Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea – A Week with Myself (Feat. Guest DJ Panthercub)


Last week I had a research paper/book chapter thing to write, so I took the week off work, set up a desk by the window in the warmest room in the house overlooking the garden, and settled down to work. For someone like me who spends most of the day out of the house, has a young family and a partner not terribly au fait with the concept of compromise (not to mention taste in music on the slightly noisy side) this opportunity to be by myself and listen to whatever the hell I wanted to all day for a week was a very rare and precious thing indeed.

Over the course of the week I listened to about 50 of my own records and despite the mental taxations of the task in hand had one of the most enjoyable weeks in a long long time.

Finding even more time to myself to put it all together to make a podcast was pretty impossible, so I enlisted Panthercub as my official selector and made a fun game of it on a rainy afternoon. It ended up completely different to what I had in mind (I was thinking more noise and less electronica), but there you go, it was out of my hands!


7 thoughts on “Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea – A Week with Myself (Feat. Guest DJ Panthercub)

  1. Panther: The phrase ‘child abuse’ comes to mind. Must say that the up/down arrow for pt 1 was useful, much less so the left/right arrow for pt 2.

    • ha ha – thanks for trying! I’m sure he’ll grow up to be a Coldplay fan or whatever the equivalent will be, but I’m trying my best to convince him that all music is inherently weird, noisy and comes on big unwieldy slabs of black vinyl!

    • Thanks Severin – Alec Empire (he of the first track) can reign it in when he wants to and that whole album is a favourite late-night-with-the-end-of-a-bottle-of-wine listen for me.

      I’ll pass on your compliments to the DJ!

    • Thanks mate….yes, I had to let the last one go, I mean he hadn’t even heard Born in the USA…!

      BTW, I thought of you yesterday as I picked up a couple of early Delgados 7″s (Chem004 and Chem006), but kicked myself when I got home and Googled the one I didn’t buy as it seemed to be a pre-Chem, Chemikal Underground split release with another label and by all accounts the Dels debut…oh well!

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