Punk Funk 1999-2002

dance please

In the “Fears & The Funk” post Albahooky asked about the Punk Funk revival at the turn of the last millenium so here’s my any-excuse-for-a hastily-thrown-together-playlist playlist. I was still young enough then to be out & about with dancing shoes on, and this stuff was getting caned at the indie joints (as was I). It seems it was called Dance Punk in the states and of course even the name Punk Funk is entirely misleading. Disco beat with noisy guitars and shouty (mainly) men, some cowbell, post punk rhythms, anything to do with DFA records, New York, !!! asking the Glasgow crowd for pills before they started playing, hanging out with Carlos from Interpol on the LES, The ‘Yes New York’ compilation, late period Clash, the kids throwing out their guitars and buying turntables.

20 thoughts on “Punk Funk 1999-2002

  1. ahh…they were good times! I can’t Spotify, but I know, love and own every track there.

    Loved the Radio 4 album when it came out and think I’ve got the entire Rapture discography – “Out of the Races…” is such a great track.

    Thanks for posting, think it will inspire me to pull a few of those records off the shelf tomorrow morning – my final day off before the new job starts on Wednesday will be a punk-funk party!

  2. on second thoughts….why wait until tomorrow morning….Mrs Panther’s asleep on the sofa, the beer is cold and I’ve just put The Rapture’s “Echoes” album on the turntable!

  3. The one band on your list that I had completely forgotten about was the Rogers Sisters. I’ve just pulled their “Purely Evil” LP off the shelf and am listening now – it’s better than I remember, but not a classic!

  4. …and with the only slightly punky-funky instrumental sounds of Out Hud (they were next to the Rogers Sisters on the shelf and had a split with !!!) ringing in my ears, it’s time to crawl to bed to continue the punky-funkyness in the morning….

    • So glad to have inspired a punky funky party in Japan! Brill!

      Those bands were a lot of fun at the time, not much has really stuck with me since, apart from the general joy of frugging to syncopated cymbals. I suppose the follow up post would be when the next wave of UK funsters kicked off with Bloc Party et al a short while later and then the dreaded NEW RAVE nme-genre!!

      • Yes! I liked a bit of nu-rave….Klaxons and Hadouken! had some decent tunes, but I have my suspicions that the entire careers of Does It Offend You Yeah? and The Royal We were in fact unaired episodes of Nathan Barley!

      • Let us never forget the timeless majesty of Test Icicles – they played the Astoria at the height of their powers – tho my favourite gig of theirs was at a tiny dive where they put banana skins all over the stage before playing.

      • Oh yes! I’ve just done a quick sweep of the 7″s and found not one but TWO Test Icicles singles along with one Hadouken!, a Klaxons, two Death From Above 1979, two Forward Russias (I’m not bothering to Google those upside down exclamation marks!), lots and lots of The Rakes (mate of a mate played guitar) and Franz Ferdinand, one Neils Children (I know, I know), two The Others (both unbelievably crap) and two singles by Eastern Lane…seriously, who the fuck are/were Eastern Lane?!!

      • Yes, that’s it and I’ve got one called Saffron too….I only listened to it 10 minutes ago but can’t remember a thing about it!

  5. OK, I see, I was sort of there the 1st time around (ACR, Bush Tetras, Delta 5 etc.) as well as commandeering my older brother’s actual funk collection, so I’m quite partial to your abracadabra Blimpy (apologies Ian Dury) and after seeing The Punk Singer need to listen to more Le Tigre – cheers!

    • Oooh, I need to see The Punk Singer – recommended?

      There was a DFA remix of “Deceptacon” by Le Tigre that did the round back then too.

      • Yes, I have that and very good it is too, my pick of the DFA remixes is Dare by The Gorillaz – the name that stood out with his involvement with James Murphy at this time was Tim Goldsworthy, formerly a Mo’ Wax cohort …

    • Everyone needs to listen to more Le Tigre!

      If anyone hasn’t seen The Punk Singer it’s a great doc about an even greater person!

  6. Quite liked Hot Hot Heat and New Young Pony Club, but have mainly missed out on this genre. Enjoyable reminder, thanks!

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