Earworms 2 February 2015


And suddenly I woke up and it was freezing February. Not sure where jaded January went, but no matter, because here is a fresh batch of worms for your delight. Please keep them coming to earworm@tincanland.com, and if you’re feeling cheesy, feel free to send some with a (pro- or anti-) Valentine’s Day theme (for publication on February 9th).

C W Stoneking – Seven Nation Army – deanofromoz: C W Stoneking is an Australian of American descent who sings the blues, in a really old style. If it wasn’t for the quality of the recordings, I could probably fool you into thinking it is almost 100 years old. On this one, another from the “Like a Version” series, he puts a new spin on the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army.

The Mighty Diamonds – Reggae Street – goneforeign: The Diamonds are possibly my favorite reggae group, I got my start shooting for record labels with them. Their record company must have seen some of my work and they contacted me to see if I had anything they could use on an upcoming LP; of course I did, they used two. And that got me started, thereafter I sent proof sheets of examples to all the record labels and magazines. I wouldn’t say that the money flowed in but it at least covered my expenses, I always knew that I could redeem my plane fares and shooting expenses plus I got a lot of backstage access. I should do a playlist of my favorite Diamonds here, great vocal trio plus they always had the best backup.

The Unthanks – Starless – CaroleBristol: I’ve only recently really been getting into The Unthanks in any depth, late to the feast, as usual, and I am enjoying their music a lot the more I get to know it. This is a real curiosity, a cover of a 1970s King Crimson classic given a hugely sensitive and rather magical overhaul and interpretation. It is from their album “Last”. I find it spectacularly beautiful.

Nicoletta: Il Est Mort, Le Soleil – abahachi: One does hear some fascinating, unexpected things on French radio – not just the traffic reports, which regularly involve some most curious objects blocking one lane of the A26 (on just one trip, a wild boar, a sack of coal and a portaloo), but also some of the music. I know nothing about this song except that it is quite gloriously over the top in every possible way…

Micah Schnabel – In Pacific Time – LeaveitAllbehind: Tinny introduced me to Micah as the lead singer of Two Cow Garage; very reminiscent of Gaslight Anthem (Brian Fallon) vocally. Here’s a solo effort In Pacific Time telling the story of someone living in Ohio but longing to leave for the west coast.

Cream – Anyone For Tennis – bethnoir: Wouldn’t that be nice? One of their lighter ditties.

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17 thoughts on “Earworms 2 February 2015

  1. Worms are boxed. Again, I like them all but “anyone for Tennis” is firmly stuck in my head, haven’t heard it in years. I like the Unthanks too, didn’t fancy the idea of a KC cover but it’s very good, even with the trumpet – very northern England feel to it.

  2. Nice things all round. I liked everything today. I haven’t heard Anyone For Tennis for at least 20 years, so thanks Beth. I think that my favourite was the New Orleans jazz version of Seven Nation Army.

  3. Absolutely love the first three, in particular the Unthanks. I can’t believe I haven’t yet bought any of their albums. Astonishing voice. C W Stoneking was great. Owned the song. I had to dig out the original to remind myself what it sounded like before. Mighty Diamonds – blissful sound. Love their stuff.
    Nicoletta I liked, although the bar had been set pretty high by then. I do like a bit of French pop of a morning. Not so keen on Micah Schnabel. Hope Leavey doesn’t feel I’ve got it in for his earworms! We seem to like very different kinds of voice I think. I did enjoy it a bit more on a second play.Cream song was good fun. I had forgotten about that one.

    Nice set that.

    • No worries Severin, each to their own taste, which means we get to listen to all sorts of new things and some of them might just hit the spot even if most don’t.

  4. I will return and listen to these later but, in the meantime, I hope Ali won’t mind me posting this here, for the amusement of amy, beth, Carole, gf (and anyone else, obv):

  5. Some very nice music this week, particularly from CW Stoneking (nicely removing the football chant aspect) and The Unthanks.
    I could hardly prevent myself from offering Nicoletta a Gauloise and Micah Schnabel a glass of water. Both urges were a little distracting.
    Even on hearing it again after all this time, I still don’t remember the Cream song. I bet Ginger sings it to himself in the shower (not).

    Thanks to all.

  6. My apologies for getting carried away with my life story there, I should have concentrated on the Diamonds. I just checked youtube and they have the entire Reggae Street album if anyone’s interested. That gorgeous illustration on the cover was done by my very good friend Donna Cline who I haven’t seen in many years.

  7. Seven Nation Army has been a long time favourite and started listening to this with some trepidation following deano’s Hotel California à la française last week; but wow, quite brilliant one could easily mistake The White Stripes’ version as a cover of a ‘blues classic’.

    The Mighty Diamonds was a mighty fine reggae tune and loved reading goneforeign’s story about providing photos etc.

    The Unthanks aren’t really known to me but grew on me after a couple of plays.

    French songs again, knew I should have paid more attention at school, not really my thing but interested to know about Abahachi’s trips through France ( perhaps a Spill post beckons?)

    Cream, odd and completely new to me but enjoyable, more Pimms anyone 🙂

  8. I enjoyed the cover of Seven Nation Army, sounds kind of New Orleans-ish to me, inspired. What a beautiful voice fronting the Mighty Diamonds, I can see what you like them so much, goneforeign.
    I hadn’t really taken to the Unthank before, I’m not so keen on the vocalist, but the cover is lush and sensitive, I liked it.
    I believe I would have preferred Ill Est Mort, Le Soleil if it had been sung by Scott Walker, the OTT arrangement would suit him after the work with Sunn O))), more fun than Radio 1 though.

    Micah Schnabel’s voice isn’t my cup of tea really, but it’s a nicely written ditty.

    I’m sorry to infect people with Anyone For Tennis, but it is a bone fide ear worm and that was my thinking.

    I am waking up everyday with a different Julian Cope song in my head this week, I might have to send in a couple to try to exorcise them!

  9. CW: This is the only White Stripes song I’ve really ever ‘got’. Entertaining (near unrecognisable) version.

    Diamonds: Joyous. The tinnily insistent high hat (?) in the background is a bit offputting but otherwise love it.

    Unthanks: What a voice. I might need to give the track a few more listens for the tune to grab me. But I’m prepared to.

    Nicoletta: Ooh dramatic! Attention-grabbing pizzicato stringy stuff.

    Micah: Ooh clear your throat, young man! Other than that, nice tune but I’m afraid I find it hard to get beyond the catarrh/emphysema.

    Cream: Is it bad that I’m prejudiced against this before even listening because of Enoch Powell-backing Countryside Alliance supporter Clapton? The tune itself was innocuous enough but not really my thing, politics aside (I think!). Sorry.

  10. Seven Nation – loved that intro, I’m listening to a lot of New Orleans lately, particularly the early stuff, it’s where I started out and it’s interesting to revisit it.
    The Diamonds are: Donald ‘Tabby’ Shaw, Fitzroy ‘Bunny’ Simpson and Lloyd ‘Judge’ Ferguson, Tabby always sings lead. The backing band is the cream of Jamaican music.
    Starless, what a wonderful piece, I love that horn and I can’t place whether it’s a trumpet or not. I’ve long been aware of the name Unthanks, how could you not be, but I’ve never investigated their music, I hope Spotty has ’em.
    Nicoletta, no idea what it’s all about but I loved it.
    Pacific Time, Micah with California on his mind, at this time of the year with the temp in Ohio well below zero there’s lots like him, never understood why they stayed.
    I would never have guessed Cream, never heard ’em sound like that. Once, way back, I saw them in an oval auditorium, they were on the stage right in the curve, the volume was intolerable so I went to the extreme other end of the hall and found a seat just under the roof. Bad move, that curvature focussed the sound directly at me and I became ill from the intense throbbing in my chest cavity of Jack Bruce’s bass! True.
    Good set Ali.

  11. Have only just finally got through these…after several false starts, so hence I come to the party late.

    CW Stoneking – glad that he seems have met the approval of most of you. It is a great rendition. Although probably any cred I have got from sharing this track will probably disappear next week when you see the track I have just forwarded to Ali for the Valentines Day special!

    Mighty Diamonds – enjoyed this a lot, very pleasant on the year, great vocals, great tune. And no worries re the life story there goneforeign, its always interesting to learn more about those that also hang around this strange place we call the spill.

    The Unthanks – have heard several people recommend them on here and elsewhere and was looking forward to hearing this. Loved her voice, but the song didn’t fully grab me, although I suspect it would be a grower where repeat listenings would certainly be rewarded.

    Nicoletta – liked it, not normally the sort of thing I would listen to.

    Micah – I really like this, possibly my favourite from this week other than Stoneking.

    Cream – well I was excited about listening to this when I read the title, because I am a big tennis fan (I play on Tuesday nights) and of course my home town has just hosted the first grand slam of the year, and I did get along for a day. I can’t think of too many songs with a tennis mention in them. It was a bit of fun, bordering on whimsical. Would never have picked it as Cream if you hadn’t of said.

    Pretty good collection of tracks this week, well done everyone.

    Now, I also realise I have been remiss in not responding to people’s comments. The other week when I had a Cat Stevens track up here, someone (leavey maybe?) asked me if I had heard Mr Islam’s new album? The answer is no…I haven’t really moved beyond the Stevens era, and only have Tea for the Tillerman, Teaser and the Firecat, a greatest hits and that early compilation that I spoke of. A few years ago a work colleague of mine downsized to a smaller house and as he was moving he decided to clear out his CD collection, and he brought a number of CD’s in and told us to help ourselves. I was excited to see Mr Islam’s An Other Cup of album in there, which I promptly snaffled up. When I brought it home to play it, it was just the empty CD case…and as I was getting it for free, I didn’t want to go back and ask him for the disc! So that is the closest I have got to hearing the more recent stuff. Must add it to the list of albums to check out though.

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