Earworms 6 April 2015


Good morning, I hope you are enjoying the Easter break, if you have one. A suitably cheerful bunch of worms for you this week, in line with the holiday mood. Thanks to all and please keep contributions coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Heg and the Wolf Chorus – Three Sailors – AliM: An Earserpent. I saw HatWC recently – never heard of ‘em before, a multi-talented, theatrical folkie-ish band, based in Bristol. This may appeal to those of you with small children and/or those who like sea shanties – God Rest Ye Merry Sailormen! Niche, but fun.

Capercaille – Inexile – goneforeign: A bit of Gaelic for a change, Capercallie is the name of the Scottish grouse, the group is fronted by Karen Matheson with backup by Piruchi Apo Botupá and Paloma Loribo Apo, an aunt and niece duo from the island of Bioko in Equatorial Guinea. It’s from the Putumayo world music CD – Women of Spirit.

Busby Marou – All of You – deanofromoz: I’d never heard of this band, and then I saw them perform this on a TV show. I just had to have the album after that. Great folk harmony duo and this is their finest song in my opinion. And yes, yet another Aussie band from me.

Cee-Lo Green – Big Girls – tincanman: Cee-lo country? His new album draws from classic 70s TV, and this isn’t the strangest idea on it. But it is catchy.

Nils Frahm – For – glassarfemptee: I don’t normally use TV adverts to discover music. Hell, I don’t normally watch TV. But this ambient soundtrack to a BMW advert really bowled me over. Vorsprung durch Technik, indeed. Vroom!

Burl Ives – Mr Rabbit – AliM: It’s Easter. Everyone should have a bunny, even if it’s rather a strange one.

Image courtesy of 123rf.com

17 thoughts on “Earworms 6 April 2015

  1. Hi Ali, bit involved with chickens and eggs at the moment but will take a listen later this week. Thanks for your continued efforts, I’m remiss in not participating the last few weeks or sending ‘worms’ in but I will try and send some over next weekend.

    All the best.

  2. I really liked the Nils Frahm and Capercaillie were pretty good too.

    Unfortunately, the rest kind of passed me by, except the Burl Ives, which I actively disliked.

  3. Another nice set, Ali: you’re a good egg! Thank you for your continuing dedication and taste. I hope you got the chocolatey treats you deserve.

  4. Well I like sea shanties, but my children are rather large these days, however I enjoyed the Three Sailors. Thanks for introducing me Ali and Happy Easter to you and all other Spillers, of course.

    I enjoyed Nils Frahm, but the rest didn’t do much for me this week, always interesting though.

  5. Hi All

    Hope you have all survived the Easter period. I am spending most days trying to explain to two year old boys that you can’t have chocolate eggs for breakfast…they are learning though, when I tell them they may have one egg, they are choosing the biggest ones! The Easter Bunny delivered socks and a Peppa Pig drink bottle and only a few eggs, but we still seem to have acquired a heap of them in the house. We are lucky though, they love their fruit and vegetables as well, so they are not fussy eaters.

    anyway, onto the music…

    Heg and the Wolf Chorus – not bad, quite liked it without loving it. Nothing wrong with a sea shanty every so often.
    Capercaille – Inexile – this was Ok. I was listening just after I had got my boys to settle, and my wife had ducked out briefly. As I was listening to this, I was hearing some of the noise in the background, and kept thinking it was either the boys being unsettled, or my wife arriving back…hahaha.
    Busby Marou – really glad you like this Ali, I think its a wonderful song. I am also trying to get one of their songs A listed this week too…but we shall see.
    Cee-Lo Green – now I really really liked this, and of course it was not what I would have expected from Cee-Lo. Great stuff.
    Nils Frahm – sorry, didn’t much care for this, although to be fair, I admit it would probably sound better on a good stereo rather than my laptop that is on its last legs.
    Burl Ives – nicely done, and good one to chuck in this week.

    thanks all as usual

  6. That set suited my mood, I think. Certainly didn’t dislike anything although the Burl Ives one left me nonplussed. He sung the one about the old lady and the ugly bug innit? Odd man.

    Nils was ok. Liked it – not bowled over but good stuff. Cee-Lo I really enjoyed when my Lambeth Libraries trained politically correct side didn’t insist on over-analysing the lyric.

    Busby Marou was a good one but it’s driving me mad trying to think what that guitar intro reminded me of. If it was a guitar and not a uke or a mandolin that is – I’m not known for my musical discernment….

    Loved the sea shanty and the Celtic jollities. My faves of the week.

  7. Standouts this week were Capercaille, Busby Marou and, as ever Cee-Lo has the Midas touch. And severin has got me racking my brains too about the sample at the start – Allman brothers?

  8. Heg and the Wolf Chorus – hmm sea shanties, perhaps there’s a RR topic in the making. Not for me but pleasant enough.

    Capercaille – After RR this weekend I’ve had enough of feathered things and this didn’t endear me to a different breed, sorry goneforeign.

    Busby Marou – good but deano you’ll have to wait till Thursday 🙂

    Cee Lo Green – not what I expected; what was with the ending?

    Nils Frahm – didn’t make me want to buy a car but decent enough.

    Burl Ives -Mr Rabbit – really! :0 But forgiven as it was over very quickly and it is Eastertime.

    • The Cee Lo ending IS whack. The whole album is. It’s called TV on the Radio, and features him singing and rapping over classic TV show themes.

      Why, no one really knows. It just appeared on the net (Soundcloud, etc) mid-January with no explanation.

      So there you go. You now know everything I do, and as little as you did before 🙂

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