New Lightning Bolt

Noise fans rejoice! After a long hiatus, Lightning Bolt are back with a new album. Personally I’m super excited about this – apparently it’s the first time in their 20-year history that they recorded at a proper studio.

As you can hear, this has resulted in a crystal clear, delicate sound!

5 thoughts on “New Lightning Bolt

  1. I like this. It makes a nice contrast after listening to First Aid Kit. What immediately struck me on first listening was that the bass was tuned to cello standard tuning, using a five-string setup, tuned to C G D A E, with banjo strings for the A and E. Nice to see Wikipedia confirm this 😉

    But seriously, I did enjoy it. I don’t know if I could listen to a whole album in one go, but short bursts would definitely liven the day up.

    • Dearly wish I could understand even one tiny part of all that technical stuff, but I will say that I always get a (free) jazz vibe from Lightning Bolt, but maybe that’s just me!

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I remember when Brian from LB described their last record as “classic rock” which made sense when you heard his side project Black Pus, now that was hard work to listen to. I don’t listen to as much Noise as I used to, seeing LB play way back when was phenomenal, mind.

    This new song is relatively restrained, and as John Peel may have said, “dangerous hints of melody creeping in there”…!

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