I Hope You All Had A Super Hina Matsuri ! ! !

Hina Matsuri Is the Dolls Festival and Girls Day.

Hina Matsuri Is the Dolls Festival and Girls Day.

Hina Matsuri is celebrated on the 3rd March.  I had hoped to post something about Hina Matsuri before the day, so I am so sorry I am late wishing all The Spillers a happy Hina Matsuri.

Hina Matsuri is one of the nicest festivals in Japan and it is the Dolls Festival and Girls Day.  It is a day to celebrate daughters in families and to appreciate the joy that girls bring to a family and to pray that they have a peaceful, happy and fulfilled life.

Kannon The Goddess of Mercy

Kannon The Goddess of Mercy

The traditional festival of Hina Matsuri is very old and unique to Japan.

I wrote an article about Hina Matsuri two years ago and I link to it later if you want to learn more, but I really just wanted to wish all the daughters of The Spillers a wonderful Hina Matsuri

I also keep the day of Hina Matsuri to pray for all those little girls in Asia and the world that are not so fortunate and to ask Kannon – the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy to look over and protect little girls everywhere.

If you would like to learn more about HIna Matsuri Please check my old post

Here: – Hina Matsuri

Finally here is my favourite Hina Matsuri song, the translation is on the old post.

Mina san ! ! !  Ureshii Hinamatsuri  ! ! !



7 thoughts on “I Hope You All Had A Super Hina Matsuri ! ! !

  1. Hi Sakura: I did indeed have a super Hina Matsuri – one of my doll-collecting friends posted about it on our Facebook page and the rest of us agreed it was a really good idea! (We are not all girlies though.)

    • Hi TFD ! ! !

      Does she also collect Hina Matsuri dolls ? ? ?

      I am really happy you had a lovely day ! ! !


      Sakura X X X

      • I don’t know – she posted a photo with two of the dolls we all collect (Sashas) next to two very tiny Japanese dolls. I’ll ask her!

      • I’ve just looked it up and note that the Hino Matsuri dolls are displayed on steps covered with red carpet – we Sasha doll collectors recently held a virtual Oscars where we posted photos of our dolls standing on red carpet – kind of the secular equivalent ? ? ?

      • I think it is great you has an “oscar” ceremony for your dolls ! ! ! It sounds really fun. The red is a very meaningful colour in Japanese culture. I think that when Mr P and I get to the letter R in our A to Z maybe I will write about it there.

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