Earworms 8 June 2015


Feeling a bit hayfever-ish and glum here, so I’ve tried to find some summery songs. Hope you lot are more cheerful and if not, these tunes may cheer you up. Meanwhile, I shall try and get my Eeyore head off and find my inner Tigger. Thanks to all contributors, and please keep those worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Anton Karas -The Harry Lime theme – goneforeign: In 1949 when I was in high school at Woolwich Polytechnic the Orson Welles film ‘The Third Man’ came out. ‘Going viral’ wasn’t yet a concept we understood but this piece of music by Anton Karas which was composed for the film and played on the zither went viral – worldwide! Before the production came to Vienna Anton Karas was an unknown performer in local wine bars. If you haven’t seen the film check Wiki then see it!

The Bangles – Going Down to Liverpool – AliM: Not new, not even original (Katrina and the Waves) – but heard on BBC6 t’other night and in true worm fashion it has stuck in my head ever since. Maybe it will exorcise the Harry Lime theme. Ahgghhh!

Koop; Yukimi Nagano – Come to Me – Fuel: Ah, Fuel. A man of few words but excellent musical taste.

Rhett Miller – Most in the Summertime – glassarfemptee: The Met Office says summer starts on 1st June, so my mind turns to summer songs. I have huge collection of those, but a new addition is this uplifting singalong from Rhett Miller, about sex under a camper van in a rainstorm. Summer, indeed…

Colin Hay – Next Year People … tincanman: New and catchy tune about depression-era farmers (men at work, he he) who kept telling themselves next year will be better. Could equally apply to climate change avoiders.

The Original Wailers – High Tide or Low Tide – goneforeign: Not on the original Catch a Fire release but a bonus on the 2001 re-release. It’s early Wailers; Bunny, Peter and Bob. I’ll be there for you, my friend, somehow, whether the tide is high or low. I’m gonna be your friend. I’m sure you’ll be there for me too. How about let’s all be there for each other?

Image courtesy of http://www.123rf.com

16 thoughts on “Earworms 8 June 2015

  1. Well, that was all very nice. Love The Bangles so I am tempted to make it my fave, but I also loved the Wailers track and the Koop track was also enjoyable.

    However, The Third Man is one of my favourite films of all time, so Anton Karas gets my vote this week.

    I love the scene where we first get to see Harry Lime, when he is standing in the doorway and the light from the window illuminates his face.

    • Just played through for the second time and really loved all of them. Harry Lime Theme is irresistible and even addictive but am I the only person musically illiterate enough to occasionally mix it up with Zorba the Greek?
      I do love those early Wailers tracks with all three of them before it was Bob and the… Not dissing the later stuff btw. Never heard of Koop but the song was great. Loved it.
      Rhett Miller and Colin Hay didn’t leap out at me the first time (not on our first date) but were real growers. Will be playing again. The others all just bliss from the word go.
      Bangles was (just) the winner for me.

  2. Special thanks for sharing the Bob Marley goneforeign. I have the ‘Jamaican versions’ collection and treasure it. I wouldn’t say Marley sold out for commercial success, but these seem less calculating, if that’s a good word for it.

  3. “Fuel. A man of few words but excellent musical taste.”

    Ha! You haven’t heard the RRSA The Wilderness playlist I’ve just compiled.

    The Bangles and Anton Karas are perfect for me.


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