Joe Bonamassa in Vancouver: How NOT to give a concert

joe 2015

I’m not a guitar solo guy, but I’d enjoyed SRV and Buddy Guy concerts and have been listening to Joe Bonamassa for years and was excited to see him despite the premium price tickets.

He started with a blast of light (above) and a blistering guitar solo. Very good start; glad I was there. We got a quick “Hello Vancouver” as he launched into song #2, song #3, song #4….and so it went for exactly an hour. Not one bit of audience interaction. He played like we weren’t even there. At the end of the hour we got a “thank you Vancouver”, band introductions, and one last guitar solo.

I recognized one song. If he has any personality, he sure didn’t share it with us. Being a guitar wizard only gets you so much goodwill – not enough, ever, to mail one in for the paycheck.

7 thoughts on “Joe Bonamassa in Vancouver: How NOT to give a concert

  1. Many years ago I went to a JJ Cale concert in the Hammersmith Odeon. There was a spotlight shining down on the middle of the stage and the band assembled around it in the darkness. They left after an hour and I never did see what JJ looked like. That was slightly less disappointing than listening to Zappa haranguing us/the audience for not being enthusiastic enough.

  2. Pffft! It’s that sort of thing that has stopped me going to many expensive-looking gigs over the years. Far too many acts now put on shows that, to borrow the modern phrase, have just been phoned in.

    But thanks for posting this tinny, as I’ve been wondering how on earth to write up the bewildering Shawn Smith gig I went to last month. Think I’ve got an angle I can use now without feeling guilty.


  3. That is a shame. I tend to go to small gigs these days when I really feel I can connect with the performer, which makes the whole event much more than going to hear some music. I went right off the JAMC after they played for 30 minutes with their backs to the audience many years ago. You’re on a stage, entertain me!

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