Earworms 13 April 2015


Well, the weather’s back to normal and the cat and dog are stir-crazy and trying to trash the house. The weekend saw me taking the neighbour’s kid and his cousin for a walk as well as the dog – what next? Hamsters? Flying squirrels? Anyway, hope you enjoy this week’s pick of worms and please keep the supply flowing to earworm@tincanland.com. Have a good week!

Roni Size – Heroes [Kruder’s Long Loose Bossa] – Shoegazer: Dubtronica series – bossanova trip hop time.

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek – Four Women – tincanman: Refreshing the Nina Simone classic. More of a thinkworm than an earworm. (It’s rap, but easy to follow).

Ali Farka Toure & Ry Cooder – (1) Bonde and (2) Soukora – goneforeign: In 1993 Ry Cooder journeyed to Mali and thence to Songhai, the home of Ali Farka Toure. It’s an agricultural region close to Timbuctu at the edge of the Sahara and along the banks of the river Niger, Ali Farka lives and works there as a farmer. Together they recorded an album of Malian music titled “Talking Timbuctu”.

L Subramaniam – Samayamide – AliM: More great music from BBC6. L. Subramaniam is an Indian violinist, composer and conductor, trained in the classical Carnatic music tradition (Southern India/Hindu, I think) and western classical music. This is rather wonderful.

Monsoon – Ever So Lonely [Extended Mix] – Fuel: Another gem from Fuel. I remember buying the original single, Sheila Chandra (vocals) was about 16 at the time (1982).

Image courtesy of 123rf.com

14 thoughts on “Earworms 13 April 2015

  1. Excellent noodling tunes, Ali, and no bog-standard blues scales! Pity about the bloke talking all the way through No.2 though (joke, tin!). Familiar with the Ry/Ali Farka tracks but not the others.

  2. I always thought she was “lonely with you” which is a concept I can understand. Never noticed it was a hurried “without you” before. Also never spotted the “see my friends” reference. I think Ray Davies wrote that in India after hearing some local music so it all comes around in the end. Great record.

    Anyway liked everything else too but with reservations about the Talib Kweli as I love the original and don’t feel it needed reinterpreting. Didn’t dislike but it was a bit overlong I think.

    Absolutely loved the Roni Size. That really hit the spot for me.

  3. Ali; I discovered that the Indians used the violin many years ago, I’d always thought that it was all sitars and tablas and was amazed when I recognized the violin. I had a friend who was stationed at the Britsh Council in Delhi and she was coming to stay with us that year; I asked her if she had the time and it wasn’t too much trouble could she bring me a couple of CD’s featuring the violin. When she arrived she’d brought me 22 CD’s! Took me a month+ to absorb it all.
    And on top of that I bought a CD of Sheila Chandra in the 80’s/90’s and I also became obsessed.
    Re.Ry Cooder/Ali Farka, I heard a rave review on a local radio station of Songhoy Blues, it prompted me to check my Ali Farka collection. Didn’t intend it to be a double play but 6 mins fits in OK.
    Haven’t listened to the rest yet, be back later.

  4. I forgot to listen to this last week!

    Nice music all round here. I know the Ali Farka Toure & Ry Cooder very well indeed because I’ve owned “Talking Timbuctu” since it came out.

    My favourite was Roni Size, but Monsoon ran it close. The extended mix is great.

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