Following on from Panthersan’s ‘Famous House Guest’ Post… or, My How ThatBoyWonder’s Grown!

Luke’s post about potentially famous (or not!) German musicians sharing his bathroom has prompted me to subject you to an update on TheBoyWonder’s musical career. His band (The Box) is no more, the others having gone away to university and/or a gap year in warmer climes. Himself is currently singing for his (often liquid) supper, quite literally, in the smaller Hamburg clubs, opening as support for the evening’s headline acts, as can be viewed in the video above.

Sam’s also got a place on the prestigious POPKURS at our local University for Music & Theatre and I’m keeping my fingers crossed he’ll make the contacts he needs there to get a really good band together. It’s easier for him to get little gigs when it’s just him and his guitar, but I think he’s happier within the dynamics of a band. Unfortunately there’s only 40 seconds of him with a band available on youtube and it’s in the middle of a great long film of disappointing quality. Anyone feeling brave enough need to fast forward to 17.32 here  (it’s the second song from the video above, hear the difference!)

6 thoughts on “Following on from Panthersan’s ‘Famous House Guest’ Post… or, My How ThatBoyWonder’s Grown!

  1. Wow, what a talented young man! I’ve got the video playing in the background as I work and it’s a lovely soothing accompaniment. That sounds like damning with faint praise, doesn’t it?! I don’t mean that – I’ll have a more focused listen anon! Lovely stuff.

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