Holiday Time Is Over – He Said She Said Will be Back Soon ! ! ! – Teaser ! ! !

I is for Irezumi ! ! !

“I” is for Irezumi ! ! !

mss3She Says:

Hi everyone ! ! !  Mr P and I have had a wonderful time over the Christmas break when we were busy saving the world and stuff  like that but  we back home now and nicely rested and ready to to get back to He Said She Said ! ! !

Next week we hope to finish the letter “I” in the our A to Z of Japanese Music.  We have five tracks, including a 25 minute long avant garde noise track, some nice Hawaiian guitar  playing, two classics of unique Okinawan punk, and a mystery track that I will finally decide on tomorrow ! ! !

The culture club will be looking at Irezumi,  which is traditional Japanese tattoo art and we will look at the history and symbolism used in Irezumi.

P sensei will be continuing with his Easy Japanese One Word a Week Method  – so make sure you have done your home work ! ! !

If you are interested,  here is home movie of our Christmas Holiday ! ! !

Mr P and Miss S – Christmas Holiday home Movie ! ! !  

Tune In Next Week for the next exciting, amusing and educational episode of He Said She Said ! ! !

6 thoughts on “Holiday Time Is Over – He Said She Said Will be Back Soon ! ! ! – Teaser ! ! !

  1. Oh Sorry Ali ! ! ! I did not want you to choke on your coffee ! ! !

    I hope you will enjoy the post next week – We have a nice selection of music and I hope it will be interesting for people.

  2. Hi Hoshino

    Is the Irezumi anything to do with ‘horimono’? Horimono is a theme in a novel I enjoyed very much called The Garden of Evening Mists. A central character is a self-exiled Japanese gardener (who had been gardener to the Emperor of Japan) and the philosophy of gardening, Japanese style, is another major theme in the novel.

    Cowboy Bebop, fun as ever.

  3. Hi Tempusfugit ! ! !

    It is a very interesting question ! ! ! Actually Horimono is used to describe engraved designs on the blade of a sword. It is written with he Kanji 彫り物. So, 彫り which means carve and 物 which means thing. The word is used sometimes to talk about tattoos particularly when the artistic element is wanted to be emphasized.

    Irezumi is the usual word for tattoo and is writen with the Kanji 入れ墨. This is 入れ which means put in or enter and 墨 which means ink.

    I have not read the book but I just quickly googled it and it looks very interesting ! ! !

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