I’ve mentioned my recent obsession with listening to the air checks of my 1990’s radio show, such an interesting new late night interest. But, I’ve just started a new obsession, I’m reviewing my VHS collection; I have close to 600 tapes recorded throughout my working life and mostly related to music. This week I’ve watched 2 one hour documentaries about Duke Ellington and two about Bob. Today I pulled one from 1982 titled ‘Black Wax’, a documentary and performance by and about Gil Scott Heron and as I sat watching it I kept thinking ”I must find a way to share this with the Spill”, but the process of transferring and digitizing the tape was very off-putting so I checked youtube on the off chance that they’d have it and sure enough they do. My suggestion is that if you know how to record from youtube you should, this never went to commercial DVD and it’s invaluable to anyone who appreciates Gil. It’s a great piece, well worth watching, you see Gil at his peak in many aspects, if you can’t watch the entire thing at least watch from 1.04.30 ’til the end credits, about 12 minutes. He’s great.
There’s a couple of extras after the credits and I was present at the last one, it’s shot at Sunsplash in Jamaica and I was right in front of the stage, I remember it well.
So here’s a special treat, Black Wax by Gil Scott Heron with the Midnight band, enjoy.

9 thoughts on “GIL SCOTT HERON

  1. Haven’t seen this in a long time, this is around the time of the late Arista LPs (Reflections/Moving Target) if my memory serves me correctly.

    • Blowing my cool GF, let me know if you have access to Dropbox as I have a live GSH show at the Village Vanguard from ’76.

      • Alba: I gave up on Dropbox about a year ago, I was having problems with it stealing my photos. I saw Gil quite a few times through that period in every context, one man stand-up to big band as seen here and I think I have all of his albums except the first which offends some people.

  2. looks great – have bookmarked it and will definitely find the time to watch it. I read his memoir (The Last Holiday) a few months ago, but I’m still not that familiar with all of his stuff – cheers!

  3. Well, I waited until today to devote enough time to listen to this in one sitting.

    It was really worth it too. Absolutely brilliant stuff from GSH when he was at his peak, I think. His political activism and his unerring ability to skewer his targets, combined with his music and his way with words was such a powerful package.

    It is such a shame that in later life he succumbed to the drugs that surely must have been the cause of his HIV-positive status, which eventually led to his untimely death.

    • Totally agree, his great personality shines through here and I was always very sad for him when the drugs took over, such a loss for us all.
      Carole, could you give me your website address, I used to enjoy visiting it, primarily for the photos and the food, and now I can’t find it.

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