Earworms 16 March 2015


 I never know what to expect from Earworms, and today is no exception. Goneforeign’s contribution seemed an apt choice this week as the Sharpeville Massacre occurred on 21 March 1960, so we’re nearly at the 55th anniversary. Ian Dury kinda fits. The Precinct of Sound and Blacks/Radio are tenuously related as are The Furs’ A-bomb hairdo and the Cure’s Grinding Halt. And Neil Finn is just class. Enjoy! And keep the worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com. Thank you.

The Cure – Grinding Halt – severin: I was reminiscing on Facebook recently about how obsessed I was with The Cure in 1979. I think I saw them four of five times that year before their first album was even out. Bought it on release, played the thing to death, then didn’t buy any of their subsequent recordings (apart from Love Cats) until around 2010 when I started the long process of catching up. Loads of great music since those days, of course, but this still sounds as startling to me as it did 36 years ago.

Ian Dury – Blackmail Man – tincanman: Ridiculing racists (how timely is this for British politics?) by assuming the role of a black male, man. Chocked full of rhyming slang that would make a fishwife blush.

The Psychedelic Furs – Blacks/Radio – AlBahooky: A band I’d forgotten about for many years, probably ’cause they were a kind of VU/Bowie-lite, BUT I am still partial to the 1st eponymous LP which this tune is taken from and was strangely omitted from the US version.

Dub Syndicate and Andy Farley – The Precinct of Sound – shoegazer: Another from the Dubtronica series.

The Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra – Sharpeville – goneforeign: In 1988 I wandered into a huge record store at the foot of Regent street and therein I came across an album by the Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra: I’d never heard of ’em but it was a wonderful surprise; classical reggae. The group were all young classical musicians who loved jazz and they decided to write and record an album, this is from it. If you’re not clear on the title, google it.

Neil Finn – Billie Jean – deanofromoz: Another unlikely cover (but from a different radio station compilation this time) with Crowded House lead singer Neil Finn giving a breathtaking acoustic take on the Michael Jackson track.

18 thoughts on “Earworms 16 March 2015

  1. Anyway, Dropbox nonsense over, I listened to the choons.

    I think that I like The Cure best, because it sounded genuinely ground-breaking in a way that none of the others did, regardless of their merits as music.

    I don’t much like Michael Jackson, so Neil Finn’s cover was always going to be an improvement for me.

    The Reggae Philharmonic track was OK, but the melody kept on reminding me of the long into to Neil Young’s “Like A Hurricane”, weirdly.

    Dub Syndicate and the Psychedelic Furs were both OK, but both seemed to go on a bit too long, overall. It was almost as though neither bands knew how to make the track end.

  2. Pretty much in agreement with what’s gone before apart from The Cure. I’ve never really got into them and this didn’t do much to change that view. Psychedelic Furs grabbed me more as it went on, but it did go on a bit.

  3. I felt like I was at an early 80s disco for a while there, cool! Lots I already know which took me to places I like to visit, so winners for me the Cure (no surprise there), Psychedelic Furs, Ian Dury and Dub Syndicate. Thanks all!

  4. Mixed bag to my ears this week: The Cure doing what The Cure do and fine with me.

    Didn’t really like the Ian Dury much.

    Liking the Furs tracks that have been posted recently.

    Dub Syndicate – not really me.

    Reggae Philharmonic didn’t sound that reggae to me but enjoyable nonetheless.

    With Carole on the ‘not liking MJ’ and prefer the Civil Wars version of Billie Jean offered by severin.

  5. Liked everything pretty much this week. I admit I wasn’t too keen on the Dub Syndicate voice although I do like the music. Was it from a film soundtrack?
    Reggae Phil was fine and so was the Neil Finn.
    I think Blackmail Man is probably my least favourite track off the New Boots album but that still puts it ahead of most people’s output. The Blockheads could certainly turn in a manic punk performance when they weren’t busy inventing jazz funk. I don’t know what to make of Tincanman’s interpretation of the lyric though.
    I think the Furs track only seems long if you think of it as one song when it’s really two in rapid succession – love both of them.

  6. Dub Syndicate & Ian Dury hit the spot for me this week.
    What I can’t get my head around is how bad Chris Parry was as a producer, as evidenced by The Cure track here and the ham-fisted job he made of The Associates 1st LP.

      • I liked the LP at its release, but when I went back to it recently I just thought it sounded like a set of demos although I liked them live.

  7. Thought the Cure didn’t sound anything like I thought the Cure sounded like, and for that I liked it a lot! Favourite of the lot, but nothing I rushed to fast forward

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