Earworms 6 July 2015


Thunder, lightning, hailstones, torrential rain and blazing sunshine – it must be summer. And that was just yesterday. Here’s this week’s selection for you, a complete mixture, like the weather. Hope you enjoy, thanks to all and please keep the worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

The Last Post – Silence Seems To Say – DsD: Positioned somewhere between Low and The Sundays, I’ve always loved this song. It popped up on my Walkman shuffle t’other day, and I had to change the play mode to Repeat1 for a good half-dozen listens before I could get away from it again.

Billy Hubbard – Who Are You Listening To? – tincanman: Hubbard recorded this at home the other day and shared it for comment. I feed-backed him that it’s one heck of a song. It’s also earwormy; the title question haunts me now as I go about my daily business.

Bob Marley – This Train and The Stone that the Builder Refused – goneforeign: Acoustic Bob: This is a side of Bob that very few have heard; he’s sitting on a hotel bed strumming an acoustic guitar and working out tunes and lyrics, fortunately some smart soul was sharp enough to switch on a recorder and get a decent recording. Possibly songs you’ve never heard before.

Dean McPhee – Solar Crown – AliM: Dean McPhee is a solo electric-guitarist from Yorkshire. This could have been an entry in RR’s “minimalist” category this week – but I think Nilpferd has enough already. Anyway, it’s rather beautiful.

Givers – Ripe – Fuel: Givers are an indie pop group from Lafayette, Louisiana. “You like your man ripe, I like mine still growin’…” I couldn’t possibly comment. (Ed.)

Fable Cry – Fancy Dancing – AliM: Another promo, this one is from a Nashville-based “theatrical scamp-rock” band, whose album “We’ll Show You Were the Monsters Are” is due out in August. It’s macabre yet earwormy at the same time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofJG1svfmyI

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15 thoughts on “Earworms 6 July 2015

  1. Only had one listen so comments later. I do have Bunny Wailer’s Black Heart Man album which features a version of “This Train” but The Wailers also recorded a version back in 1967 with Bunny on lead vocal. The B-Side of “Stir It Up”, I gather.


  2. Last Post – Made me think of John Lennon and I couldn’t work out why at first. Finally decided that the music was slightly (very slightly) redolent some of his early solo tracks and the vocal was a bit Beatle-ish. Or maybe I’m just going mad. Liked it anyway.

    Billy Hubbard – Now this one made me think of Springsteen who I’m not mad about even in acoustic mode. This was certainly good of its kind even though the style isn’t really my cup of tea.

    Bob Marley – Liked this version even though I still prefer Bunny’s voice! Actually, all three of them harmonising is best for me. Lovely to hear a natural unselfconscious piece of music like this though.

    Dean McPhee – Really loved this. Haunting and that.

    Givers – Very sprightly. Never heard of them but I think I’ll be having a look on Youtube and Spotify for more.

    Fable Cry – Odd bods. Do they always dress like this? Rather liked the song and the performance.

  3. I’m stopping listening after the first four tunes, as it’s past bedtime, and as a playlist, those four have worked perfectly to get me in the mood for my bed.

    Cheers, all.

  4. Oh dear – I never to seem able to catch up! So many songs, so little time. Anyhow, glad I got round to these – a really enjoyable listen. Liked ’em all: The Bob medley was indeed a revelation, the Givers a seriously upbeat pick-me-up, the Last Post the sort of smooth, lush quality that ‘rocker’ DsD regularly comes up with; Billy Hubbard was indeed a bit Bruce for me, but I liked it despite that. But the standout was Ali’s ‘Solar Crown’ – a stonker! Off to listen again…

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