Spillyear 2005

Tomorrow is my 10th wedding anniversary. We didn’t have any recorded music at the ceremony, since it was on a beach, although later in the evening a friend sang “The Book of Love” by the Magnetic Fields – a song I’d never heard before, but which led me to a deep and enduring love that doesn’t grow old… yes, 69 Love Songs is a wonderful album. What? Oh yes, the other’s been alright too.

So, staying with years ending in 5, let’s rewind to 10 years ago… 2005 was also the year RR began (I didn’t start playing till the following autumn) and the year YouTube was founded. All in all, a pretty life-changing year.

But what did 2005 mean to you?

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84 thoughts on “Spillyear 2005

  1. My Top 3:

    1. Franz Ferdinand – The Fallen
    An uneven second album, but this opening track is a knock-out – like a speeding bulldozer, with righteous, angry lyrics about a class-warrior Christ.

    2. Sufjan Stevens – Casimir Pulaski Day
    …Illinoise was surely the album of the year, and perhaps the extravagant orchestral epics with the funny time signatures and the history lesson lyrics are the standout tracks – but this is the one that gets me every time.

    3. Bright Eyes – Land-Locked Blues
    On which the Dylan comparisons don’t sound too absurd. Plus Emmylou Harris on backing vocals, which has been scientifically proven to improve any song by 50%.

    This was really, really hard. Some of my favourite albums of 2005 I didn’t get to know until a year or two later – otherwise it would be hard not to include something from Alligator by The National or Black Sheep Boy by Okkervil River, for starters. I’m assuming others will choose tracks from Eels’ classic “Blinking Lights…” and I Hope There’s Someone who’ll pick Anthony and the Johnsons.

  2. 2005 is going to be a tricky one for me, because i remember the middle years of the first decade of this century as being pretty poor for music, well music I discovered in the 2004-2007 period anyway.

    Checking my spreadsheet shows me that I only bought four albums in the whole of 2005 and they were;

    Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation Mighty Rearranger
    Martha Wainwright Martha Wainwright
    Goldfrapp Supernatural
    Diana Krall Christmas Songs

    I’d like to be able to say that I was aware of Boards of Canada’s The Campfire Headphase but I wasn’t until a few years later and I didn’t buy Takk by Sigur Rós until 2007.

    So, my three tracks will consist of;

    Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation Let The Four Wins Blow
    Goldfrapp Ride A White Horse
    Diana Krall Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town

  3. Beth Orton – Conceived Just a beautiful arrangement. All time favourite

    Beck – E-Pro – Love that colossal bassline

    Caesars – Jerk It Out – A little retro-styled fun never hurt no one

    2005 was the year I first had heard of the Grauniad, though I lurked for a few years before actually joining in 2007. (I wouldn’t find RR until about ’09 when I finally got my sorry ass off dial-up internet.) Someone had sent me some links to the late Steven Wells’ columns, and his style got me hooked. I knew nothing about his musical career, just that I loved his fish-out-of-water Brit take on US sports.

  4. The only thing I’m sure about is that I want to pick something from I Am a Bird Now. So I’ll go for

    Anthony & the Johnsons – For Today I Am a Boy

  5. Not a whole lot i loved that year, but there were a few gooduns. I find i’m a bit spoiled for choice. Singles for me this year, didn’t catch up with most of the albums and non- MTV / radio stuff till later on.

    Arctic Monkeys – Fake Tales of San Francisco (radio single 2005)
    Weezer – Beverly Hills
    Gorillaz – Feel Good, Inc. (could just as easily be DARE)

    Some honorable mentions –

    NIN – The Hand that Feeds, not a bad sort of comeback tune.
    Beck – Girl

    Happy anniversary, Barney!

    • Arctic Monkeys didn’t occur to me, but donds – I remember hearing Fake Tales of San Francisco for the first time (driving round an industrial estate in Crawley delivering a local business magazine – an awful job, but I got to listen to the radio a lot, and it led directly, if circuitously, to where I am today).

      Demon Days is a great album too.

  6. Tough year this, whilst Artic Monkey’s superb album wasn’t released until the following year the awesomely brilliant I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor was released in late 2005.

    It was the year of Gorrilaz Dare and Chemical Brothers Galvanize, both superb tunes.

    Foo Fighters released double album In Your Honour and Jay-Z and Linkin Park collaborated on Numb/Encore.

    Kaiser Chiefs Predicted a Riot, oh so difficult.

    Top 3:

    I Bet You Look Good on The Dance Floor

    With an honourable mention for the The Deepest Blues are Black from Foos

  7. Happy Anniversary for tomorrow! I was in the midst of intense motherhood in 2005 with a 2 and 4 year old to look after and a new house to decorate, as well as work, so very busy. It was an exciting year for an old goth as the Fields of the Nephilim released their first new album since back in the day. I also remember being delighted at stumbling across Patrick Duff’s first solo album, mostly because I was pleased he was still alive after looking alarming at the end of Strangelove.

    Also discovered some new bands through BBC6 Music, and had high hopes that Secret Machines were the new Hawkwind. They’re cool, but not that good, in retrospect

    1) Straight To The Light – FOTN
    2) The Lion and the Hawthorne Tree – Patrick Duff
    3) The Road Leads Where It Led – The Secret Machines

    donds to Goldfrapp!

  8. A lot of proper intelligent rock in 2005. The National, Okkervil River, Elbow…

    Otis Taylor – Mama’s Got A Friend

    Mama’s got a best friend. She moved in to mama’s room around the same time Daddy left. Mama tells people she’s our sister.

    Hold Steady – Cattle and the Creeping Things

    Pulitzer-worthy tales about the fictionalized Minneapolis you don’t see in the tourism brochures.

    Editors – All Sparks

    Not quite as high on the intellectual scale 🙂 but there’s 25 Editors songs on my guilty pleasures Summer Driving playlist and 7 of them are from The Back Room.

  9. Congratulations and best wishes for your anniversary!

    Struggling to remember 2005 at all. Young Munday was three and I was working in town and country planning, probably two good reasons why my mind is blank. Leavey has snitched “Galvanize” so I’ll go with:

    Foo Fighters “In Your Honour”, still one of my favourite albums, particularly the acoustic side. I’ll go with “Razor”.

    KT Tunstall, “Eye to the Telescope” – I’ll go with “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree”, which reminds me of Rory Gallagher’s “The Cuckoo”.

    Struggling … going to go with James Blunt and “:You’re Beautiful”, not because I like it but because it was ubiquitous, you couldn’t escape.

      • I lived in London for 6 months in the following year – you couldn’t get away from it on the radio. I somehow never had an overwhelming impulse to change the dial. I’ve actually nommed it on the mothership once or twice – it got a lot of furtive (and not so) recommends too. I remember Chinny being a defender – not so surprising from a defender of Lady in Red.

        (nb – i will not defend Lady in Red.)

  10. Two overlooked albums in my haste that were released in 2005 that I listened to so much at the time. White Stripes and Blue Orchid from Get Behind Me Satan and Little Sister* from QOTSA’s Lullabies to Paralyze.

    Actually released in Dec 2004.

    • I also forgot to mention Maximo Park’s debut album: A Certain Trigger, which also received a lot of air time on the CD player.

    • Burn the Witch was released in 2005, but i left it off due to Lullibies being released in 2004. Kind of why i look to the albums released instead of singles, but that’s unhelpful with early releases like the Arctic Monkeys.

  11. Amerie – 1 Thing
    Paavoharju – Valo tihkuu kaiken läpi
    Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators – If This Ain’t Love

    My first child was born. A great year.


  12. I think I’ll go for:

    Bloc Party: So Here We Are
    New Order: Waiting For The Sirens’ Call
    Erasure: Don’t Say You Love Me

  13. Well, one from Stephen Malkmus’s Face The Truth: maybe Kindling For The Master
    and one from John Cale’s Black Acetate: probably In A Flood

    • …one from Eels’ Blinking Lights. As DsD says, it’s hard to pick which fragment from E’s life. Son Of A Bitch is probably the one: it’s a simply awful picture painted beautifully.

    • Kindling For The Master isn’t available here, so I’ve added Mama to the playlist in its stead.

      Congratulations to the Barbryns for reaching the ten year milestone!
      I believe a traditional gift should be tin-related… there’s chap around here somewhere with a whole can of the stuff….

  14. Right I think I’ve got it:

    For Today I Am a Boy – Anthony and the Johnsons
    Dead man – Nitin Sawhney
    Blue Words – Mask

    That last one isn’t on Youtube but I can’t not pick it as it’s sublime. Sonja Kristina and Martin Ayres make ambient “acid folk”.

    It was obviously a funny old year for me. Much though I like New Order, Erasure, Madonna and Goldfrapp, I think their output that year passed me by. As did most of the singles listed on websites covering 2005. I guess I just wasn’t paying attention. So no change there……..

  15. 2005 was the year we went down to visit the grandparents in France before Little’Un started school, singing Chumbawamba songs all along the autoroute. It was also the one of the first years I can remember hearing German (language) pop everywhere.
    My favourite three songs from 2005 are
    Fiona Apple – O’Sailor
    Silver Jews – How Can I Love You If You Won’t Lie Down
    Marah – Fat Boy (can’t find a video for this one)
    but I think I heard them all later on a freebie CD in a music magazine…

    So I’ll go with three German hits instead:
    Xavier Naidoo – Dieser Weg
    Fettes Brot – Emanuela
    Seeed – Aufstehn!/Rise & Shine

  16. Happy anniversary – ace year.

    My first child was born (18 minutes of not looking until we heard breathing – 24 hours in a box – no way in the same bracket as you went through Barney – but I certainly know Athletes ‘Wires’ was released that year).

    I was re-adjusting – still helping out with stages – Oasis, Prodigy, Faithless, Michael Ball ( all the cool dudes!!! etc but not doing beer fuelled breakfast interveiws – just returning to a flat at 2 am to be handed a small bundle of sleepless joy – I got a pair of headphones with a 15′ lead and bounced the boy until he slept.
    Worked a 3 day week for only 7months of the year (for lots of money – what I earn in a year now – I got in 24 days then – I’d *sigh* if I actually gave a shit!) sold or gave everything else away to stay in the Ms’s flat.
    Cut down on all the addictions so had a vast amount of disposable income to spend on 2nd had wooden toys and new MUSIC…..

    How on earth do a cut this down to 3 grrrrr:

    Camille Le Fil 2005
    Whitey Light at the End of the Tunnel Is a Train 2005
    Tapes ‘n Tapes The Loon 2005
    Viva Voce Lovers, Lead The Way 2005
    Jens Lekman Oh You’re So Silent Jens 2005
    British Sea Power Open Season 2005
    I Am Kloot Gods and Monsters 2005
    Sons & Daughters The Repulsion Box 2005
    Buck 65 Secret House Against The World 2005
    Stars Set Yourself On Fire 2005
    Lemon Jelly 64–’95 and The Shouty Track (Single) 2005
    The Mountain Goats The Sunset Tree 2005
    Wolf Parade Apologies to the Queen Mary 2005
    Jim Noir Tower Of Love 2005
    Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley Welcome To Jamrock 2005
    Fog 10th Avenue Freakout 2005
    Joy Zipper The Heartlight Set 2005
    Emiliana Torrini Heartstopper 2005
    Pendulum Vs. Fresh Feat. Tenor Fly & Spyda Hold Your Colour 2005
    DJ Format If You Can’t Join ’em… Beat ’em 2005
    Architecture In Helsinki In Case We Die 2005

    My House Is Your House V.01

    • As for RR starting – I began compiling CDs from Autumn songs onwards about three weeks in September of 2005 I believe – old school style. The other old school was still doing tapes that I compiled for the car! The CDs are still in line on the shelf above my head, tapes kicking about too – dead fun to re listen to.

      The Ms was teaching me how to use her computer – RR actually gave my a little indication that it might be fun – I failed at using it properly – thinking I’d joined (Autumn Sweat by Yo la Tengo was my first try at posting) – I failed .. I also used my other friends computer; Sane Em on Facebook comes from when I signed in using her machine. I don’t think I properly nominated anything in my own name until about to 2 years later.

  17. Previous talk of crap years fits 2005 for me I’m afraid – it was more about the digging back with the exception of :

    ‘Workingonit’ – J Dilla from the ‘Donuts’ LP, a hip-hop masterpiece.
    ‘Detroit Twice’ – El Michels Affair and the rise of analogue soul.
    & although leaveitallbehind has it, I’m going for the DFA remix of DARE – 12 minutes of James Murphy’s wonky synth, cowbell, drums ‘n’ bass madness

  18. It was obviously a ‘birth’ year, Darcey was born in the December.

    It was also the last year before I joined RR, so I do feel that most of my new band discoveries were as a result of my own research, i.e. NOT on the personal recommendation of people who knew me.

    Can’t decide on a track from Eels’ Blinking Lights, so I won’t pick any.
    No mention of Elbow, Ryan Adams or Low so far? If I was picking tunes I know now that I didn’t know then from 2005, Low’s When I Go Deaf would almost certainly figure.

    Is YT really only ten years old? 2005 was the year of OK Go‘s treadmill video for Here It Goes Again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTAAsCNK7RA

    Donds to various above for I Am Kloot, Lemon Jelly, Antony & The Johnsons (I’d have picked Fistful Of Love), Secret Machines, Kaiser Chiefs (only because I Predict A Riot was ubiquitous), and some others up there that I personally didn’t discover until the following year.

    Struggling to narrow this down: gimme another half-hour …

  19. Honourable mentions to these that didn’t make my Three-For-The-List:

    Audioslave – Doesn’t Remind Me
    Devastations – A Man Of Fortune
    The National – All The Wine, Secret Meeting
    Satchel – Peace & Quiet
    Brad – Playground
    Cowboy Junkies – You’re Missing
    The Go! Team – Bottle Rocket
    Alabama 3 – Up Above My Head
    Engineers – One In Seven
    Glenn Hughes – Soul Mover
    Iommi – Wasted Again, Dopamine
    Micah P. Hinson – The Day Texas Sank To The Bottom Of The Sea
    Sigur Ros – Hoppipolla

    which, by process of elimination, leaves the last three songs left uncrossed on my blotter:

    Thunder – I Love You More Than Rock’n’Roll
    Damian Jurado – Ocean Breathes Salty
    Richmond Fontaine – The Janitor

    • Aaaggghh! What have I done? Oh for the ‘Edit’ function!!!

      The version of Modest Mouse’s Ocean Breathes Salty that has made my Three is the Sun Kil Moon / Mark Kozelek one. Damien [with an ‘e’: BOGOF on the errors there, DsD! – Ed.] Jurado was on my blotter for Big Decision, which should have been included in the Honourable Mentions list.

      • Donds for Sun Kil Moon and Micah P Hanson though I didn’t know them at the time, and only know them through you. Both excellent.

      • I was kind of hoping you’d go for Elbow’s “Grace Under Pressure”. Also honourable donds for The Go-Team and Sigur Ros.

        Post-Red House Painters pre-Among The Leaves is a gap in my Mark Kozelek discography that needs to be filled.

      • How well-stuffed do you want that gap filling? A Spill post with pointers, or a whole load of stuff Dropping in the ‘Box for you to investigate at leisure?

  20. Oh, and I won’t have this “2005 was a crap year” malarkey. 2005 was my “get back in the [human] race” year, and that enthusiasm definitely stretched to music.

  21. A great year – very hard to choose:

    Mountain Goats – Song For Dennis Brown
    Death Cab For Cutie – Soul Meets Body
    Thee More Shallows – Walk Of Shame

    • Ten years ago and the Templars track is from their last full album to date. Test Tubes also released their last full album of new material to date (Templars just pipped Test Tubes’ Traffic Jam Man). Also on my shortlist was Varukers Killing Myself To Live from their last proper release. All these bands are still active, just not very active.
      It was quite difficult , I don’t think there was much to choose from, it seemed to be a bit of a lull from my point of view.
      Personally the big event of the year was me and Mrs wyngatecarpenter buying a house – and by buying a house I of course mean getting a mortgage. Only 15 years to go (and both of us work in the public sector….slightly worrying!)

  22. then (and mostly now)
    LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk is playing at my house
    Sleater Kinney – Jumper
    Secret Machines – Girl from the north country (or their Harmonia-cover “Immer wieder”)

    in retrospect this one joins the list
    Sigur Ros – Hoppipolla

  23. There’s a lot stuff here I’m not familiar with. But for me, I’ll go with:

    Amsterdam – Does this train stop on Merseyside? This has a Mighty Wah kind of feel to me.
    The National – Secret Meeting. My first encounter with the National and aren’t they wonderful?
    Erik Truffaz – Saloua. Miles Davis-y trumpet and Tunisian sufi, you can’t go wrong, really.

  24. There’s a lot stuff here I’m not familiar with. But for me, I’ll go with:

    Amsterdam – Does this train stop on Merseyside? This has a Mighty Wah kind of feel to me.
    The National – Secret Meeting. My first encounter with the National and aren’t they wonderful?
    Erik Truffaz – Saloua. Miles Davis-y trumpet and Tunisian sufi, you can’t go wrong, really.

    I uploaded the wrong ET track, and I din’t know how to delete it, so I’ve added Salou as well.

  25. Coincidentally (I assume), Planet Rock had 2005 as their Guess The Year feature this morning. The difference between them and us was as big a divide as between the Premier League pros and Sunday marshes amateurs. Amongst the songs they played from the year were at least two from 2004, including Alter Bridge’s Find The Real, which sent me into a tailspin panicking that I’d missed one of my favourite albums from my deliberations.
    PR then really screwed up by giving us a “clue” [& gratuitous plug for THIS weekend] that the Download headliners in the year in question were Tool, Metallica and Guns’N’Roses. Er, no they weren’t! They were 2006‘s main stage toppers.
    Quite frankly, it was only the audio commentary of Jerzy Dudek saving Andriy Schevchenko’s Champions League final penalty that gave me any confidence that they’d got ANYTHING right.

    It’s SO nice to get back on here and be amongst people who know what they’re talking about.

  26. Lots to choose from for me. I was living in Tokyo and I think we had just moved from the outskirts to a flat right in the centre of Tokyo. Mrs Panther opened her shop and we were both working hard and seeing as we got married early in 2006, I suppose I must have proposed sometime in 2005!

    More importantly it was the year that I discovered Not Not Fun records, which started in 2004 and my music tastes took a decided turn towards the weird and noisy!

    So, my three would be:

    Because it’s the first record I ever bought from Not Not Fun:

    1 Haunted Castle – Rainbow of Octopi (I’ve always thought this track was called Bleaches and Canyons because it is etched into the record, but Google tells me otherwise, and who am I to argue with them!)

    Because they became one of my favourite bands with this album:

    2 Lightning Bolt – 2 Morrow Morrow Land

    Partly because I am listening to it as I type this, but mainly because it’s ace:

    3 Liars – The Other Side of Mt Heart Attack

  27. 2005 was a decent year in the end for me musically at least. pretty certain i’d have been listening to arcade fire early on in the year and I got to see them tour funeral. also got to see sigur ros takk tour. both were great.

    during 2005 i was working for a US company that was closing down its UK operations which were complete around June. they kept me on as a consultant working from home for the rest of the year so i ended up with a lot more free time than normal, some of which i spent searching round indie blogs picking up giveaway tracks that i liked. in the end i had about 3 cd’s worth of tracks i’d bought or picked up that i made for a few mates. not sure they liked them particularly or even listened to them, but hey, ridicule or apathy from others is the life to be expected for any music geek.

    2005 stuff i particularly liked then
    black eyes – snowden
    tell me leza – the living blue
    why bother at all – koufax
    bombs – the impossible shapes
    pervert/expert – strip squad
    turn the century – the burdocks
    wax museum – the red thread
    khreis – my enemy
    baby we’ll be fine/mr nov – the national
    modern girl – sleater kinney
    very loud – shut out louds
    lenny’s own pleasure/anything you sent – joy zipper
    will you smile again – trail of dead

    leaving my 3 for today at least as:
    the idea of growing old – the features
    black grease – the black angels
    these are the fables – the new pornographers
    (or the bleeding heart show)

      • 😀 honestly barbryn, they’re all available on you tube I think. I even put up some myself, incl others like the ebb and the flow – firefly and the gay dogs – sexy. not joking about the latter either, although you’re likely to get some interesting pages if you go searching for it.

  28. Barbryn: Not sure if this comment will fly with this crowd but consider it. I like the idea of scanning the decades via the midpoints, but it looks like you’re running out. Let me suggest that you include 1955, I was there and can assure you that there’s lots of music that would be familiar to Spillers and if you get to feeling really adventurous, consider 1945: the end of WW2 and the beginning of a totally new pop era, it’s worth researching.

    • Hi goneforeign: I’m willing to be steered by others, but I think the interaction might be a little limited. However, if you’d like to start those threads yourself, I’m sure I’d enjoy discovering the music…

      • I don’t mind nominating music from the past that I have discovered over the years subsequently, while seeking out interesting things to listen to.

      • OK, take a look at Wiki ‘pop music 1955’ and see if you find anything interesting there, I think you will, Elvis maybe, plus:
        Fats Domino
        Bill Haley
        Little Richard
        Miles Davis
        Chuck Berry
        Lonnie Donegan
        Johnny Otis
        Ray Charles et. al.
        And re. it being before most Spillers time, well how about ’65 & ’75?

      • 1965 was done a fortnight ago, I think. 1955 would leave me cold personally but that’s of course no reason to leave it out (after all, it sounds like 2005 is leaving gf cold, so fair’s fair!). Your game though, barbryn – and yours to organise as feels fun to you!

      • Ah I think I misunderstood gf’s latest comment. I thought he was suggesting 65 as a future week’s choice rather than pointing out that it too was before many Spillers’ time. Doh! Ignore me…

  29. 2005 was eleven flipping years ago. I was happy. My top 3 from that vintage year are quite simple :

    We Major ft. Nas – Kanye West
    Pi – Kate Bush
    Welcome To Jamrock – Damian Marley

    Songs For Silverman was (for me) the last great Ben Folds LP. I’ve gone deaf since then though, so what do I know. Kraftwerk issued a stunning live LP. Richard Hawley released Coles Corner and McCartney made Chaos & Creation in the Backyard. Ry Cooder made Chavez Ravine, Seu Jorge released Cru and Stevie blooming Wonder only made the greatest Lp since Songs In The Key Of Life with A Time 2 Love. Stunning. I should’ve picked a tune off it, but I can’t because they’re all fantastic.

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