I meant to do a round up of my favourite releases of 2014 at the end last year but it didn’t happen. This year I’m getting in early and helpfully the Best Single of 2015 has already arrived, with the added bonus that it’s annoyed Bono.

Yes, Paranoid Visions have released a new double A-side 7″. The AA-side, It’s A Bloody Road To Freedom, is the standout track as far as I’m concerned with Deko venting his fury as usual, this time at the recent history of sectarian politics in Northern Ireland. Not a band who shy away from big subjects!

The A-side Tough Love throws a curve ball by being a pop song, with backing vocalist Aoife taking lead vocals. The lyrics on the other hand are a harrowing story of domestic violence, that sound as if they are targeted at a real perpetrator (“Don’t show your face in public anymore…”)

The single has managed to cause a minor stink and reignited the feud with PV’s old enemies U2. A few weeks ago a fan of the PV posted  U2’s latest video on youtube with Bloody Road To Freedom over the top. The youtube copyright police had the video removed which played nicely into PV’s hands. A war of words followed with PV accusing U2 of censorship , and U2 calling PV “brats” and the spat even being reported in UK tabloids . U2 fans have accused PV of “getting free publicity at U2’s expense”. You don’t say! PV have merrily carried on milking the publicity for all it’s worth, while U2 have got back to falling off stages or whatever it is they do these days, and generally turning into Spinal Tap .

Paranoid Visions’ new album is due out next month so expect an announcement of Best Album of the Year shortly afterwards, after which I’ll get on with write up on the best releases of 2014. Bang up to date as usual.

11 thoughts on “BEST SINGLE OF 2015!

  1. Well that was fairly horrible ! As I sink into “old fogeyism” and the grey cells die off I find myself being increasingly intolerant of modern Western music.
    This sounds like a poor man’s Dead Kennedy’s tribute band to me.
    Still, each to their own. They enjoy it, Wyngate enjoys it so that’s all good really.

    • You’d think U2 would rise above but it sounds like they don’t always. There is one anecdote about Bono giving Deko V-signs as he drove past him in his limo in Dublin once!
      I used to really like U2 when I was a lad. I lost interest in their new music a long time ago, but gave Bono the benefit of the doubt for a while. I think hearing that he was wining and dining with Henry Kissinger was the final straw.

  2. Sorry, but I thought that it was awful. I lasted about two minutes. It sounded like a poor Killing Joke tribute band to me. I doubt that I am part of their target audience, though.

    Still, we can’t all like the same things.

  3. Somewhat to my surprise, I rather enjoyed that. Bracing. Not gonna win any innovation awards, but it blasted along nicely.

  4. An interesting mix of reactions , some expected (Pairubu!), some not (Bish). I can’t deny a bit of a Dead Kennedys influence, and I think it’s safe to say they like Killing Joke, but one thing I like is that they mix up a whole load of punkish influences from that period. A bit of a pity the A Sides not on youtube – sounds bugger all like DKs or KJ, or even like Paranoid Visions.
    I’m not sure that they have a “target audience” – a bit too experimental for most of the punk crowd, and too punk for anyone else.
    More selections from my recent record buying for your pleasure (or not!) coming soon…

  5. I like it, of course. Had it on repeat. I always find their tunes/rabble rousing choruses quite catchy and this is no exception – on the bloody road to to freedom . For St. Patrick’s Night I put together an MP3 of Irish music for the bar I DJ at. Me being me, this meant Paranoid Visions sat alongside Clannad, Thin Lizzy, Dubliners, The Undertones, That Petrol Emotion, Them, Moloko, etc. Apparently, one person really loved it when “Politician” came on. Success!


    • Cheers Fuel. That reminds me of when I saw someone at Blackpool one year with a tattoo of Deko’s other band Striknien DC next to a Thin Lizzy tattoo. I guess he was Irish.
      I think Paranoid Visions are pretty well known in Ireland. They’ve managed to get some of their releases into the Irish top 10 and as with the U2 feud they’re pretty shrewd at self publicity.

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