Earworms 19 January 2015



Took the dog to the pub (don’t judge). Dripping at the bar in wellies and muddy parka, scrabbling myopically in the dog-biscuit pocket for change for a pint, trying to hold a skittish 20kg dog with one hand, I could see myself as mad Grandma in a cartoon. Anyway, I present this week’s worms for your delectation. Please send all spare worms to earworm@tincanland.com, thanks kindly.

Stone Sour – Inhale – LeaveitAllbehind: Stone Sour is Corey Taylor’s (Slipknot) other band, also from Des Moines, Iowa. Before you all skip this one, give it a go, yes there is a ‘screamy’ bit but the guitar opening is very good and the core vocals, when he sings properly are brilliant.

John Lee Hooker – I’m in the mood – goneforeign: This is a typical John Lee groove, he spent his life playing variations of this. He lived out the last years of his life quite close to me in Long Beach California, I saw him perform several times.

Speedometer – Happy – Albahooky: Another one that could’ve made the ToTY but didn’t due to pretentiousness/senility/mood at the time of submission. Here’s some groovy vitamins to combat the winter blues, in a reworking of THAT Pharrell Williams tune in a Columbia George Benson style.

Souljazz Orchestra – Conquering Lion – Fuel: Another gem from the Fuel archives, The Souljazz Orchestra is a Canadian band whose music combines soul, jazz, funk, afrobeat and Latin. Jolly good, too.

Woodkid – Ghost Lights – YoungMunday: Woodkid is Yoann Lemoine, a French music-video director, “neo-folk” singer-songwriter and graphic designer. He has worked with many well-knowns including Pharrell (see “Happy” above), Philip Glass and Lana Del Ray – and apparently he became a musician because Richie Havens gave him a banjo. One for ghe?

Depeche Mode – It’s No Good – bethnoir: familiar to everyone I suspect, but I’ve recently been talking to friends about them and I’m surprised how loved they are, by a cross section of music fans. They’ve influenced many artists I like and are a much bigger deal than I think. Dave Gahan’s voice is great on this track. Go the Mode!

(Image courtesy of 123rf.com)

13 thoughts on “Earworms 19 January 2015

  1. Great start with John Lee Hooker, classic, just doesn’t really get any better; short, sweet and perfect.

    Speedometer – Happy – think if it wasn’t for THAT tune being so overplayed I’d really have liked this. Not fair, I did really like this.

    Souljazz Orchestra – Conquering Lion – pleasant enough, not sure I’d rush to play it again.

    Woodkid – Ghost Lights – I really liked YoungMunday’s last offering, but less excited about this one.

    David Sylvian last week Depeche Mode this week, is bethnoir having a small eighties revival? Surprising myself again I quite liked it.

    Having just “watched” the replay of the Spill Awards in reverse order the winners are:

    Wood Kid
    Depeche Mode

    and the clear winner JLH

    Thanks all.

  2. tush, leaveitallbehind9, did you not know that I never left the 80s, goth for life and all that? Actually that Depeche Mode song is from 1997, so recent in my book 🙂

    I quite like Stone Sour, never listened to them before, but similar to some grungey people I like. I have always rather liked John Lee Hooker, this song is good.
    I confess, I actually really like Pharrell’s Happy, I even bought it and feel slightly sad every time it ends, so I don’t object to it, but would prefer the original.
    Conquering Lion is not really my thing, I’m afraid, Woodkid seems to be multitalented though. I generally like neofolk as long as it’s politically okay and baroque pop is also a genre I like. A nice track, thanks Ali.

  3. Stone Sour: Oh crikey, I’m scared from the opening roar… And then he does some completely different singing! I’m confused. The non-yelly bits are fine but I can’t be doing with the rest. The yelling actually makes me want to cry. And not in a good way. Sorry. I may be over-tired.

    JLH: The blues just doesn’t do much for me. This is fine, just not my bag.

    Speedometer: I’m afraid I hate the Pharrell track. (“Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof”?! Anodyne – as doubtless befits a theme song from Despicable Me 2 – but meaningless with it. And it’s called a ceiling, Pharrell.) But this is considerably less irritating. Goodness, I seem to be in a right hump tonight!

    Souljazzers: The name doesn’t bode well… Nor do the words ‘jazz’, ‘funk’ or ‘Latin’ (much). But this is my favourite so far. Jolly. And yes, jolly good. Soundtracky in a good way. Shame about the fade-out (I’m not a fan).

    Woodkid: Ooh lot going on there. Intriguing. Quite like it.

    The Mode: Not my favourite of theirs (that would be Never Let Me Down Again… or maybe Somebody… or Blue Dress… or Shake the Disease… or New Life… or Blasphemous Rumours… or…) but I do love this one too!

  4. I think it’s my week for admitting that I don’t keep as closely in touch with the wonderful world of music, in all its incarnations, as I might. Like most weeks really.

    Slipknot have passed me by completely. Never really listened to them or wanted to. Didn’t like the whole concept and tended to agree with the Pope as interpreted by HMHB. So I was quite surprised to enjoy the Stone Sour track as much as I did.
    I do know and like John lee Hooker but obviously not well enough as this track was a new one on me. Great stuff of course.
    Liked the Speedometer track a lot. I’m guessing I may be the only person in the Western world who has never actually heard the original version of Happy so i had no preconceptions of any kind.
    Souljazz Orchestra (also unknown to me) were wonderful. Loved that one. My favourite of the week.
    Never heard of Woodkid before and have the haziest notion of what neofolk might be. Quite liked it without being blown away.
    I liked the Depeche Mode singles of the eighties but I didn’t really keep track of them after 1990 so another new one on me. Another really good one as it happens too.

    Lovely varied mix. So much to learn, so little time………………

  5. There are some songs that have me reaching for the mute button within a few seconds, Inhale qualifies. Whether it’s music or playlists or film or whatever I think it’s important to grab the audience early on, obviously there’s a school of thought that prefers the opposite approach.
    Happy; Severin, you’re not the only one, and on top of that I’ve never even heard of Speedometer, but I liked the cut, very influenced by Joe Zawinul’s Cannonball period, pre Weather Report.
    Lion: Yeah, I can listen to that, another unknown.
    With Philip Glass and Richie Havens in the intro you almost had me hooked, but that bloody drummer and whoever did the mix, I gave it 2 mins.
    DM, A name I’ve heard but not knowingly their music, it was OK, nothing special.

  6. An intriguing set of ‘worms this week.

    Stone Sour It was OK. I dislike Slipknot intensely but this was more of a grunge kind of thing. Very early 90s.

    John Lee Hooker A classic. Hooker is one of the true greats. The way he can make a song out of what is basically two chords and a beat that wanders everywhere is amazing.

    Speedometer I actually liked this a lot. Nice jazzy groove going on. I am not one of those who hates the original, either.

    Souljazz Orchestra This was OK but I kept thinking that what it really needed was a complete makeover by someone like Lee “Scratch” Perry or the late King Tubby. It would be fantastic as a heavily reverbed dub mix.

    Woodkid Pleasant enough but a bit anonymous.

    Depeche Mode Now, this was a surprise. I was never impressed by Depeche Mode in their original electro-pop guise and never kept in touch with their stuff, although I do like Personal Jesus a lot. Is this a late period one? I really liked it.

    • Hi Carole, glad you liked the Depeche Mode, it is from Ultra released in 1997 and very different to the earlier stuff. Like many artists who’ve gone the distance they have changed to the point where only the name is the same!

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