Earworms 13 July 2015


As you can see, I’ve left my hat on ready for this week’s wormfest. Saw an excellent band at the weekend – Leeds City Stompers – blues covers done with aplomb and enthusiasm. Check them out: http://www.leedscitystompers.com/. Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy a mellow selection for the start of your week. Thanks to all, and please keep the worms coming to: earworm@tincanland.com.

Leo Welch – Praise His Name – tincanman: This could perhaps do with a little more energy, but it ain’t too shabby for a debut album. From an 81-yr-old mule driver in Mississippi. Sabougla Voices (2013).

Joe Bonamassa – Baby You Gotta Change Your Mind – AliM: An A-typical and very catchy cover from Mr B., the original being by Blind Boy Fuller, who died in 1941.

Caribou – Your Love Will Set You Free – Fuel: Caribou is Dan Snaith, a Canadian composer and musician. I’ve got this on repeat. (Ed.)

Love & Special Sauce – Relax – DsD: A floaty little thing this. Paradoxically, somehow earwormy enough to burrow in, whilst simultaneously being slippery enough to not have a handle to get hold of. It’s had me mindlessly and tunelessly going “waaah-wah-waaaah-wahwah” along to it.

Indila – Dernier Danse – DebbyM: Summer has arrived with a vengeance, reminding me of this French pop song which was an enormous hit a year or two ago (sorry, my time memory has gone haywire). I hope I haven’t sent this in before!

Randy Newman – You Can Keep Your Hat On – goneforeign: This is one of my favourite earworms, I have several versions, this is the original from Randy Newman, who wrote it.


12 thoughts on “Earworms 13 July 2015

  1. That was a hugely enjoyable set for me. Leo Welch was great and Jo Bonamassa was cool and catchy too. Nice start.
    Next two were a couple of slow burners I think. Caribou benefitted from a repeat play. Very earwormy. Gets into your head and dances about there. Liked it. Ditto G. Love & Special Sauce. Slinky. I did have to get the image of The Floaters out of me skull though. Here they come again…..
    Indila was lovely. I like a bit of French pop of a Monday morning.
    Randy was the only one I knew – and love. He knows his own song is meant to be sleazy and disturbing rather than joyous and celebratory. I will admit to liking Etta James’ very assertive cover version too but that’s not entirely for musical reasons.

  2. Wot Severin said. Great set – though Caribou reminded me a bit too much of Hot Butter’s popcorn!! Oh, and really loved DsD’s Last Post last week!

    • Good, I think it’s quite “toned down” by JB’s standards (though I very much like Joe Bonamassa as does tinny, though it’s a shame the gig tinny went to was a disappointment).

      • A friend was watching a Bonamassa phone clip on YouTube and it was the same lethargic performance – until a real cameraman turned up and it was like a switch came on.

        Sad. If your music doesn’t move you, quit.

  3. My current earworm is a single line from a Eurovision entry from 1972 that I can only ever have heard once. I want rid!

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