Not for DsD in his time of need: A request for submissions

Rich, Darcy’s Dad, lost his younger brother this month to meningitis. A lot of RRers have emailed him their condolences, which is pretty damn neat.

We could probably do a great funereal playlist for him, but by now he likely needs some comic relief. What we need here is songs that will make him choose between good and evil.  I want a collection of awful/awfully good songs.

36 thoughts on “Not for DsD in his time of need: A request for submissions

  1. Hi Tinny

    I would really like to contribute, but I am not sure what it is you want us to do ! ! ! Sorry if I being dumb . . . .

    Can you explain it in an easier way for me to understand please?

    Sorry . . .

  2. Hi Sakura chan,

    What Tinny has accurately identified but badly described, is that, at the moment, I need BOTH music to make me laugh AND music I can use as a harmless target to lash out at. So big fat belly-laughs or big riff primal screamers. Pantomime villains with Marshall amps turned up to eleven.

    Away you go ….

    Cheers, tinny. I’m busy working long shifts this week, but suspect I’m going to be snowed off on Thursday. Hopefully I can check back in then.

  3. Well Rich, not too sure how to rise (or sink) to this challenge. I can’t think of anything all that funny, all things considered. Or anything that headbangs hard enough – I’ll leave that to Panth. Life is tossing out a lot of boogers these days – an old and dear friend lost her 21 year old son to an accidental OD last weekend, i still can’t really process that one. Carpe diem, i guess, for the rest of us.

    So for a tune – i’ll go the other route and offer up one over the top maudlin and indulgent.

    • Whenever I see Bjork’s name I start talking to myself in the Swedish chef Muppet voice. She’s from Iceland so it’s not something I’m proud of,even though I do it quite well.

      Sidenote: Anyone want to go to IKEA and pretend not to know me?

  4. Hi Rich. Sorry not to have contacted you directly. My new(ish) computer doesn’t seem to have many of my R/R email contacts on it.
    I’m hoping that, perhaps, you might enjoy the guitar in this and raise a smile at the daftness of the repeated title.

  5. I’ve only not commented thus far because I’ve not been able to think of an appropriate song. I can’t begin to imagine how you’re feeling, Rich – or how I’d feel if I were to lose one of my brothers at this stage of our lives. I’m so sorry.

    Here’s something energised and optimistic. I don’t know if it’s what you’d want to hear, but I wanted to send some positive vibes.


    bb x

    • There’s no right or wrong about a thing like this B.

      We post our imperfect thoughts and songs and share our grief.

      And thank our lucky stars no one has posted The Ketchup Song.

  6. Hi all.

    As suspected, I’ve been snowed off my job today, so I’ve got an unscheduled chance to catch up on the admin. Once again, thank you all for your kind thoughts / condolences / emails / musical suggestions. I owe you all individual replies, but it may take a while.

    Regarding the music, I’m afraid that I have to say the lighter end – Cribbins, Bonzos, fart gags, Comic Dog – miss their intended target completely; sorry. I am definitely more receptive to songs which give me the opportunity to, if you’ll pardon the pun, rage against the machine.

    I still want to wipe Scooter from human existence.
    DsD fave Heligoland was a genius suggestion; Bjork worked almost as well in the same way.
    The Gypsy Kings coulda worked as a soother, particularly with those timelapse Koyaanisqatsi-like visuals, but the vocals grate too much.
    I don’t normally like Dragonforce, but I have to say that one fit the “awful/awfully good?” brief perfectly.
    Me1st&tGGs also worked, but I suspect the novelty would wear off pretty quickly.
    Severin’s HMD is just bonkers! Not sure I’m in the mood for it, but I’ve definitely filed the name away for future investigation.
    Must listen to more Doves. Got three CDs on the shelf collecting dust – Kingdom Of Rust is still in its cellophane wrapper, ffs!

    Cheers all. Off to listen to Carole’s playlist now …

  7. I didn’t know what to post either. I’ll fall back onto the song that started out as ‘good riddance’ and, over the years, morphed into ‘we miss you’:

    Like a steam locomotive rolling down the track
    He’s gone, gone, and nothing’s gonna bring him back
    He’s gone

  8. I was just re-reading DsD’s piece in the actual printed The Guardian from 4 years ago when RR went online-only. This was the collected list of songs that never got listed by the full-timers in spite of repeated nominations:

    Songs that were ignored: the Playlist
    Tam Lin – Fairport Convention
    Let There Be Rock – AC/DC
    Alone Again, Naturally – Gilbert O’Sullivan
    E2-E4 – Manuel Goettsching
    Looking for Lewis and Clark – The Long Ryders
    Ernie (The Fastest Milkman in the West) – Benny Hill
    Black and White – Todd Rundgren
    New Face in Hell – The Fall
    No Return – Brakes
    Wonderful – Everclear

    since then, we’ve managed to list six of those ten between us as unpaid curators. Sorry AC⚡️DC, Benny Hill, The Fall and Brakes…

  9. There’s been some misunderstanding
    And I’d like to make it right
    Both of us need inspiration
    And the timing must be right

    We all have souls
    Yet nobody knows
    Just how much it takes to fly:

    • Ta, Shane. Starting to listen now, but the Soulsavers is just such a huge fave anyway. So much so that I made a point of seeing Mark Lanegan at the end of his Leeds show last week to tell him precisely that, before you put it at the climax of this list. Spooky.

      • imagine Lanegan was emotional for you… you look after yourselves, huge hugs from us lot (you know you are in our thoughts – felt it best to leave you some space) ☮

  10. HI DsD

    Sorry for the delay on posting on this, I have been holding off trying to think of the perfect song…haven’t got anywhere unfortunately though.

    Really sorry to hear about your sad loss, and my thoughts are with you at this difficult time. Wishing you and your family all the very best.


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