Earworms 4 May 2015


In which we go from Whiskey Myers to Ludovico Einaudi via Bobby Darin. And is it just me, but does that wonderful Dandylion track remind you of Cirrus Minor (an entirely good thing) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wwtc5I757Jc? See what you think. And please keep sending those worms to earworm@tincanland.com! Thanks all.

Whiskey Myers – Guitar Picker – LeaveitAllbehind: well I like country, I like guitaaaars, well this has got it’s roots in country and as per the title some extreme “picking” and “plucking” of a six-string.

Black – Womanly Panther – DsD: One of the most earwormy earworms I’ve had in a long time. Colin Vearncombe gives us a tango, of all things, from the brand-new Black album Blind Faith. This song will now forever remind DsMam & me of CV’s lovely warm’n’fuzzy hometown gig this April .

Bobby Darin – Light Blue – Albahooky: Here’s one that seems to go with basking in the sun. Listening to the Country Funk Vol.1 comp on the ever dependable Light In The Attic label, this track caught my ears and when I saw the name thought ‘no, it can’t be, can it’ and sure enough it is but without the ‘by’. He’s light years away from the rock ‘n’ roll and tuxedo style of the ’50’s and ’60’s but he still knows how to swing.

Patty Griffin – Mary – tincanman: Written for her grandmother’s funeral, this is an unforgettable ode to women everywhere.

Dandylion – Mama Bear – severin: Marianne from Katzenjammer’s other band. They’ve released three ep’s now amalgamated into one album. Most tracks are faster and more rockist than this but I find the haunting atmosphere of this song irresistible.

Ludovico Einaudi – Primavera – glassarfemptee: I have troubled your ears before with the piano noodlings of Ludovico Einaudi. But as I am booked to see a gig of his this summer, and as it’s now definitely Spring (everyone’s favourite season), here he is with Primavera. Since nearly every tune of his comes from an earworm factory, I can’t promise not to inflict more Einaudi on you in the future!

Image courtesy of  www.123rf.com

11 thoughts on “Earworms 4 May 2015

  1. Worms are in the box … happy Bank Holiday to those who have one … DISCLAIMER: the image covers “light blue”, “dandylion” and “primavera” and in no way reflects any political preference, this is an election free zone.

  2. Quiet here. Must be a Bank Holiday. Enjoyed a first listen to everything. That Bobby Darin song put me in mind of “Come Together” at first. Will post properly later after another listen.

  3. No, I’m here. Had these on a loop whilst I’ve been doing some work emails. Apart from mine, I only knew the Whiskey Myers. Liked them all; loved the combination. Cheers, and goodnight.

  4. All very nice. I’ve just spent some time in the wind and rain repairing my mini poly-tunnels and trying to save my tomato and strawberry plants, so coming in and listening to this was a nice antidote.

    I liked them all, but I think that my favourites were Whiskey Myers and Ludovico Einaudi (which I’ve heard before. Bob(by) Darin is worth a mention too, a revelation.

  5. Black – Womanly Panther – very tango! Enjoyable tune. Liked your concert review DsD and pleased that you and DsMam had a lovely time but you need to watch those photo-bombers 😉

    Bobby Darin – Light Blue – ooh, liked that, not what I was expecting.

    Patty Griffin – Mary – liking this, in spite of the subject – beautiful.

    Dandylion – Mama Bear – not heard of them and don’t really know much Katzenjammer apart from the odd tune picked up from RR / The box. this is strangely reminiscent of someone but I can’t put my finger on it.

    Ludovico Einaudi – Primavera – piano noodling, that provides a nice counterpoint to the opening guitar.

    Very enjoyable set of worms.

    Thanks everyone

  6. Whiskey Myers – Not the kind of stuff I listen to a lot but liked this example of the genre.
    Black – I do like a bit of tango – good one.
    Bobby Darin – Quite startling and unexpected, this. Excellent, loved it.
    Patty Griffin – Beautiful and a bit chilling.
    Ludovico – Lovely and amazing.

  7. Yet another good set. Opens with a bang and a twang from Whiskey, Black an unusual fifties feel (think Hernando’s Hideaway) Bobby Darrin a welcome surprise with a ’round about midnight’ vibe, Patty a poignant and lovely and sad – superb, Dandylion nice ‘n’ easy. Look forward to next week.

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