Funny thing is that when I had my radio show I never wanted to hear the air checks, as soon as they were done I labeled ’em and filed ’em and never gave them another thought. Now 20-30 years later I’m going through them and listening to every one and they’re wonderful, that is the music is wonderful and it brings back so many memories. I usually listen in the early hours and frequently I find myself thinking ‘This would be great for the Spill’ but often lethargy strikes and I wonder how many would listen to them anyway, I played lots of jazz and blues, Ah to hell with it.

But this one I thought might work so I digitized it, edited out some station breaks and left it intact as a single piece; it runs 2 hours. I identify all the cuts but just in case here’s the playlist. It’s International Reggae.


Kali – Brother Bob – Martinique.

Lucky Dube – We Love it [reggae]- South Africa.

Dranking Bala – Lek Farla Mujique – Australia

Alpha Blondie – Bloodshed in Africa – SA

Zeka Baleilco – Essas Emoecoes! – Brazil

Reggae Philharmonic – Sharpville – UK

Monty Alexander – The Heathen USA

Kandia Kouyate – Amafele – Mali

Rasha – Salibe Fol – Sudan.

Baaba Maal – Africans Unite – Senegal

Taj Mahal – Slave Driver – USA

Joe Cocker – Many Rivers to cross – UK

Peter Rowan – No Woman no Cry – USA

Lillian Allen – One poem town + Why do we have to fight -Canada

Linton Kwesi Johnson – Sonny’s Letter – UK

Sally Niolo – Reggae in Japan – Cameroon

Martha Velez – There you are – USA

Sister Whoever – Black, Brown and White – SA

Creole Syndicate – Roots Ragga – Martinique

Kali Roots – Volaire Ce Ant – France

UB 40 – Johnny You’re too bad – UK

Steel Pulse – Sound System – UK

When I look at this list I’m struck by how many UK/US cuts there are, I have so much other stuff that I cudda/shudda included, Oh well, C’est la Vie.


  1. I know 2 hours is pushing it but consider it as background to household chores or similar, I always listen to playlists when I have extended kitchen chores plus I found this one lying in bed at 3am, it was a wonderful surprise.

  2. This looks superb, I’ve listened to the beginning and am looking forward to catching up with the rest when I get a chance – strange to hear your voice!

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