Earworms 22 June 2015


Back to what passes for normal at the time of the northern solstice. “I don’t care what the weatherman says, when the weatherman says it’s raining, you won’t hear me complaining …” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0lgswGOgrs- ‘cos the pollen count is lower! I can see! Taste! Breathe! A fine and thoughtful selection for you this week, I hope you enjoy it. Please keep sending your worms to earworms@tincanland.com. As always, thanks to all.

Lykke Li – Silver Springs – bishbosh: I wasn’t familiar with the Fleetwood Mac original (this was on a Mac tribute album a year or two back) but I think Lykke does a great job with it. It would have fitted well on her heartbreak album of last year, I Never Learn, actually.

Barbara Dane – Mama Don’t Allow – glassarfemptee: I can’t really understand why Barbara Dane is so little known. Great voice and right on before right on was fashionable. In the forties she was involved in civil rights, union campaigns, and feminism. A female Guthrie. Here she is with a light hearted number from Cow Cow Davenport.

Aziza Brahim – La Tierra Derrama Lagrimas (The Earth Sheds Tears) – Fuel: Aziza was born in 1976 in the Sahrawi refugee camps, in the Tindouf region of Algeria where her mother had settled in late 1975, fleeing from the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara. Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPhs50_UOWM) says the lyrics recall those who fought to liberate parts of the Western Sahara which remain outside Moroccan control. (Ed.)

Tshala Muana – Kalume – goneforeign: We’ve heard her here before, here’s another. She’s from Kinshasa when Congo was called Zaire and her music follows Congolese soukous style.

Joe Ely & Joel Guzman – I’m A Thousand Miles From Home – tincanman: This is from the fantastic (highly recommended) Live Cactus album, and if – like me – you didn’t know there was such a thing as an accordion prodigy, now you do.

London Grammar – If You Wait – AliM: From the album of the same name, it popped up on my iTunes the other day and has lodged firmly in my ear’ole ever since.

Image courtesy of http://www.123rf.com

12 thoughts on “Earworms 22 June 2015

  1. Another nice set of ‘worms.

    I think that my favourites were Barbara Dane and Joe Ely & Joel Guzman, but I liked them all.

    Incidentally, regarding accordion prodigies, I urge you to listen to Flaco Jimenez, who is probably best-known for his work with Ry Cooder in the 1970s and early 80s.

  2. Tinny: I don’t know who he is, I was interested in the other bloke, Otto Lechner. There was a film made about 10 years ago titled ‘Accordion Tribes’, It was 5 accordion ‘superstars’ who came together to do a world tour, he was one of them and he blew me away. Amazing stuff. The film is still out there, you should look for it.

  3. Great set. Loved the African songs, as I almost always do. Great Lykke Li. Don’t always like the London Grammar stuff, but this was lovely. Re accordions, I went to see the No 1 Ladies Accordian Orchestra last year in St Ives. You can’t have too many you know.

  4. There’s a busker in the arcade in Huddersfield who plays the accordion very well – I think he’s Eastern European but I’m not sure – anyway, the music he plays sounds vaguely from that area! haven’t seen him for a while but he always cheers people up.

  5. Particularly enjoyed the African tunes this week (maybe the first one the most), but something to enjoy in all this lot.

  6. Great set of songs this week, totally endorse GHE’s and Bish’s comments.
    Those, if any, who remember the English ’50’s folk revival will remember ‘Mama don’t allow’, it was popular on BBC with recordings by Ken Colyer, George Melly, Chris Barber and Big Bill Broonzy featured regularly. I haven’t heard Barbara Dane since the 60’s, nice.
    Aziza Brahim, a new name to me, great cut, Lykke Li ditto.
    Thousand miles’ reminds me of Woody, can’t go wrong. Always love the accordion, I remember once on air announcing to the world that ‘the accordion has become my favorite instrument!’
    The name ‘London Grammar’ prompted me to google and download ’em a couple of years ago, interesting and memorable.
    Thank you as always Ali.

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