Earworms 26 January 2015


Thank you everyone, it has been a joy this week. Can’t decide which I like best. Go ahead and enjoy, and please keep sending your spare worms to earworm@tincanland.com.

Herbert Pixner Project: Dirty Kathy (live) – abahachi: ‘Volksmusik’ programmes on German television can go one of two ways. Most of them peddle a ghastly sort of washed-out, mid-tempo pop-like sludge that makes James Blunt look avant-garde, with the only connection to a folk tradition being the costumes and the pictures of Alps. But there are also programmes that present ‘real’ Volksmusik (‘echtes traditionelle Heimatsmusik’, apparently), not just as a period piece but as a living tradition. This is my current favourite group in this line, from Sud Tirol (the bit of Alpine Italy where they speak German and retain Austrian customs): accordion, guitar, bass and harp going hell for leather…

The Cat Empire – Hotel California – deanofromoz: The recent RR topic of hotels made me think of this. An Australian radio station, Triple J, has a segment called “Like a Version” where they invite groups in to perform unlikely cover versions. I have a compliation best of from one of these, and it contains the Cat Empire’s great French language take on the Eagles classic. I will also be sending through to Ali some more unlikely covers, so keep an eye out for them.

Prince Fatty & Nostalgia 77 – Freedom (Zombie Dance parts 1 & 2) – shoegazer: Another gem from Shoey’s Dubtronica series.

Perfume Genius: No Good – bishbosh: My album of last year. Just a staggering piece of (unashamed) art. I love the more confrontational tracks like Queen, but also the quieter numbers like this one, where he puts me in mind of a damaged queer Art Garfunkel. With added poeticism.

William Topley – Black River – LeaveitAllbehind: The Blessing’s lead singer William Topley went solo following their break-up. This is the title track from his ’97 debut album: Black River. What can I say, the voice, the guitar, the heartache, “let me roll back to you”, brilliant.

Psychedelic Furs – Into You Like A Train – bethnoir: these 5 CDs sets that Beggars Banquet have been releasing are fab, I have plenty of Psychedelic Furs now and I’m enjoying their spiky, husky tunes.

(Image courtesy of 123rf.com)

9 thoughts on “Earworms 26 January 2015

  1. Hi All

    I was going to write my thoughts on a track by track basis, but realised that most of the responses would have been ” I liked that”. So generally speaking a good bunch of worms, all quite different. The only one that I didn’t take too was Freedom, but I think I am discovering based on the recent worms, that I just don’t like dubtronica…sorry Shoey.


  2. I find that even if I don’t like something initially, after a few listens it grows on me. There have been a few exceptions, but I enjoyed everything this week. The worms are boxed.

  3. I rather liked Freedom. In fact I really liked all of them apart from Black River so “sorry Leavy” in my case. Just not my kind of sound really. Will try to add something more coherent later………

    • I’ve had another couple of listens and still can’t get on with W Topley’s voice or the musical style. Sorry I did try. Used to love the Furs and really must listen to them more. I just have the first album on vinyl (this is true of a lot of punk and post punk bands) so it’ll have to be youtube and spotify.
      Prefer the French version of Hotel California to the original although I don’t dislike the original as much as I pretended to in 1977!
      H Pixner and Prince Fatty were both excellent listens in their two different ways.
      Intrigued by perfume Genius. Very haunting stuff. Had a quick listen to “Queen” on Youtube and didn’t find the music very confrontational at all although the video was very “in yer face”! I’ll seek out a few more tracks I think.

  4. Yup, I rather enjoyed those, too. Even Shoey’s! Apart from the Furs, they are great fun to noodle with, particularly the first two (5/4 time makes an interesting deviation from the norm and Hotel C is a classic chord sequence).

  5. Hmmm, Herbert Pixner, very jolly but a little too much accordion for my liking.

    Second hmmmm, really should have tried harder with French at school, interesting take on a classic.

    To my complete surprise I loved Prince Fatty and Nostalgia 77 :0

    Perfume Genius, wow, very reminiscent of Garfunkel, will have to check this album out 🙂

    Bethnoir scores again this week with the Psychedelic Furs; I keep meaning to investigate the Furs some more but never seem to get round to it, will try harder. Loved this, best track this week but closely followed by Perfume Genius.

    Thanks everyone.

  6. I really enjoyed the first one. There is often a resistance to accordions, I find, but I love this use of them, very expressive playing.
    Now, deanfromoz, I am somewhat aware of Triple J as my cousin sends me their compilations occasionally, I usual surprise myself by liking more of it than I would expect. I have no fondness for the original, so consider this cover a great success, love the double bass. I look forward to more covers.

    Loved elements of the dubtronica, but not the whole so much, always a pleasure to hear something new though.

    I wasn’t all that taken with Perfume Genuis, I thought I would be, I’ll check out his louder moments, I’m afraid I wasn’t aware of him at all before this track.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the Furs, Leavy, I wouldn’t say they’re my favourite band, but they had some wonderful moments, most of them better than pretty in pink. I am unaware of the Blessing or William Topley, will listen again, but not quite my thing so far.

    Thanks all, enjoyable selection once again 🙂

  7. I really had no expectations from anything this week, apart from the Psychedelic Furs, who I like (and they didn’t disappoint, either).

    I approached Herr Pixner with some trepidation, really having no idea what it would be like. It was OK, a bit odd and probably an acquired taste.

    I loved the Hotel California cover, probably my favourite this week and Prince Fatty was fun too.

    I liked Perfume Genius, one to listen to again, I think, as it was the deepest and most confessional track from this crop of ‘worms.

    As for William Topley, well, I liked it all apart from his voice, which irritated the hell out of me. Sorry, Leavey.

  8. Herbert Pixner Project: Very perky. Love the fast fingerwork. Gets the heartbeat racing, innit.

    The Cat Empire: Preferable to the original, which I’ve never really cared for.

    Prince Fatty: Yeah, lovely sound. I think I’d actually like it to be even more ‘dubby’.

    William Topley: I don’t mind his voice. I mean, I can see people’s issue with it but it sounds genuine. Nice in a power ballady sort of way.

    Furs: Into you like a train? I take it that’s dirty. Exhilarating tune (even if it is quite reminiscent of Pretty in Pink). I love his voice, always have. I was particularly obsessed with All That Money Wants back in the day, being that little bit too young (or uncool) to have been into them in their heyday.

    Enjoyed that haul a lot – thanks all!

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