RIP Chris Squire

RIP to bass legend Chris Squire of Yes, who must have at least a small handful of fans here in Spilland. Here’s a handy list of the Top 10 Chris Squire Yessongs – i feel no need to argue the toss on this one, because as i scrolled down – #1 must be, it has to be, it is – the magnificent Heart of the Sunrise above. Just enjoy.

If anyone runs into my friend Alfie on the mothership, tell him we’re over here for him if he needs us.

10 thoughts on “RIP Chris Squire

  1. That’s sad news. I recently re-discovered the Yes album. I regularly play Yours is No Disgrace on Thursday at work to get the weekend started. I love the big booming bass sound he managed to get.

  2. I saw them live around 3 times i think, but that was a long time ago. Last one was the Relayer tour. I played the crap out of Fragile, The Yes Album, and Close to the Edge.

    I cracked a smile at one of the comments on a political article in one of our papers last night – “Who gives a rat’s ass about Hillary Clinton anyway. Chris Squire just died.”.

      • I just did a quick google of all of the Yes tours that played in Providence. Seems the Relayer tour was in the summer of 1975 – i would have been 14. Not inconceivable that i saw that show, but it certainly wasn’t the last show i saw, it was probably the first. More likely is that i saw the Going for the One or 9012Live! shows that had the Relayer snake as a stage set. The fact that i can’t remember for the life of me shows how long ago it all was.

        I do remember going through the war of the Stones’ Some Girls tour in Philly which would have been in 1978, when i was nearly 18. As we were packing up to drive back home, my friend said, wanna come down next month to see Yes and Peter Frampton? My response was definitely along the lines of, fuck no! I had already seen Yes and didn’t give a fig about Frampton. Whether i saw Yes again is a mystery to me. Although it’s not inconceivable that i saw them in ’84. Not after that though.

  3. I saw Yes four or five times back in the Close To The Edge/Topographic Oceans period.

    Utterly brilliant.

    I saw them in Bristol a couple of years ago on the Fly From Here tour. The old stuff was still magical and I cried during And You And I.

    The band won’t be the same without Chris Squire. He was an essential part of the Yes sound.

  4. hi Amy I was on holiday but logged in to Readers Recommend on Thursday and saw the news .. very sad .. but the music is still there .. so thanks for posting a grand playlist
    They’d just released an album of seven full live shows from the 72 Close to the Edge tour of Canada & North America and i’d been enjoying those . heart of the sunrise brilliant but different each night
    My first Yes show was the Relayer tour outdoors at a soccer stadium .. during Close to the Edge they flooded the stage with dry ice .. but the wind lifted it so the band were hidden except for their feet .. 20 minutes of watching Squire’s moon boots .. he did wear the wierdest things .. and also never stood still
    all the best

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