K.I.D. wants to know

‘Spill nation! My boys have formed a band named K.I.D.

Here is their first single and the accompanying video…

Here is my question. They think they like dubstep. I was trying to play some actual dubstep for them, but I don’t for the life of me know what it actually is. I’d like to make a playlist to play for them, with the help of the ‘Spill collective’s knowledge. Help us, ‘Spillers, Help us!

Here’s a link to a spotify list, if you’d like to contribute, or you can link to a viddy, or whatevs.

15 thoughts on “K.I.D. wants to know

  1. How much sugar are those kids on? Think they may have stumbled on a whole new genre (rockstep?). Liked it more than 78% of dubstep.

    The band are either going to split over musical differences, go on to win a Grammy or neither of those things.

    Thanks for sharing – the Spill musical talent pool expands.

    (Wouldn’t be surprised if this shows up again as a JPants 2015 Festive ‘Spill pick).

    • Ridiculous amounts of sugar! And the band will probably split because they can’t sit on the same couch at the same time because Malcolm’s legs are too long, and Isaac won’t play any of the games Malcolm wants to play, and why does one boy get more ice cream than the other. IT’S NOT FAIR (could be the name of their album)

      Thanks for listening, Shoey!!

  2. The Spotify link is taking me to their YouTube post. I haven’t been able to get into any of the Guardian spotty lists for several weeks now. I became so pissed off with spotty that I’ve cancelled my subscription but I should be able to see a list still.

    I have a dub step sampler somewhere around the place. I’ll check it out but I think you should be looking at Burial, Skrillex, Code 9, for starters. It’s basically drum’n’bass with a dub rhythm.

    • I probably screwed up the link. I’ll take a look. I was playing some El B for them today, because I read about him somewhere. I thought I’d heard you say the name though? I’ll check out those others. Thanks.

  3. I’ll be listening to this list rather than contributing to it as I have never really understood what dubstep is.
    I kind of guessed that it might be something on the lines of what mnemonic just described but, if I have ever actually heard any, I didn’t know it at the time.

  4. Ooh I like that! Particularly the dubstep elements, I think. But then my knowledge of dubstep is limited to the name Skrillex and Britney’s “dubstep breakdown” (allegedly; nothing to do with head shaving or attacking cars) in Hold It Against Me. So I’m not the best judge.

  5. Soul Jazz did some comps (Steppa’s Delight 1 & 2 and Box Of Dub) covers the early stuff and then there’s the Hyperdub comps 10.1 – 10.4 …

  6. I checked my iTunes but nothing is classed as “dubstep” so either they don’t know either or I don’t have any. I think what mnemonic says is probably about right! Enjoyed the video, though. They should get together with DebbyM’s son sometime.

  7. Shoey may well be right…Iiked that a lot – and I did award my Album of the Year accolade to a 13 year old last year!

    Check out anything and everything on Hyperdub records and some Planet Mu stuff too. I like a bit of Ikonika (awesome dubstep dudette) and Ital Tek, but Kode 9 and Benga etc are all great too!

  8. That was a marvellous racket. Want more! (Though have no objection to 40 second singles on principle).

    Dubstep… um… Burial… dance music that you can’t dance to… um….

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