Earworms 25 May 2015


Happy Spring Bank Holiday to those who have one, it doesn’t seem five minutes since the last one. For extra ‘Spill points, tell us a Bank-Holiday anecdote or memory – or do they all merge into one? Anyhow, here is this week’s selection, virtually impossible to classify, but feel free to have a go. Take it away, Eric the orchestra leader … and keep the worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com. Thanks all!

Zac Brown Band feat. Chris Cornell – Heavy is the Head – LeaveitAllbehind: A tune from ZBB was in my Festive Spill last year at no. 3. That tune was from the session the band did with Dave Grohl. So it was with some excitement that I listened to their newly released album – Jekyll & Hyde – no kidding! The album opens with some typical country style tunes, nothing wrong with that and then track six comes up, wow – that’s not country, well not ordinary country. ZBB has enlisted Chris Cornell on this powerful rocking number – brilliant and true to the album’s title!

Hercules and Love Affair: Blind (Frankie Knuckles Remix) – bishbosh: When Frankie Knuckles died last year, I realised his was a name I knew without really being able to name any of his records. Apart from this remix, which elevates the song to another plane entirely. Majestic. Perhaps I should check out some more of his work…

Kindness of Strangers – Afraid of the Outcome – glassarfemptee: If you like Dr Who and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, or you play the theremin like Mnemonic does, then this is a weird treat of a song.

Abrams Brothers – Viva La Vida (Coldplay cover) – tincanman: In music as in magnetism, mixing two things you like can be repelling and two things you don’t like attractive together. Coldplay + bluegrass? Earwormers may be poles apart on this.

MGMT – Electric Feel – goneforeign: “The most popular song by far in the Bay Area is, for some reason, MGMT’s Electric Feel”. I came across this comment in the SF Chronicle, it prompted me to pursue it further and see for myself. When I’d listened to it I thought it would be selfish to not share it it; it took only a click to send it to Ari and to inflict it on you all. Enjoy?

Ketty Lester – Love Letters – severin: A classic. Not quite a forgotten one but she isn’t often mentioned when we talk about the great female voices. I heard this recently for the first time in many years and was quite bowled over. In the mid seventies there was a cover version by Noosha Fox. Which was nice. But not as good as this I feel.

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15 thoughts on “Earworms 25 May 2015

  1. Zac Brown Band feat. Chris Cornell Ok, I would say. It sounded quite old fashioned, late 70s Southern boogie, including some bottleneck geetar, with a dash of grunge. It kept on reminding me of Audioslave, as well, unsurprisingly. Yeah, it was a good OK.

    Hercules and Love Affair Excellent, I really liked this a lot, great remix and I loved the singer’s voice a lot. It wasn’t Antony Hegarty, though, was it?

    Kindness of Strangers A lot of fun. I’d happily listen to more from them.

    MGMT I have a theory about some bands, that they are too British to work in the USA and vice versa. I think that MGMT are an American band that somehow don’t quite click over here. Not a bad tune, though.

    Abrams Brothers This amply demonstrated exactly what it is I hate about Coldplay. It is, above all, the material. I gave it until the first chorus and had to skip it.

    Ketty Lester My undoubted winner this week. Fantastic in every respect.

    I wish I had some new earworms of my own. I seem bereft at the moment.

  2. Hercules and Love Affair – a little too funky for me and unfortunately didn’t really like the voice.

    Kindness of Strangers – not going to be my week this week me thinks 😦

    MGMT – yeah, it’s not going well this week.

    Abrams Brothers – why?

    Ketty Lester – saved! That’s the best this week.

    Not the best selection of “worms” for my ears this week, loved the first and last tune, unfortunately the ones in between didn’t really do it for me.

  3. ‘Leave it’ makes this an easy week for me, all I need to say is “here-here”, with just one modification; I didn’t like ‘Hercules’ either. One thought occurred, ‘Poor bloody Ali, she had to try and make a silk purse out of these sow’s ears’.
    Re ‘Bank holidays’, we don’t have ’em [t’would be unthinkable to cause the banks to lose a days profits] instead we call it Memorial day, a media orgy of ‘honoring the glorious dead’, those killed in all our glorious wars. When I think about those wars and the millions of ‘enemies’ killed, I can’t get behind that, except for WW2. I have a great deal of admiration for all those involved in that one, that is until I start reading the fine print. That’s my Bank holiday memory.

  4. Well, I really liked the first three. Next two not so much. And the last is a classic.

    Bank holidays always make me think of long train journeys to distant in-laws and the inevitable delay, e.g. at Birmingham New Street in a dark tunnel, or somewhere near Southampton where the line is flooded and they substitute a coach in which you have to stand up for 30 miles. Or the time when we had our bikes in the guard’s van and the platform wasn’t long enough for us to get them off, so the driver had to move the whole train. He wasn’t happy!

  5. Well, I was happier than some this week – maybe my critical faculties are on a lower setting than others!
    ZBB – great intro, enjoyed it
    Hercules – Antony can do no wrong
    MGMT – I loved the first album and they kinda burst on the scene with manic psychedelia, but this left me cold, GF
    Ketty Lester – my ‘find of the week’ too!

    Thanks, one and all…

  6. The strange thing is that I had four worms lined up to send to Ali and I nearly decided against the Ketty Lester on the grounds that everybody’s heard it already and either like it or don’t. Shows how much I know.

    Anyway – ZBB isn’t my usual cup of tea really although it’s pretty good of its kind. Love that intro.
    I love Hercules and Love Affair but I didn’t know this remix. Great stuff.
    Kindness of Strangers was good for me too. I love the Radiophonic Workshop and anything in that vein suits me fine.
    MGMT – Yeah, quite liked it. Doesn’t make me feel I must play that one again but ok.
    Never heard of Abrams Brothers and I don’t think I’ve ever heard this Coldplay song either. I don’t hate Coldplay but they don’t do much for me. This seemed to get better as it went on and was more bluegrass than Yellow. By the last minute I was really enjoying it.
    Ketty Lester – She sends me.

  7. I completely forgot about Bank Holiday reminiscences. To be honest, I’m struggling to think of anything in particular. I’ve always just treated them as an extra day tacked onto the end of the weekend as an adult and I don’t think that we ever did anything special on them when I was small. I expect that we must have ended up in a traffic jam with an increasingly annoyed father behind the wheel, a grumpy mother next to him and two fractious children in the back at few times, but nothing seems to have stuck in my mind.

  8. I do intend to give these sow’s ears (how rude!) a spin but I’m a bit over music listening after my stint as guru this weekend. Maybe tomorrow…

  9. Zac Brown and co: Not really my thing either, I’m afraid. I’m mainly not a fan of Chris Cornell’s voice (and still don’t understand how or why he got a Bond theme). Perfectly decent rock tune of course.

    Hercules and Love Affair: To be honest, I can do without the exposed tsk-tsk-tsk intro/outro, but when it hits its stride, I just love this.

    Kindness of Strangers: This is just the sort of sound (well, one of them) I love. I’m excited from the moment it starts. Bit disappointed by the vocal bit (the actual song, I suppose!) but I do like the sonics. It may need another listen or two to worm in properly.

    MGMT: It’s no Time to Pretend – bit ploddy – but it’s OK. I think it may work better in the context of the album as a whole. Not sure – it’s a while since I listened to it.

    Abrams Brothers: I find something a bit ‘Sir Cliff’ about Chris Martin in conversation (that current ident about his fave BBC shows makes me want to throw things at the telly), but I’ve not really got anything against Coldplay per se. They’ve come up with a few good tunes, even if the lyrics tend to verge on the anthemically meaningless. That said, I sort of like most things about this (voices, instrumentation) bar the song, but I agree with severin: it definitely improves as it goes on. Still don’t know what it means though.

    Ketty Lester: I always disliked Alison Moyet’s version of this (though not as much as her That Old Devil Called Love), but I think that was more to do with disappointment at it not being Yazoo-esque electro fare than anything else. Anyway, this is a much better version vocally (if pretty similar instrumentally). And it probably doesn’t have French & Saunders fannying about irritatingly in the video. Not that it will have had a video.

    Cheers all.

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