Fears and the Funk

I fear that Mark Ronson’s recent mega hit may have opened a door to five following years of awful funk funking up the place like a bad funk. A door that cannot be shut easily. What point am I trying to make? Maybe that it’s that I don’t really like funk, or that the majority of funk in the world hasn’t been the best. Maybe I don’t think about funk very often. I suppose everything’s like that anyway, we just need to find the 5% that’s good, or 1% even.  Maybe bad things have been done to funk, similar to the horrific abuse of the poor saxophone in the ’80s. Who’s got the funk? Not me.

Lonelady, on the other hand, has cowbell and spanking bass mixed with a taut post-punk edge and ridiculously catchy 80sesque (bunker) pop melodies. Half of her LP “Hinterland” is full of massive bangers that Prince would have been proud of. Love it. Maybe I do have the funk.

**Edit** GF asked about Spotify working embedded in posts, so I’m testing it here, with the Lonelady album.

27 thoughts on “Fears and the Funk

  1. I have never listened to the Mark Ronson smasheroo. I have deliberately avoided it, just as I did with that Robin Thickie/Pharrell Williams one and the Gangnam effort a couple of years ago. I’ve a habit of making sure that certain tunes never get the chance to lodge in my head.

    Having said that, funk is something that when it is good, you know it is good. Like you say, there is an awful amount of dodgy funk out there.

  2. I must confess I rather like the Mark Ronson track. Shamelessly derivative of course but kind of undeniable. I like this too. Maybe I just like a cowbell.

  3. With you on this one Blimpster – love cowbell and bass on this. (Is that a new genre: CnB? – If not, why not?)

    I didn’t think I’d heard the Mark Ronson track so just found it on YouTube and realised that I hadn’t. Not sure how I’ve managed to avoid it, or perhaps I have and had forgotten. It is rather, umm, forgettable. And sort of faux-funk rather than proper funk. I should know: Mrs KidneyPie and I had our first dance at our wedding to Rock With You by Michael Jackson (we did a little routine which was kinda fun).

  4. Too many out there are faking the funk Blimpy & as the Bush Tetras rightly said : ‘You can’t be funky, if you haven’t got a soul’

  5. Aargh. The horrible black Spotify thing is here too.

    (Nice to hear from Blimpy, though)

    Logged on the other week to be informed our URL had expired & thought the end of The ‘Spill was nigh.

  6. Anyway, I forgot to talk about Lonelady, who I think is absolutely spiffing.

    She gets a lot of airplay on BBC 6Music and she definitely makes one want to “ged up offa dat thang” as I believe the young people are saying these days.

  7. An old codger writes…..

    Of these choons, I find Carole’s Fred Wesley track is closest to my idea of funk. The others just don’t have the necessary invention to turn what is usually a one- or two-chord jam into something really tasty (and shoey’s nufunk track is almost straight-ahead rock). The drums and bass should squirt beats and notes from several angles at once.

    Anyone remember The Meters?

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