Shoegazer visits London


Shoey is visiting London on Saturday; it’s a bit late for people to make CDs so I thought I’d post some very vaguely shoe-ish songs. Nothing much new but feel free to chip in your own in the comments. Have fun!

12 thoughts on “Shoegazer visits London

    • I think that’s what I meant to include but I’ve got a different track from the album … senior moment

      • Ha! I didn’t notice that, because although I’ve got the album on vinyl I haven’t a digital copy. (Got Sailin’ Shoes as part of a compilation.)

  1. Some nice things on that playlist.

    My favourite discovery when we had RRSA Shoes some years ago was “Crow In Heels” by Gretschen Hofner. It didn’t get picked. Can only find a live version:

    There’s also the brilliantly titled “You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve” by Johnny Boy:

  2. You’d need a good pair to walk on Gilded (Guilded? Where did that come from?) Splinters:

    Haven’t heard this in an age – EC and Red Shoes:

    Stretching it a bit – Luz Casal with Un Ano de Amor from the movie High Heels:

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