Earworms 9 February 2015


Valentine’s Day is coming up this week, so I hope this gets you in the mood. Appropriately, our dog is in heat, she keeps jumping up to look out of the window, I’m sure she’d shout “Anyone fancy a shag?” if she could, but fortunately it comes out as “Woof”. Enjoy your week, and keep those worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com. Love and mushiness from Ali. xx

F.S.K.- My Funny Valentine – Shoegazer: Valentine from the unexpected covers series.

Kate Rusby – The Playing of Ball – AliM: “The course of true love never did run smooth”, especially for poor old Willie.

Bob Marley and the Wailers – Is This Love – goneforeign: Bob’s best known love song, My favorite version is from the video of Bob at a children’s birthday party in Islington, London in 1978, If you haven’t seen it, it’s beautiful, check youtube.

The Gourds – Valentine – tfd: Max Johnston, Gourds fiddle player and brother of Michelle Shocked, goes to squeeze his Valentine. Awww.

ABC – Valentine’s Day – deanofromoz: ABC’s album The Lexicon of Love is probably a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. I like this album way more than I would have expected to, but I do think that its well crafted new wave pop done quite well. It certainly shows its era, but I wouldn’t necessarily say it has aged.  Valentine’s Day is from this album.

Ash – Angel Interceptor – bethnoir: The sweet voice of Tim Wheeler gets stuck in my head terribly whenever I hear this. From 1995 and full of energy and youth.

Pearl and the Beard – You – DebbyM:  I just received this from one of my favourite bands, Pearl and the Beard. It’s a preview (prehear?) of a new track – not their typical sound as known to me, but I think its retro feel might grow on me! – and I can’t see a way to download it… but I thought the platform it’s on might be interesting. Probably it’ll turn out that I’m the last person in the (Spill) world to have heard of it … https://soundcloud.com/pearlandthebeard-1/pearl-and-the-beard-you

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10 thoughts on “Earworms 9 February 2015

  1. wow, what a great selection of songs this week

    FSK – not normally my thing but I really liked this, nice stuff.
    Rusby – just beautiful
    Marley – of course I already know and love this song, but hadn’t heard that “horny” arrangement before (well it is Valentines Day special after all) really great stuff.
    Gourds – wow…loved it. This is the second time I think I have enjoyed a Gourds track that was recommended, so I think I might have to explore their work in more detail..any recommendations on which album to start with?
    ABC – as I said above, a guilty pleasure but enjoyable
    Ash – well this was probably my least favourite of the lot, but it was a high calibre selection this week, so Ash was a little unlikely, I did like this one too.

    Haven’t had a look at the download yet but will try and check it out.

    Great selection everyone, thank you. and this is coming from the Valentines Day scrooge too!

    • Ooh, a new Gourds fan! I would recommend Bolsa De Agua to start with – I’ve got all their albums, so let me know if there’s one you can’t find. The Gourds follow the Beatles’ method of letting the person who wrote the song sing the lead vocals, and Max isn’t one of the main songwriters – they are Kev Russell and Jimmy Smith, whose (alleged) mutual ill-will finally caused the Gourds’ current hiatus status. I am on Jimmy’s side in this argument, if argument it is, because he knows who I am when he sees me and gives me a hug.

    • And further to my previous comment, I’ve just heard from Matt that Jimmy Smith has agreed to play a gig with him in San Antonio on April 21, which is while I’ll be visiting. So I’ll get another hug…

  2. I meant to send this one in, a 1977 version of the Grateful Dead’s They Love Each Other. Slower and slinkier than Amy’s Gorgeous version.

    Lord, you can see that it’s true.

  3. My Funny Valentine – I never intended to collect versions of this song but along with Ella, Frank, Sarah Vaughan, Elvis Costello, Nico and one or two others, this one will be going into the ITunes library. Oddly moving.
    Kate Rusby – Lovely. Can’t think of anything else to say.
    Bob Marley – Pleasant but I prefer his earlier tracks. A cliché to say that, I know. Plus, Burnin’ and Looting wouldn’t really work as a Valentines song.
    Gourds – Blimey, I thought that was Elvis Costello when it started. Very much like one of his King of America era songs. Mind you, that was EC trying to sound American in the first place. Enjoyed it anyway.
    ABC – I still have my vinyl copy of Lexicon somewhere. No guilt. Never any guilt. It’s the sort of album you need to hear once in a while. Might just dig it out and have a listen.
    Ash – Not sure I’d describe his voice as sweet. Quite liked it. Nice burst of energy at the end of the list. Grew on me as it went on actually. Will play again.

    Pearl and the Beard – Should I know who they are? She sounds a lot like Debbie Harry to me. Oh, there’s a bloke singing too. “Pearl and the Beard is a folk-pop trio from New York City. Their songs feature prominent three-part vocal harmonies with instrumentation that includes cello, guitar, glockenspiel, accordion and drums” Thank you Wiki. Liked this rather a lot. More pop than folk and very good at it too.

    Thank you for the music and bah humbug (unless I get an unexpected bouquet/card this year).

  4. Just lost a post so short and to the point this week:

    With the exception of Bob the stand out track and much to my surprise was ABC. Never listened to the album though I think Poison Arrow was from it and I know that tune.

    Everything else was OK, nothing exceptional nothing ‘orrible.

    Hadn’t heard of Pearl and the Beard but it could grow on me.

    Valentine’s Day is outrageously expensive and overly commercial but I will be sending a card to my special love, as I have done for the last 30 years.

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