Earworms 29 June 2015


Glastonbury weekend again in the UK, lots of interesting music to listen to (from my settee). Surprise treat of the coverage for me so far is Hot Chip’s cover of Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=em74pwtr1wE (this clip from Milwaukee). Anyway, here is this week’s selection, have fun and keep sending your worms to earworm@tincanland.com. Many thanks.

Fizzy Blood – Black Sheep – AliM: Here’s one from the many promos that come in to Earworms, taken from the Leeds band’s debut EP ‘FEAST’ which was released recently. A great blast of noise and a band I shall be looking out for, locally!

Bob Moses – Talk – tincanman: Plush, evolving piece of electronica (no, wait. Don’t judge yet) from new Canadian duo Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance, who are now in New York exploring their unique musical vision.

Hipsway – The Honeythief – Fuel: Catchy piece of late ‘80s pop, from another Glasgow band (toffeeboy, where are you)? Johnny McElhone, the bassist, went on to found Texas (the band, obvs.). Ed.

Vampire Weekend – Cousins – AliM: I owe young Munday for this, he had it on a playlist and I love its freneticism. It reminds me of The Nervous Brothers, a Rockabilly/Rock’n’Roll band who used to play the Bristol circuit and probably still do. Always excellent fun.

Slash (feat. Fergie) – Beautiful Dangerous – DsD: Goddamn it, I love it when hip-hop, funk and/or soul decide to go round to rock’s house for a party. PLAY LOUD!!!!

Les Paul & Mary Ford – How High the Moon – goneforeign: June 9th was the centenary of Les Paul’s birth. This was a huge hit on BBC in 1951, it was a new sound, like nothing we’d ever heard before. Les Paul was a jazz guitarist who worshipped Django Rheindhart, he was also an extremely competent inventor so he applied his skills to his guitar. He’s responsible for the Gibson Les Paul, for ‘sound on sound’, for multi tracking, for new concepts in ‘echo’ plus much more. He single-handedly revolutionized pop music in his Hollywood garage in the 40’s & 50’s.

8 thoughts on “Earworms 29 June 2015

  1. Les Paul worked with Gibson to create the first properly marketed electric guitar to feature twin-coil noise-cancelling (hence ‘humbucker’) pickups. By all accounts, however, he wasn’t ecstatic about the finished product, and never played a factory-stock version. Mostly, he would remake the entire electrics, including rewinding pickups. The Gibson lower-cost, twin-cutaway version with thinner body was eventually named the SG, as Les utterly refused to have anything to do with it, let alone allow his name to be associated….

  2. The name “Fizzy Blood” makes me feel slightly queasy but I liked the song well enough. More on a second listen as it happens. Maybe I wasn’t fully alert when I had a quick play through this morning.Possibly more going on than my brain could cope with. Could be a grower.
    Same, in a way, with track number two, Bob Moses. No stops and starts and different sections here but this morning I couldn’t be doing with the thing at all. Really didn’t make much of an impact. This evening it sounds very fine indeed. Brooding in a good way.
    Hipsway – Shades of “Play that funky music” and the AWB. Or am I just thinking in cliches? Nice groove though. Liked it.
    Vampire Weekend certainly were frantic and a lot of fun. Slash and Fergie were too in a totally different way.
    Les Paul and Mary Ford – this was the only one I knew (vaguely) and made a nice, light footed ending to the set.
    Good job I didn’t post this morning or it would have been something on the lines of “they were all ok I suppose”. It’s a funny old world. Do you ever think that? I often think that.

  3. I haven’t really listened to Les Paul for donkey’s years but the one thing that grabs me is the voice, actually not the voice but the way it was recorded and that amazing reverb that’s on it; it doesn’t sound anything like a typical modern reverb, it sounds natural.

  4. Fizzy Blood are new to me, fairly obviously. That’s a rather fine fresh cocktail made from some old familiar ingredients. I have made a note to watch/listen out for more.

    Bob Moses also new to me. Pleasantly lush, that, and I know just the [non-blogging] friend to point it at.

    Hipsway takes me back! Bittersweet smile though, because it’s sadly bringing to mind a Uni housemate who died of heart disease in his early thirties. Sorry.

    Vampire Weekend have been on my radar ever since Oxford Comma (DON’T add that one to Young Munday’s playlist, Ali!). I have to be in the mood for them. This song will work when I am, but not this morning.

    LP & MF Aw, you just can’t help but groove in your seat to that, can you?

  5. Late to the party – busy week. Really enjoyed Fizzy Blood, not least for the line “a glass half full is enough to keep you cool”! Hipsway did just what it says on the tin, and seemed somehow familiar. Really liked the Bob Moses and will look out for more. Les Paul & Mary Ford was a treat – but then I’m a Django nut.

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