Earworms 23 February 2015


A collection that includes sex, bullying, photography, and doing it for oneself – hope it grabs your attention. Thanks to all contributors, and please keep those earworms coming to earworm@tincanland.com. Have a good week!

Patrick MacNee and Honor Blackman – Kinky Boots – CaroleBristol: This is unfortunately a genuine earworm that I’ve had since last Saturday. It came out in 1964 and was a novelty cash-in from The Avengers TV programme. It is performed by Patrick MacNee and Honor Blackman, John Steed and Cathy Gale in the series. Sorry, but if I’ve got it, you’ll all have to have it too.

Kate Miller-Heidke – Caught in the Crowd – deanofromoz: Kate Miller-Heidke is an interesting musician. Classically trained, she has moved into a quirky pop type career. In some ways, you could say she is in the mould of a Kate Bush, or Tori Amos, but then again, she is completely different to that. And then, just to really throw you, the song I have chosen for you today doesn’t really have any of that in it at all, it is more a conventional pop song. What I really love about Caught in the Crowd though are the lyrics, which I find really quite powerful and interesting. Bullying is a pretty serious topic, and this is a really interesting, thought-provoking song.

The Box Ticked – Corbijn – tfd: A lot of the Box Ticked’s songs are about being in a band – usually they’re about being in the Box Ticked, but since there’s no band member called Charlie I guess this one’s about a fictional band having their picture taken for an album cover. They claim they do know how to pronounce Corbijn really.

Meschiya Lake & Little Big Horns – Do For Myself – tincanman: Jaunty bit of New Orleans jazz about, erm, doing for herself until she finds a man to love her. That middle eight seems extra long 🙂

CSS- Alala – bethnoir: It’s so catchy and cute, I still love it. Cansei de Ser Sexy are Brazillian and Lovefoxx the sweet lead singer is a blast live.

Gregory Isaacs – Once Ago – goneforeign: Gregory’s another Jamaican favorite, possibly the most popular singer after Bob and Dennis. He splits his time ‘twixt lovers rock and serious social comment, early on he was smart enough to form his own record label and shop so it all goes to him. It’s called African Museum. He worked with almost every producer in Jamaica plus most of the islands major groups.

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14 thoughts on “Earworms 23 February 2015

  1. Once again a varied selection and nothing to dislike. For me, the real standout was CSS, absolutely brilliant.

    Gregory Isaacs’ voice always takes me back to the old Dugout Club that used to be on Park Row in Bristol.

  2. Kinky Boots – hmmm, yes, loved the Avengers, didn’t realise the two of them did this.

    Caught In The Crowd – really liked the story telling in this song, pleasant vocals too.

    Corbijn – so he’s a photographer (he says knowledgably – thanks Google). Alright, don’t know The Box Ticked, vocal could grate after a while.

    Do For Myself – love the brass, the vocal’s a little ‘too Cabaret’ for me.

    Alala – forgive me bethnoir and completely at odds with Carole but that’s awful; it very nearly didn’t get past the first 20 seconds, but I did persevere all the way through but it didn’t get any better when the vocal kicked in. 😦

    Once Ago – strong finish from goneforeign again.

    The opinions are my own and not intended to offend anyone especially bethnoir.

  3. Really enjoyed this week’s crop.
    Patrick and Honor -I’m an Emma Peel era man myself and didn’t hear Kinky Boots until it was re-released in the late eighties and got back into the charts. Even by that stage the reference to “sexy little schoolgirls” raised a few eyebrows. Still, putting that to one side, it’s a fun record and yes definitely an earworm.
    Caught In the Crowd was great. Real piece of storytelling with a purpose. For some reason it made me think of the best scene in the rather silly 1990s film, Flatliners, where Kevin Bacon seeks out a girl who was bullied at school to say sorry to her.
    Anton Corbijn. he went on to direct the film Control, about Ian Curtis, innit? Good song, bit silly but in a good way – liked it.
    Do For Myself – absolutely loved this.
    Alala – well that was a change of mood. Good one. reminded me a bit of The Waitresses.
    I do love Gregory Isaac’s voice and this was blissful.

  4. Listening now, Carole Kinky Boots is awfully catchy, but it’s ousted an Annie Lennox song I heard by mistake, so I’m quite happy with its earworminess.
    Kate Miller-Heidke told a very affecting story, reminded me of the Darkness to begin with, in terms of being about school and how we act when we’re young, but it turned darker, not what I’d usually listen to, but it was unexpectedly good.
    Delightfully varied mix of sounds for the other tracks, I liked the Gregory Isaacs track best of the rest.

    Glad Alala provoked reactions even if some were not positive! 🙂

  5. I’d forgotten all about Kinky Boots. Was kinda happy to leave things that way 😉
    ‘Caught in the crowd’ was good, and as others have said, bullying is a subject that needs more exposure as an issue. Enjoyed the Box Ticked too. Can never resist anything stamped Made in New Orleans, even a song about twerking. The standout for me though was the silken tones of Gregory Isaacs. Thanks gang!

  6. Incidentally, the Emma Peel episodes of The Avengers are currently being repeated every weekday at 11.00 am and 8.00 pm on Freeview channel 61 (True Entertainment).

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