Earworms 23 March 2015


Happy Spring everyone – on the plus side I’ve been out all day; on the down side I’m sitting here in a warm scarf, hugging a hot drink. I’m sure it will warm up soon, in the meantime here are some songs to get us up and dancing with ghe (Panthersan, get off the roof first) .Thanks all, and please keep the worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Wool – Love, Love, Love, Love, Love: panthersan: I was up on the roof getting ready to do some serious waterproofing when what I thought was this song came on my iPod. It turned out to be something completely different, but it got this one stuck in my head for the rest of the afternoon. Late sixties freak folk funk rock – oh yes!

The Pointer Sisters – Pinball number count (Dj Food Reedit) – AlBahooky: I’ve been listening to a lot of early (Blue Thumb) Pointer Sisters recently and came across this genuine earworm (the rest I send in are predominately pretentious abstractions) from Sesame Street as re-edited by Ninja Tune’s DJ Food. There was a belief that it was by Herbie Hancock which is dispelled HERE

Custard – Girls Like that (Don’t Go for Guys Like Us) – deanofromoz: Custard were a bit of a silly indie band in Australia around the late 90’s/early 00’s, and this track probably virtually served as my theme song in my single days. Nothing to be taken too seriously, but a fun track.

The Decemberists – Better Not Wake The Baby – tincanman: Brand new earwormy goodness from Colin Meloy. Faux-flippancy that anyone with young children will get right away.

The Count & Sinden – After Dark (Feat. Mystery Jets) – glassarfemptee: Sometimes you just need a floor-filler. This had me up and dancing in my headphones, throwing dad dance shapes. And the hook goes deep.

Monty Alexander – The Heathen – goneforeign: Monty Alexander is a Jamaican jazz pianist who lives in NY. I’ve posted his 2011 album The Harlem/Kingston Express live, hereabouts. This cut is from a 1999 album, ‘Stir it Up’, another with lots of Bob references. He’s the most prolific artist I know of, he seems to produce a couple of albums a year.

Image courtesy of 123rf.com

23 thoughts on “Earworms 23 March 2015

  1. Worms are in the box. This Spring weather is bad for my health, I fell over the dog last night, cracked my head on the road and was packed off to A&E by some very kind neighbours, including two I don’t even know. A&E glued my head back together and gave me a tetanus jab so here I am, bloodied but not bowed … slightly blown away by the kindness of strangers.

    • Ali: Take a tip from another old-timer, even walking requires conscious effort when you get older, I can’t walk in the garden without a dormant garden hose reaching out and entangling my ankle and that usually results in a topple, so far nothing serious but I’ve been horizontal several times. And Panther, when you get done there I need you, I just spent the weekend doing similar and came to the realization that I need to hire someone who knows what he’s doing, I have a translucent conservatory roof with serious issues.

      • GF – I assure you that I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing – I just wing it (God bless Youtube!) and hope it turns out OK! Although it sounds like your roof needs a good old caulking, which is exactly what I spent all day yesterday doing, from early dawn to pitch bloody dark! The gorgeous view from the rooftop of Mt. Fuji behind a sparkling sea does help to revive the spirits when it all gets a bit backbreaking I have to say.

  2. Oh Ali! Hope you are soon fully recovered. All my fault for sending a headbanger track!
    Nice set, as ever. Standouts were the alpha and the omega – the bottled-sixties from Wool, and the laid back jazz finisher, with added jerk flavouring.

    • I like the idea of Wool as the bottled sixties, but can’t agree…..I see them as embodying what everyone’s borrowed nostalgia remembering of the far out (man!) sixties was like, when in fact the reality for most people (and for me, most 60s music) was pretty mundane and (as Courtney Barnett would have it!) pedestrian at best………but maybe that’s just my cynical self that has grown up being told how great the 60s/60s music were, when it all sounds so dull to someone who wasn’t there at the time.

      • Panther, I think you put your finger on it with ” it all sounds so dull to someone who wasn’t there at the time.”. I most definitely was there, so the dullness was only due to the Lebanese red. But I think we all have the most nostalgia – and reverence – for the music of the time when we were teen and randy.

  3. Anyway – the worms. Bit of a mixed week for me. I couldn’t get into the Pointer Sisters and The Count and Sinden ones at all I’m afraid. Sorry about that, I did try.
    Liked Wool and The Decemberists quite a lot although it took a couple of listens to get the hang of the former. Custard were ok. Enjoyed the Monty Alexander very much indeed. My favourite of the week.

  4. Hi All, I found this week’s selection quite fun. Apart from Custard which I do enjoy, my favourite was the Decemberists. My least favourites were probably the last two,

    One of these days I will actually explain and justify my thoughts, but lacking in motivation today

  5. Nice ‘worms, once again.

    I loved Wool, it would have been my favourite until I heard a later track. The Pointer Sisters was silly, but fun. Custard was OK, too, a kind of Australian Weezer, I thought.

    I’ve never really got on with The Decembrists in the past, but this wasn’t at all bad. I’ve heard The Count & Sinden a fair few times before and I think that the plummy-voiced old thespian does amazingly well, seeing as he’s been dead since last September. Perhaps he recorded it before he popped his clogs?

    Anyway, on to Monty Alexander, which I thought was great and instantly replaced Wool as my favourite track this week.

  6. Another thumbs up for GFs Jamaican jazz number from me.

    Try as I have, I just can’t get into the Decembrists….they are not bad, but their songs all sound the same to my untrained/unsympathetic ear.

    • Alba: I didn’t know Dean had an album out, guess I’m out of touch, I’ll look for it.I’ve seen him quite a few times, lovely bloke, great musician: check his Redemption Song, great version.

  7. Oh bollocks, just crashed out of the interwebs halfway through commenting.

    In brief:

    Wool: I like the chorus and those harmonies; bit less sold on the (rather standard-sounding) verse.

    Pointers: Too noodly for me (and you know you’re a musical halfwit when Sesame Street tunes are too noodly for you).

    Cussie: For some reason, from the description I was expecting/hoping it would sound like this. It didn’t but was quite jolly anyway.

    Decemberists: Not got the new album (yet); not sure why. Not so keen on their fiddly-diddly faux-folk numbers (see also Rox in the Box from the last album). But it’s alright. And sure doesn’t outstay its welcome.

    Count & Sinden: The voice is a bit grating but I quite like the funky viiiibe.

    Monty: I zoned out a bit, what with there not being any words for me to listen to (told you: halfwit), but it was a pleasant enough groove.

    Cheers all!

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