Yoruba Hat trick!

The language Yaruba has only been mentioned twice ever on The ‘Spill and both times by GoneForeign, so this one’s for you (if you don’t know them already of course). Ibeyi sing in English and break into Yaruba at various points, when I heard this on the radio I felt the need to find out more about it, which usually means cross-referencing with The ‘Spill. I like the modern jazz/electronic styling and the lack of warbling in the singing. Further research (hi Wikipedia!) shows they’re the twin offspring of a Beuna Vista Social Club member and indeed Ibeyi means ‘twins’.

3 thoughts on “Yoruba Hat trick!

  1. Intriguing, two interesting videos. I often heard references to Yoruba when in Jamaica, I think most Jamaicans thought of west Africa as their homeland and Yoruba as their native language, a similar situation prevails in Haiti. This last week or two I’ve been re-watching all the films of Wim Wenders, consequently I saw The Buena Vista Social Club again last week, highly recommended to any Spillers who might have missed it.

  2. El Blimpo; Re the Spotty problem, many thanks, I finally got it to work though not by following the WordPress link that you posted, my mac screen doesn’t look like theirs in their instructions. I’ve tried to do this countless times, always failure, today I tried different ways and finally got one to work, though it requires that I build a specific playlist but that’s OK. It won’t work with my previous playlists. So thanks for the effort, now I’ll try it seriously.

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