Spillyear 2000



It’s been a long time since we’ve had a ‘Spillgame… Any want to play a new one?

It’s very simple. We pick a year. We pick 3 favourite songs from that year. And we make a playlist. And possibly have interesting conversations and reminiscences in the comments.

So… let’s all meet up in the year 2000. What are your top 3 tunes from the first (or last, if you’re being insufferably pedantic) year of the millennium?

You can add them in the comments, but I’m going to attempt to create a collaborative playlist here:


You should be able to add to it by pasting YouTube links at this address:


But I’ve never tried this before, so who knows…

85 thoughts on “Spillyear 2000

  1. Trouble is whatever the year I rarely buy current stuff, all my purchases were probably several decades old. Does it have to by ‘current’?

  2. I expect I’ve forgotten some music I love, but my top three of 2000
    1) Einstürzende Neubauten – Musentango
    2) Jacques – This is What You Do
    3) PJ Harvey – You Said Something

    with apologies to QOTSA, Primal Scream and Goldfrapp, I’ll do a link in a minute

    • Here’s a link to mine, I may add more later. I remember being shocked by the lack of noise and industrialness in the EN album at the time, funny how opinions change 🙂

    • I always seem to discover a new Anthony Reynolds track from your Festive ‘Spill picks. Einstürzende Neubauten was a lot of fun. The PJ Harvey is great of course.

      • thank you, glad you liked them, I hadn’t heard 2 of yours, but already enjoyed Black Box Recorder. It was a better year than I thought!

  3. Good idea! With a bit of cheating thanks to your link, I’d go:

    Johnny Cash: I See A Darkness
    Sinead O’Connor: What Doesn’t Belong To Me
    Emmylou Harris: Red Dirt Girl

    Or if I’m being less cool/more honest:

    Sugababes: Overload
    All Saints: Pure Shores
    Kylie: On A Night Like This

  4. I don’t seem to have bought (or even listened to) a lot of music in the year 2000. I think I’d kind of lost interest – or possibly the plot.
    Saw a lot of films though. Right now my list consists of a track from O Brother… a track from Selma Songs – oh and a Joni Mitchell remake of a very old song of hers (go on, guess).
    I’ll post again when I come up with something more definite. Now where’s that copy of the Light Years album?

  5. 😀

    hard to recall stuff even with the help of that link, but

    the view from this tower – faraquet
    autopilot – qotsa
    happiness – elliott smith

    close calls from, idlewild, shellac and there’s songs by yo la tengo and sigur that I really like too. i’d also prob have picked beth’s PJH choice as one of my songs of the year. love that.

    i’ll try to add these.

    • QOTSA is a class song, I hadn’t heard of them at the time (bit of a late fan), but love it now, Sigur Ros were big that year, weren’t they?

      • checking barbryn’s link the sigur ros album I thought of was from ’99, so good job I didn’t pick one! I probably wasn’t listening to it in ’99 though.

      • I’m struggling with whether I started to listen to stuff in 2000 or after, but am fairly sure Sigur Ros are going to figure in my list.

      • Faraquet is described as ‘math rock’ if anyone wondered what that is meant to be. I think a couple of the members are now in a band called Medications, which is similar in style. For Elliott I love junk bond trader and a couple others as well, but this was my favourite.

        I think the turin brakes album was released 2000 as well. i remember listening to that a lot, underdog and future boy both great.

  6. OOOH! A new game! Thanks Barbryn!

    Like Severin, I’m having great difficulty in remembering any music from 2000 so some research was necessary. It was the year I took a career break to concentrate on my degree and get my head around life (ha! never managed the latter).

    I was skint but went to South Africa to visit my cousin for a couple of weeks, courtesy of some money my mum left me. What an eye-opener that was. The country and the wildlife I saw were incredible; the unfairness of the general regime was pretty incredible too. The UK was in the grip of Foot and Mouth disease and I got taken to task over this; people asked me why on earth we didn’t just give up farming and import everything instead. I will never forget the stars at night when we stayed at a safari park (my cousin paid for me) – so vast, so beautiful, and the night scents of the animals, and the dawn chorus. And people of colour, or whatever the correct term is, walking in the dirt at the side of the road while white people drove on the highway. And the prostitutes on the dark roads at night, flashing their white knickers in the headlights. And the Greek meal for 10 which I paid for in Pretoria, which worked out at about £40 all in for 3 courses and wine and coffee as well. But I digress!

    The tracks I’m choosing are:
    Macy Gray – I Try;
    Craig David – 7 Days; (sorry) and
    Gillian Welch/Alison Krauss – I’ll Fly Away (from “O Brother Where Art Thou” – one of my all time favourite films).

    I will try and add them to the collaborative playlist (can’t be any harder than Spotify …)?

    • Thanks Ali, great stuff.

      I’ll let you have the Macy Gray – I think it was actually released in 1999, but it was one of my most-listened-to albums in 2000. I was living in Thessaloniki for the first half of the year, as the third year of my degree. It didn’t really have much relevance to my course (although I was studying drama, there were no Greek plays on the syllabus), but it was a lot of fun – living in the city with a crowd of European exchange students, and heading off to the islands during holidays (and strikes). You could probably wine and dine 10 people for £40 there too, and my Erasmus grant went a surprisingly long way against the drachma. Happy days.

  7. …could make three or four different lists, but here is my (slightly americana-oriented) top-3, saw them all live as well that year, all very memorable gigs…:
    Ryan Adams – Come pick me up
    Calexico – The ballad of Cable Hogue
    Chuck Prophet – Dyin’ all young

  8. Great challenge barbryn, thanks. But apparently a dismal year for music. Still a few jewels though.

    U2 – Beautiful Day (fine album – could have just as easily picked Walk On or Stuck in a Moment)
    Eels – Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues (another fine album with other picks)

    #3 is a tossup between

    QOTSA – Feelgood Hit of the Summer or Better Living Through Chemistry
    Outkast – B.O.B or Ms. Jackson
    Eminem – The Real Slim Shady
    Deftones – Change (In the House of Flies)

    Think I’ll go with the Deftones.

  9. After a little help from my music library and putting it in context with two teenage children, well one was and was coming up to that age this is what was being listened to:

    Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag
    Linkin Park – In The End
    H.I.M. (His Infernal Majesty – Right Here In My Arms

    And yes I do still listen to all three even tho’ the children are now in their twenties 🙂

  10. That works well!

    My three tracks are;

    King Crimson – The ConstrucKtion Of Light
    k.d. lang – Summerfling
    Radiohead – Idioteque

    • lovely k.d. lang track, did you like the Radiohead album on first listening? My husband was a fan of the band and hated it, whereas I find it quite interesting. It’s been a revelation to me how my relationship with some of these albums has developed..

      • Beth, no, I didn’t really get on with Kid A at first. It disappointed me because it was so different from what had gone before. I’d say that it took until King of Limbs came out to make me go back and dig Kid A out and give it another go. Mind you, I’m glad I did because it is my fave Radiohead album now.

        However, Idioteque was probably the one track on Kid A that I did like at the time, weirdly.

    • The Bends is my favourite Radiohead album, and I’ve found them progressively less engaging since – though I’m happy to accept that’s my problem, not theirs.

      The k.d. lang was new to me, and glorious.

  11. Tricky, think I’ll go with:

    Jurassic Five – Jurass Finish First
    Nina Nastasia – A Dog’s Life
    Primal Scream – Exterminator

    • Added to the playlist.

      I’ve been listening a lot to Nina Nastasia’s Outlaster since RR Orchestral Strings a few weeks ago, but don’t know her back catalogue. Nice violin on that one too.

    • I’m sure I would.

      Island life is good. Right now, from my outdoor office, I can see a hummingbird feeding her chicks in the bougainvillea bush, and I’m just off to pick a bunch of bananas.

  12. Picking a list of songs from 2000 would undoubtedly have me thinking of The Mighty Wah!’s Heart As Big As Liverpool, but the simple fact is I didn’t find that for another couple of years. Or songs I spent my 2000 listening to would undoubtedly include Mogwai’s 1999 CODY, which I’d bought early in 2000, or Pearl Jam’s Black, which was a live highlight from the gig I saw them play in June of that year (I have that night’s ‘official’ bootleg CD). So, trying to think of songs/albums which were BOTH released and heavily-played by me in 2000? Have these:

    Alabama 3 – Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlife, from that year’s La Peste.

    Sigur Ros – Viõrar Vel Til Loftárasa, first picked off a covermount freebie CD.

    Eels – Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues or It’s A Motherfucker, dependent on my mood at the time.

    My 2000? Saw the end of my career in Distribution/Logistics management, and the start of my time in Industrial Training. Ha! here’s one – I started the “Turn-Of-The-Millennium” sober, because I was paid a three-figure bonus to be the on-call manager in the event of IT system catastrophe once the year turned to 00. I finished it with one of the happiest COMPLETELY drunken Christmas Days of my entire life, because we’d discovered on Christmas Eve that we were going to become parents sometime the following year.

    • Ooh, had forgotten Heart As Big As Liverpool – picked it up on promo-only CD single so must have got it in around the year of release (but b*ggered if I can remember).

  13. I was still buying music in 2000 but I don’t seem to have many faves released in that year. ‘Stories….’ is my least favourite Peej album, for example, and XTMNTR wasn’t prime Primal, imho. So:

    Eels – I Like Birds or It’s A Motherfucker.
    Seafood – Toggle
    Dick’s Picks 16 was released in 2000, a slice of real Primal Dead from November 1969, sneakers-in-a-tumble-dryer drumming and all. I’ll pick the St. Stephen.

    I’ll add what I can to the playlist.

    • I’ve added the ‘Playboy After Dark’ version. It’s faster but your mind can boggle about the Dead playing for Hugh Hefner and his playmates. It is claimed the crew managed to dose Hef’s Pepsi.

      • Not sure what’s happened, but Toggle won’t play (in Guadeloupe, anyway) and I then can’t click onto the next video in the playlist. Anyone else have this problem? More donds for Eels, anyway.

        According to an interview a few years ago, “It’s A Motherfucker” is one of Alan Johnson MP’s favourite songs. My admiration for the man shot up.

  14. 2000 looks a bit fallow to me, but here are 3 tracks that tickled my fancy :

    It’s Love – Jill Scott
    One Mo’ Gin – D’Angelo
    Microphone Mathematics – Quasimoto

    ‘Instead of keepin’ it real, you should try keeping it right’ – yup

  15. OK this it what I’ve come up with:

    In The Jailhouse Now – Soggy Bottom Boys
    I’ve Seen It All – Bjork feat Thom York
    Northern Star – Melanie C

    (runner up – Joni’s reworking of Both Side’s Now)

  16. Cor! I’ve just listened through the entire playlist in one go. There was stuff there that I’d never heard before. I really liked the Seafood track, a bit Slint-like, I thought and i didn’t know the Chuck Prophet song a lot. I used to listen to Green On Red but don’t know his solo work at all.

    I’d forgotten that Polly’s Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea was a 2000 album. I seem to remember buying it in 2001. Anyway, it is one of my favourites of her albums.

    Lots of nice Eels music too. I’d kind of forgotten them.

    • Polly’s Stories album WAS 2001. Won that year’s Mercury Prize. Delayed ceremony due to 9/11. It’s the CD I bought for being a significant LP on Jess’ birth date.

  17. Bah!

    I meant to write “I didn’t know the Chuck Prophet song at all. I used to listen to Green On Red a lot but don’t know his solo work”.

    Not sure what happened there.

  18. Could I suggest:

    weird Midlands warblings – love PRAM – impossible to search engine!
    PramMother of Pearl

    2000 singer song writers – this just pips Hanging With The Wrong Crowd – Ed Harcourt – boy am I torn:
    Tom McRaeYou Cut Her Hair

    so 60’s influenced groove vibes, this fuzzes past Black Rebel Motorcycle Club; just!
    Slumber PartySooner or Later

    The track bellow is a bonus, because I did own it in 2000 – but until steenbeck explained the beauty of it on RR – it then became one of my all time favourite songs; my neighbours who are in their 70’s go for a walk each afternoon (holding hands) along the road – this song plays in my head as I see them and I dearly hope that is how me and the Ms. are years to come.

    Yo La TengoOur Way To Fall

    so many I want to include, like:
    My Eyes – RL Burnside
    “Would You …?” – Touch & Go
    Feel Good Hit Of The Summer Queens Of The Stone Age
    Since I Left You The Avalanches
    Nosedive – Bleachin’
    Second Foot Stomp – Clinic
    Happy Here (Vocal Edit) – DanMass
    Oxygen – JJ72
    Heaven Is A Halfpipe – OPM
    Utopia – Goldfrapp

    • Traditionally, Arteesane gets 3 picks as well. Donds for The Avalanches, which I’m surprised nobody mentioned, Ed Harcourt and [whatever happened to] JJ72.

      Thanks for playing everyone. I think it was a good year – enough for a great 50 song playlist, anyway.

      Same time next week?

  19. I like the sound of this, stumbled across it a few days late.
    2000 was a mad year for me, a lot of stuff happened in my personal life , including meeting my wife – quite significant! It was a bit of a rollercoaster year. I seemed to have my finger in quite a few pies back then – I started off the year trekking around the South of England on tour with the Casualties (ok, it was only a 4 date tour, and I only made three of them, but I don’t get to do that sort of stuff these days); I put on my last few gigs before knocking that on the head for good; my mate’s bands both played (Rebellion forerunner) Holidays In The Sun for the first and last time, and one of them put out their one and only 7″ with a bit of assistance from me; I ran a small record distro (very small, some would just describe it as a cardboard box that I hauled around to gigs, and they would have a point) and kept ending up running people’s merchandise stalls at gigs with varying degrees of success and drunken disaster; and I started putting a fanzine together, partly in an attempt to get records sent to me rather than having to hunt them down. I interviewed a load of bands, convinced (rightly I think) that I could do a more interesting interview than the usual half-arsed fanzine efforts. I never got as far as actually putting it together , but there you go. None of these ventures were particularly successful, but I was doing stuff and enjoying it.
    I was listening to loads of new music, none of which even scraped into the mainstream, which makes it a bit tricky to know what was released when. Some of it is nowhere to be found on youtube. I’ll try to cobble together a list though and narrow it down to three.

    • “started putting a fanzine together, partly in an attempt to get records sent to me rather than having to hunt them down. I interviewed a load of bands, convinced (rightly I think) that I could do a more interesting interview than the usual half-arsed fanzine efforts”

      Me and my mate did the same the year we left collage….
      Run from the hub of a retirement bungalow (we recorded music late into the night with all the half deaf neighbours completely unaware) .. we designed and wrote elaborate issues of Flux magazine (before the other flux magazines) from the living room while odd record companies sent us stuff. Unfortunately this was the start of CDs taking over and it was easier for them to send us those – we sold the advertising and invested the money in something to play these discs on…. (and a sampler … opps).

      Having spent the money; we then had to publish something – this is where a unique scam with the photocopier ‘credit’ cards at the local polytechnic came in handy – with some nail polish remover the cards started adding page counts to your cards. With a doggy late nigh flip between machines on various floors of the buildings we managed to publish enough to send out to the advertises and get funding for the next issue… this we invested in booze and enough demo tapes to get a weekend recording session set up.
      Thanks to unique French Electro goth labels and German EBM makers (and a landlord that did booze cruises three times a week) my unemployed years were not nearly so stressful as they could have been.

  20. Better late than never. In order of how easily the milkman can whistle the tune, starting with the easiest

    The Templars – Carry On
    A band who kept churning out good stuff with a collector-flummoxing amount of 7″s, split 7″s, 10″s, compilation appearances, coloured vinyl, side-projects, even the occasional full album. They still give us the odd record these days. Took me a while to “get” them, but by 2000 I’d become a bit obsessive.

    Screamer – Mansize Rat
    A usually great, occasionally shit, live band (they were responsible for one of the most shambolic live performances I ever saw, at least it was funny). They released one album that didn’t quite match the gigs, but this track was great. Ridiculous, but also as punk as it gets.

    Chaos UK – Chunderer
    Even more punk! I didn’t like this at the time, despite them being one of my favourite bands. I thought it was just a racket. I now really like it. It is still a racket though.

  21. Special mention for this one as it was my mates’ band and I put them in touch with the label that released it. Didn’t make the top 3 but was under consideration. A protest song in response to the lack of public transport between Derby and Leicester after 8.30pm!

    The Rong ‘Uns – Social Control

      • Yes.

        St. Germain has aged well.

        Sorry about the links. Rushing around a bit today and suffering from computer failure.
        2000 was a great year for that jazzy, trippy, chillout sound (Laurent Garnier, The Herbaliser, etc.). And then there was stuff like Luomo’s Vocalcity album which is really good and groundbreaking but totally passed me by at the time, although it obviously influenced loads of deep house I came to know later.

        Think I played Doves a lot as well and they would be my fourth choice (Catch the Sun). Played loads of house and countrypop sounds that year because that’s what the ex Ms Fuel liked (Faith Hill’s Breathe was always on the tape deck of her VW Polo). Azzido da Bass’s Dooms Night (Timo Maas Remix) would’ve been another fave but I’m not sure if it was ’99 or ’00. Pretty sure I bought it in 2000 though. Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!


  22. Now I’m a whole year late. Still, I’ve come this far…2000 was when we got burgled, then installed a burglar alarm. The theives nicked a moroccan carpet so that they could carry out hundreds of CDs in it. Many we never replaced (bootlegs etc) The insurance company argued for months about their value. In the end I gave them a list of CDs stolen and asked them to replace them. After two months they gave up and wrote us a cheque.
    Top three at the time – Idioteque – mentioned above, Brian Wilson’s whole Live At The Roxy LP – he’s back ! he’s singing ! he’s happy ! and we loved the Wondermints for that, pretty amazing… anyway so top three songs then were all women :

    Say My Name – Destiny’s Child
    Lovely Head – Goldfrapp
    He Wasn’t Man Enough – Toni Braxton

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