. Severin’s choice inspired the picture, I was almost stumped. Anyway, thanks to everyone who has topped up the Worm Bank, it’s looking a bit healthier now. Of course, there’s always room for more so if you have any spare, please send them along to earworm@tincanland.com.

Bela Fleck & Oumou Sangare – Djorolen – goneforeign: This stunning performance of “Djorolen” by the great Oumou Sangare is a fragment from a DVD, from Bela Fleck’s documentary “Throw Down Your Heart”. Bela Fleck toured Africa performing and recording there with many African musicians.

Brian Blade and the Fellowship Band – Ark-La-Tex – Albahhooky: Here’s one that could have been in the TotY from Wayne Shorter’s drummer with his own Fellowship Band off of the brilliant LP ‘Landmarks’ released in 2014. It speaks for itself. Have a happy (& musical) New Year!

David Sylvian – Let The Happiness In – bethnoir: I believe that Mr Sylvian has the voice of an angel and this song lifts me up.

Angels and Airwaves – The Adventure – LeaveitAllbehind: When Blink-182 had their differences and went on an indefinite hiatus, only later to reform, Tom DeLonge (guitar and co-vocalist) formed A&A. Less ‘punky, snot-nosed American teen than Blink, A&A have now released five albums; this is from their debut We Don’t Need To Whisper.

Cat Stevens – School is Out – deanofromoz: I have been second hand CD shop bargain bin diving again, and found a compilation of early Cat Stevens recordings. This was a new song to me. I love the optimism the song expresses. Some would say the foolishness of youth I guess, but nothing wrong with a bit of confidence.

Jack the Lad – Home Sweet Home – severin: Early to mid seventies folk/rock outfit formed by three ex members of Lindisfarne. This single from their second album The Old Straight Track was seldom off my turntable for the best part of a year. More music hall than folk and definitely not typical of their sound but (to my ears) irresistible. “Window cleaner wash away my pain”. Yes indeed.

(Picture courtesy of http://www.123rf.com)

16 thoughts on “Earworms 12 January 2015

  1. Hi Everyone

    Just been listening to these:
    Bela Fleck & Oumou Sangare: This is not the sort of thing I normally listen to, but I really enjoyed this one…a lot…it was wonderful. Thanks for including it.

    Brian Blade and the Fellowship Band – this is also not the sort of thing I normally listen to. It was nice enough, but didn’t really jump out at me and being over eleven minutes long, it certainly outstayed its welcome for me. Sorry about that – its not you, its me, I am the one who doesn’t have a long music concentration span.

    David Sylvian – didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. The voice is interesting, at some points I found myself thinking that it had some similarities to Elvis Costello, then at other points I couldn’t hear Elvis at all

    Angels and Airwaves – this was quite good…it reminds me, and this is probably does not sound like a good thing (but I mean it in a good way), but it reminds me of the sort of thing that would be used on a sports telecast. You know when they go to an ad break and do a slow motion montage of the particular action (the cynical me always loves it with Olympic games telecasts when they claim to show every sport, but they relegate the coverage of less popular sports like fencing to this – a slow motion shot of the final thrust, followed by the removal of the mask (is that what they call it in fencing), and the fist pump of victory)

    Cat Stevens – as I described in the write up – very enjoyable.

    Jack the Lad – now that was loads and loads of fun. I am not averse to the slightly whimsical so I enjoyed this too. And well done to severin on inspiring this week’s picture, its always an honour when Ali bases the weekly pic around your own earworm (I know, I need to get out more!)

    Thanks everyone. Ali, the computer hasn’t packed it up yet, so will try and get some more worms your way soon.

  2. For me, the two most enjoyable tracks were the Brian Blade and the David Sylvian ones. Sadly, I didn’t like the Angels and Airwaves that much, because that major key American rock sound isn’t a personal fave of mine. I remember both the Cat Stevens and Jack the Lad tracks from back in the mists of time, a.k.a. the 70s. Both were OK but didn’t really fill me with deep joy.

    The Bela Fleck/Oumou Sangare track was rather lovely but seeing as today is grey and wet, it didn’t lift me from the gloom.

    I need a joyfulness transfusion, I think.

  3. Lovely how the fading tones of Bela Fleck merge perfectly with the opening notes of Ark-LA-Tex, which I must tell you that I had some reservations about 12 minutes with an ex Wayne Shorter drummer! But I listened and it became the ‘find’ of the list. I needed Wiki to explain the title and then it all made sense. Another detail, this list is a first, it opens and closes with a banjo lead, next we want six songs with banjo leads!
    And then the same thing happens with ‘the happiness’. perfect transition and I love the groove of that song.
    Angels and Cat not really my style but Jack the Lad is, wonderful song from a different era.
    Thanks to Ali for a near perfect list.

  4. I love the relaxed, drifting feel of the first three. And the brass on 2 & 3 is wonderful (although 2 gets a bit too squeaky for me in the sax solo). Sylvian’s voice may be creamy (a less-affected Ferry?) but that deep brass is pure melted chocolate.
    Angels and Airwaves are pleasantly bright and foo-fightery, just not my bag, man.
    I wasn’t a fan of Cat back in the day and that jagged tymp/strings/brass rhythm conjures up images of Pan’s People in white miniskirts jiggling about rather idiotically.
    Jack The Lad. Cor blimey, guv’nor! Nicely done but a bit niche for me….

  5. I love the first two and Angels and Airwaves (but then, I like the Foos, too). Not so keen on David Sylvian or Cat Stevens in these instances (sorry), but surprised myself by enjoying Jack the Lad, which took me back … way,way back … to my first bedsit and a very tatty sepia poster of Lindisfarne covering up the damp patches on the wall. I think it came free with “Dingly Dell” (the poster, not the bedsit …) And yes, I have the January blues too, we definitely need more banjos. Cheery wishes to you all, and pass the wine.

    Actually the David Sylvian is growing on me, just listened again …

  6. tinny: I just checked Spotty for that one, it’s there plus loads more, can’t believe how many different albums he’s made. I’ll come beck for a serious listen.

  7. Djorolen – beautiful but not my thing, I’ll leave goneforeign and tinny to get together with Bela on spotty 😉

    Contemporary jazz from Brian Blade, I too looked up what Ark. La. Tex. meant as well! Don’t listen to much modern jazz but that piqued my interest.

    David Sylvian was a real surprise, loved that, unmistakeablely the voice of Japan, Mrs. Leavey had a massive schoolgirl crush on Mr. S.

    Cat Stevens, brilliant, loved it, classic. deanofromoz have you listened to his 2014 album Tell ’em I’m Gone. It’s very good, quite bluesy in places.

    Nice, if not really my bag finish to the set with Home Sweet Home.

    Thanks everyone and as always to Ali for wrangling those worms.

  8. I like a bit of banjo and the first track used it well. Not usually very taken with contemporary jazz, but the Brian Blade was pleasant.
    I’m glad a few people enjoyed ‘Let the Happiness In’, post-Japan, Mr Sylvian has travelled some surprising directions, not all of them work for me, but when it clicks, sublime.
    I thought I’d heard Angels and Airwaves before, certainly familiar with the singer’s voice, but probably from Blink 182. Reminds me of 30 Seconds to Mars in a big chords and would work in a large venue way, but I liked it. Probably my discovery of the week, thanks Leavey.

    My hubby is the Cat Stevens fan of the household, but this was quite sweet, love the piano and banjo in the last one, makes me feel nostalgic even though I’ve never heard it before.

    I know what you mean about January, Ali, all the ads on TV are for holidays, but the year will turn again and I saw a daffodil flowering yesterday 🙂

    • Crikey, that’s early for daffs. I took the dog up the hill this morning, it was frozen underfoot and a bitterly cold wind. On the upside, it felt really warm when we got back home!

  9. Enjoyed that lot as I was pottering around the flat, particularly the David Sylvian and (somewhat to my surprise) the Angels and Airwaves. Thanks all.

  10. Late to the feast but, briefly, loved the Bela Fleck, liked Brian Blade and David Sylvian, quite liked the other two.
    I saw Jack the lad at the Marquee in London back in 1975 (I think) supported by Rab Noakes and a very rude Newcastle folkie/comedian. As an encore they all sang a souped up version of Battle of New Orleans. It was the version that Shoegazer posted last week that reminded me of the single featured here.

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