Earworms 18 May 2015


Can you keep a secret? It’s Daddypig’s birthday today so (everybody): “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDYPIG!” Hope you’ve all got your dancing shoes on, because there’s music in the air and we need to make some room… Thanks again to all contributors, and please keep those earworms coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Marie Knight – Up Above My head -goneforeign: It might be hard to believe but this was a top of the pops hit on BBC at the end of WW2, very popular and played all the time. There was another also, it was titled Didn’t it Rain, also very popular. Marie Knight went on to have a solo career and I saw her several times in the 40’s/50’s. The piano backing is by the Sammy Price Trio, the guitar is by Rosetta.

Suffers – Make Some Room – tincanman: A neo-retro blast of fresh, summery goodness from the Houston ten-piece soul collective’s new debut EP.

Rival Sons – Secret – LeaveitAllbehind: I first mentioned this group in my ‘Not So Critically Acclaimed Albums 2014’ post. It was a random find but I’ve been listening to the whole album, subsequently purchased and not just the live sampler I discovered. Here’s Jay Buchanan and the group ‘channeling’ their best Zep impersonation. Rival Sons are a ‘blues rock’ band, aka spot on for Leavey’s musical taste and claim influence from Zep (obviously), Free and The Animals, what’s not to like?

Tom Waits – Cold Cold Ground – tincanman: Stop and smell the flowers, is I think what he’s saying.

Olivia Chaney – The King’s Horses – severin: The album’s finally out. Mix of trad, covers and original songs. Her original songs are quirky and often oddly structured. I love this. If you don’t, there’s always her voice …

Bridie Jackson and the Arbour – Final Lullaby – AliM: I know I included one of their songs the other week, but this is beautiful and, like severin said, if you don’t like it, there’s always her voice! It was written for massed choirs for Holocaust Memorial Day.

Image courtesy of http://www.123rf.com

15 thoughts on “Earworms 18 May 2015

  1. Up The Women! Loved all the female-fronted tracks, particularly the last two.

    Thanks, Ali, and Happy Birthday, DP!!!!

  2. My reaction was similar to Chris. I loved all the female vocal tracks this week. Liked the others too, mind.
    The Rival Sons one was very Zeppish indeed. I don’t always like blues rock but that was a goos one.
    Don’t always like Tom Waits either as I tend to feel he’s trying too hard to adopt a vocal persona. At least in the early days he was. Once again this was a good one though.
    Absolutely loved Sister Rosetta and Bridie jackson with the Suffers not far behind.

  3. A great batch this week! There’s a strong hint of Candi Staton in Suffers. Stompin’ stuff from The Rivals. And I’ve invested in Bridie, who is my find of 2015 – thanks Ali for introducing their stuff on Earworms. I played their `cds to Here’s something a bit more upbeat from them:

    Birthday greetings DP.

  4. As I was saying before I interrupted myself . . . I played their cds to a friend who enjoyed them, but said they were ‘pretty intense’. Here’s something a bit more upbeat . . .

  5. Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Marie Knight – Up Above My Head – that’s uplifting, nice tune.

    Suffers – Make Some Room – Not my normal fare but enjoyed that.

    Tom Waits – Cold Cold Ground – didn’t expect to like this, not a fan of TW but actually was very good, reminded me a bit of Otis Gibbs tinny.

    Olivia Chaney – The King’s Horses – a little too ‘folksie’ for me, but yes a good voice.

    Bridie Jackson and the Arbour – Final Lullaby – another good voice, not really me but not bad.

    Close call between Suffers and Tom waits for me, cheers tincanman.

    Others were alright too.

  6. Some lovely music here again this week. I liked them all but it was Sister Rosetta Tharpe and The Rivals that worked best.

    Oh, yes, and happy birthday to DaddyPig.

  7. Happy birthday, DaddyPig for yesterday, I’m late sorry.
    I already have a fondness for Rival Sons, but I forget about them. With limited listening time, sometimes if I want something like Led Zep, I listen to Led Zep, but it’s good. Same with Tom Waits to some degree, I like what he does, this is a fine example.
    The others didn’t grab me, but were interesting, thanks all.

  8. Thanks Ali and everyone for the birthday wishes. Sister Rosetta is great, and I’m enjoying Suffers as well. Tempusfugit is right about the Candi Staton-esqueness.

    I can’t quite raise myself for the Zeppish blues-rock, though it’s good for what it is, and I might like it more when I’m not tired and it’s not past bedtime. Though the fact that I feel it’s bedtime at 11.20pm, suggests I’m not target audience for this music…

    A bit of Tom Waits and those two lovely voices to end, a fine set.

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