Earworms 27 April 2015


It would have been my mum’s 98th birthday today, which seems incredible. She loved the Spring, I hope you’re enjoying the season wherever you are, and that the music cheers you along. Thanks to all contributors and please keep the worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com

Abdallah Oumbadougou – Afrikya taoura – Fuel: Another from the Fuel archive, WIKI says that Abdallah was born c. 1962 in Tchimoumouneme near Agadez (Niger) and is a Tuareg guitarist. He founded the Takrist n’tada , which defends the rights of young artists and builds music schools to teach girls to handle the inzad , a traditional Tuareg monotone.

Kandia Kouyate – Ayamafele – goneforeign: Kandia Kouyate is a very highly thought of traditional praise singer from Mali. She says of this song, Ayamafele, “If you check properly you’ll find out that the offspring of wise elders are always well behaved. I sing this for the Fula of Birigo, where the griot’ s and the blacksmith’s households are honorable. I thank my mother, from Birigo, for showing me the right way.

Cheikh N’Digel Lô – Jeunesse Senegal – goneforeign: Cheikh Lô is from Senegal and this cut is typical of Mbalax, the national popular dance music of Senegal, a sound that’s unique to that country. It’s a fusion of popular Western music and dance such as jazz, soul, Latin, and reggae blended with sabar, the traditional drumming and dance music of Senegal. This cut is Jeunesse Senegal from his Bambay Gueej CD on the Nonesuch label.

Alabama Shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight No More – tincanman: So what if they’re mining Black Keys and White Stripes grooves; there’s gold aplenty for all it seams. This has been out a few months and I’m still playing it loud and often. Love the soul vocals, the funk attitude…and the Janis wail.

Boozoo Chavis – Paper In My Shoe – tincanman: A curio from 1954 – the first commercial hit for a zydeco song.

Gilmore and Roberts – Silver Screen – AliM: A very talented duo who don’t do love songs – except this one, which is an ode to a satnav. Shades of bluegrass / Alison Krauss, which is no bad thing in my book, although Jamie Roberts is from Barnsley and Katriona Gilmore from Knebworth.

Image courtesy of http://www.123rf.com

10 thoughts on “Earworms 27 April 2015

  1. A lovely set of ‘worms today. I haven’t got a favourite, because I liked all of them, but I do want to make a special mention of Gilmore and Roberts, who I’ve never heard of and really enjoyed a lot.

  2. Afrikya taoura – that was a happy, catchy tune 🙂

    Ayamafele – another joyous sounding tune.

    Jeunesse Senegal – that bowled along nicely.

    Don’t Wanna Fight – well for me, from last week I’ll be honest I’ve tried several times to listen to their first album when it was released but just didn’t get on with it but enjoyed this too.

    Paper In My Shoe – yep, that’s a ‘curio’.

    Silver Screen – interesting choice of subject matter a ‘love-song’ to a satnav, enjoyable nonetheless.

    Good bunch of spring earworms.


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