Earworms 9 March 2015



In honour of International Women’s Day on March 8, we have a wealth of wistful women in this week’s line-up. ‘Spill points if you can guess who the first singer is (without cheating) and think of a better collective noun for wistful women – without offending anybody. My first thought was “a womb of wistful women” … but you can do better. Anyway, have fun and keep sending those worms to earworm@tincanland.com. Many thanks.

XXXXXXX? – Everytime – alim: If you don’t know who this is, see if you can guess, without looking it up. It’s stuck in my head.

Regina Spektor – Real Love – deanofromoz: Remember the Beatles Anthology series and how they uncovered two “new” Beatles songs? Well one of them was Real Love, which I always have felt superior to Free As a Bird. Here, Regina Spektor performs an amazingly haunting cover of it. Truly brilliant.

Shelly Poole – Don’t Look That Way – tincanman: Somewhat obscure British chanteuse lights her torch.

Karen Savoka – No More Songs – goneforeign: This was the last song on Phil Ochs last album just before he died by suicide, he had fits of severe depression.

Hannah Fisher – Liquid Silver – glasshalfempty: Continuing my infatuation with Scottish talent, piqued by Toffeeboy’s odyssey, here’s a new discovery – Hannah Fisher is from Dunkeld, and is a mean fiddler, though not on this track. She has wormed her way into my affections with this song, about our sense of time. Liquid silver indeed.

Bonnie Raitt – Not ‘Cause I Wanted To – goneforeign: I’ve wondered how Spillers primarily listen to their music, in cars, in bed, with speakers or with headphones, from their computers or from stereo systems? One of my favourite ways is with my iPod in the small amp on the kitchen windowsill set on ‘Shuffle’ whilst cooking or washing up.  Last time I checked there were 9000 odd tunes on there that have been installed over many years,  some I’ve never heard before so there’s often surprises. Like this one, my wife and I each liked it so much that we repeated it 3 times! By my standards it’s a new one!

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37 thoughts on “Earworms 9 March 2015

  1. 1. Worms are in the box.
    2. Deano won’t know this but “Real Love” featured in a very high spec TV ad at Christmas (though not this version), penguins were involved.
    3. A murmuration of wistful women?
    4. Love the Hannah Fisher song.
    5. I usually listen to music in between running around after young Munday or one of the pets. Mostly I resort to using earphones from the lap-top while yM watches Top Gear or some such. In the unlikely event that I have a house to myself I crank up the volume on the lap top and dance about – I don’t have a docking station though I do have an old CD/Cassette player.

  2. I have to say right off that the Bonnie Raitt song was my favourite, she has the knack occasionally of getting the emotional punch in her songs to get right under my skin, and this one did it perfectly. Bittersweet and lovely, although I didn’t dislike anything.

    I had no idea who the first song was by, I did wonder if it might have been a ballad off of an album by someone like Debbie Gibson but I don’t know her stuff, so that is a bit of a stab in the dark.

    A very contemplative, even introspective set of songs this week.

    • Well, a little introspective but I have to work with what I’ve got – nothing I dislike, though. And full ‘Spill points to you for seeing through the breathiness (waftiness?)

  3. Is the first one Britney Spears? I admit to liking the her song Toxic and something about the performance reminds me of her. Regina is great as usual. Glad to hear that one. I tend to like male vocals over female most of the time, and this set of songs hasn’t changed my ear preferences, but I also enjoyed the Hannah Fisher song. Bonnie Rait’s song surprised me too.

    I listen to music on headphones or in the car most of the time. my iPod only has 6000+ songs on it and I mainly have shuffle on in the car, shuffle went through a Nick Cave phase recently, and seems to favour certain artists, but I like the mystery of not knowing what comes next

  4. Hi All

    I liked them all this week, and they all seemed to go together well. Thanks for making the connection Ali.

    So I stupidly read the comments first and hence found out who the mystery artist was. I sort of spotted that in the vocals, but now I am not sure if I am retro fitting it given that I know the answer.

    I had to youtube the penguins Ali…cute….

    Am I right in assuming that you have run out of worms from me now? I will have to send in some more, that is if everyone is not sick of my music tastes.

    In answer to goneforeign’s question, although I still keep virtually everything on CD, the majority of my listening is done via an ipod on the train to and from work. I have over 10,000 tracks on the ipod, and probably use the shuffle function more than I care to admit, although I do still listen to albums in their entirety every now and then.

    It is rare that I drive in the car without the children (I have two year old twin boys) and they are obsessed with Lah Lah’s Big Live Band, so that is probably what I get to listen to more than anything else! For children’s entertainment, they are actually not too bad, with the band using real instruments like double bass, saxophone and piano accordion and their TV show teaches kids about music, and they explore a variety of different music styles….but it is fair to say that there is significant overexposure in our household!

    Here is a taste for you all to be subjected to, and for effect, before you press play, imagine two two year olds chanting “yah yah” before you turn it on…and then the squeal of excitement when it comes on… you must also hold out your hand and make a stop sign at the appropriate time.



  5. Great selection this and very well curated Ali.

    Didn’t guess the mystery guest but the vocal for Tinny’s obscure artist sounded very familiar and lo and behold after a quick check I was right; Shelley Poole was one half of Alisha’s Attic.

    Favourite tune this week was Hannah Fisher, thought that was brilliant and if I had a least favourite probably Regina Spector but frankly they were all very listenable.

    As for a collective noun, how about “a wonder of women”?

    Thanks everyone and I’ll try and dig up some worms for you this weekend.

    • That’s very acceptable as a collective noun … memo to self, must remember International Men’s Day which is apparently November 19th … and yes, more worms most welcome, thanks.

  6. I should have answered the question about how I listen to my music.

    Overwhelmingly it is either on CD or on the radio – BBC 6Music from choice, although I do occasionally listen to stuff on my desktop PC, which has OK speakers, if I am in my little office/den/private space. I’ve also got a DAB radio there, to back up the DAB tuner downstairs.

    In my little room I might stream from sources like LastFM (but not recently) or Spotify now I have a version for Linux, but I will happily admit to not being a fan of mp3s and suchlike. I have an mp3 player somewhere, but I haven’t used it since for the last three or four years. This is mainly because I don’t like headphones (and I dislike bud ‘phones intensely), even though I do own some nice comfortable Sennheisers to plug into the hi fi. I never listen to music on my laptop, because the sound quality is rubbish (it is an HP one, concerted to Linux but that did nothing to improve the dreadful quality from the sound card).

    I’ve a plug-in DAB radio in the car, so I have the choice of CDs or 6Music there too.

    I much prefer hi fi or digital radio, the quality is so much better than streamed stuff or mp3s on the PC.

    • I don’t know how I’ve ended up without a proper sound system, very remiss on my part. I think life has just got in the way, it seems a ridiculous thing to say now that I’m not working, but I very rarely get any proper free time. (Or when I do, I nod off!)

  7. Perhaps a ‘welter of women’ this week, or ‘awash with women’??

    A good selection with the Karen Savoca a standout. A great version of a terribly sad song, given the fate of its composer.

    Perhaps something a little more uplifting or assertive, as has already been suggested?

    And here’s The Unthanks moving me to tears. The song may be about ‘Charlie’, but the sentiment could be applied to anyone who lives a hard grinding life and I find it life-affirming.

  8. Quite liked the first song – had no idea it was Britney, had to look it up. Don’t remember the ad with Real Love in it but I agree it’s a far better song than Free as a Bird and I liked this version.
    Shelly Poole was ok. Not much more than ok for my ears though. Bugger, just played it for the third time and it’s starting to sound better. I liked the Phil Ochs song although “liked” seems almost an inappropriate word. I was affected by it. Good version.
    Hannah Fisher kind of wafted past me. Pleasantly. Like most of theses it actually sounded better when I listened to it in isolation rather than part of a set. Nothing wrong with the programming. Just easy to overdose on the whimsical/plaintive voices. Loved the Bonnie Rait track. She’s always good.

  9. Late to the party as ever. Lovely selection – thanks to Ali and all worm cultivators. Nice to have an all woman line up. Fave for me was Shelly Poole, but it’s hard to pick one cut from such a good set.
    Re the questions, I mainly listen with my Sennheiser cordless headphones (so I can dance when I want!). They pair with my iPad, iPod and mac. In the car I mainly listen to the radio – often Classic FM these days! Must be getting old…
    Re collective nouns, if there are twenty, it must be a Squaw of Women 😉

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