Richard Thompson, Legend

credit: Anthony Pepitone

credit: Anthony Pepitone

Q: How do you see the guitar solo fitting into the song? Does every song need a guitar solo? Does the solo need to have an emotional connection to the song?

A: Does every song need a guitar solo? Absolutely. Without question. What’s my purpose on Earth if I’m not playing solos?

Right, so i know RT is a legend, i love his voice, and most of what i’ve ever heard from him and Fairport Convention. Except, i really don’t know that much of it at all. I seem to be in a folkie kind of mood these days and i finally have a bit of time on my hands – anyone wanna help me out with some of your faves by him / them? Any with stupendous solos an extra added bonus. Sort of a Spillover kind of thing in reverse. Thank you kindly in advance.

18 thoughts on “Richard Thompson, Legend

  1. Start off with the solo on the live version of Calvary Cross which is a bonus track on the I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight CD.

    There are lots of live ones on YouTube, this one for example(the live album it is on isn’t bad either);

    • That was wonderful, and just what i was in the mood for. Even before the solo. I’m going to have to give the whole album a listen. Thanks.

      Kind of a mystery as to why they were never huge over here. I had heard of them in passing, but the first that i ever really took note was a video of a song by Richard and Linda on MTV back in the day. I loved the song, and can’t remember it for the life of me. I’ve tried, but not hard enough, to find it on you tube but i haven’t yet. Must try harder.

      • When The Spell Is Broken isn’t a Richard and Linda song – it’s from RT’s solo album Across A Crowded Room long after he and Linda had split up. The woman in the video is Christine Collister.

      • This is why i’m confused. I’m pretty sure i remember this song, but i’m pretty sure i remember another R & L tune from MTV that i loved too – and i can see it visually in my brain. And hear her voice, which i just loved. This isn’t that voice, and she had a much bigger vocal part in the one i’m thinkng of than the woman has in this one. I’ll find it someday, i suppose.

    • That was a great solo.

      I remembered that this was my pick of the set from one of your playlists, so i found a live version on youtube. It still sounds great to me, and a scorcher of a little solo to boot.

      • o/t rant – does anyone else have youtube showing huge video versions by default? I can escape from the fullscreen, but the videos are still showing huge. I can’t seem to get them back down to normal size.

  2. Off the top of my head, I would say my three fave solos are Sloth from Fairport’s Full House

    Calvary Cross as mentioned by CaroleBristol above and Night Comes In from Pours Like Silver.

    • I loved Sloth, but i loved Nite Comes In even more. Yep, as hypnotic a solo as they come. But if i can’t think of many purposes on earth more noble than playing solos, I’m tempted to make a case for fiddle playing right along with it.

      I think i have my music to edit to sorted for the month, so much to explore here. For me, the solos are just the icing, i love the songs (and his pipes) anyway. I like the little love songs and ballads too, the few i’ve heard.

      Thanks, Tempus.

    • VBL i knew, and King of Bohemia is lovely. I get what you mean about the wrist slitting, but the only ones that make me want to do that are the ones about Sting and Madonna (neither of whom i hold any brief for), and the Brittney Spears cover, although i get the humor in that one. It’s like, come on dude, all that songwriting talent and you waste it on pettiness like that? Unless they actually did something to him, which i kind of doubt.

  3. Across A Crowded Room is still probably my fave RT solo album, and this my fave track. The power of betrayal, suspicion and pain, expressed through six lengths of wire.

    • I was extremely underwhelmed by the Thompson ‘family’ album put together by Teddy. Apart from the opening track, in which Teddy explains how wonderful the rest of the family are compared to him, the rest was direly insipid.

  4. My project today is to listen to Liege and Lief, seems a pretty good place to start? Unless What We Did on Our Holidays is a better one.

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