Earworms 27 July 2015


A warm welcome to Ravi this week, who has boxed some Stevie Ray Vaughn for your enjoyment. Meanwhile, amongst the new music promos there’s a plug for the three volume “Rock Back for Nepal” in which around 60 artists from different genres and countries have joined forces to raise funds for the Nepal relief efforts. I’m not qualified to review it but what I’ve heard sounds interesting, and it’s for a good cause, all money raised will go towards helping the earthquake victims: https://pateticorecordings.bandcamp.com/album/rock-back-for-nepal-vol-1. Meanwhile, please keep those worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com. Thanks!

Natalie Prass – My Baby Doesn’t Understand Me – Fuel: Natalie Prass is an American singer-songwriter from Virginia. This is from her debut album, released through Spacebomb and Columbia records. (Ed.)

Penguin Café – Black Hibiscus – glasshalfempty: I recently had the great pleasure of seeing Penguin Cafe, and this was a super number when played live, with it’s blend of Mexican and Chopin! This keeps up the high standard of quirkiness set by the current bandleader’s dad, Simon Jeffes, who founded and led the Penguin Cafe Orchestra before his untimely death at 49.

Decemberists – The Singer Addresses His Audience …tincanman – The band’s latest collection of mighty fine songs includes this follow up to I Was Meant For The Stage. It’s a tribute to their fa…yes, I know what sarcasm is. In theory. Why do you ask?

The Cadillac Three – Peace, Love And Dixie – DsD: From this month’s Classic Rock covermount CD, this is so redolent of the American South that I can almost taste the bourbon and smell the chicken frying through my speakers. Makes me want to grab the first flight over there. Holler if you’re with me!

Bob Marley and the Wailers – Positive Vibration – goneforeign: If you never had the pleasure of going to a BMW concert here’s a taste, Bob at the Hollywood Roxy in 1976, of course I was there, I’m about 10ft in front of him, if you listen carefully you’ll recognize my dulcet tones doing the screaming. Absolutely the BEST musical performance I ever attended and there were literally hundreds!

Department M – Bleak Technique – AliM: Another music promo, this is from Leeds duo Department M., a stripped back version of their new single to be released on 7 August (performed by Owen Brinley). They are playing in Manchester on 5 August, Leeds on 6 August and a free-entry London gig on 10 October. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXiphR7mWRk&feature=youtu.be

22 thoughts on “Earworms 27 July 2015

  1. Department M reminds me of a little bit of Wilder era Teardrop Explodes, mid-period Japan, Simple Minds in ’79, Cabaret Voltaire . . . I’m buying.

  2. Sometime in the ’80’s I was in LA and working on something with the radio on KCRW, not really listening to the interview that was on. But then they cut to music and I was riveted, they were talking to the leader of a group I’d never heard of, Penguin Cafe Orchestra. There was only one album available and I promptly bought it and they’ve been longtime favorites ever since, I’ve been tempted to post ’em to Earworms, so thank you for that one.

  3. This week I am judging the music on how well it soothes my shattered nerves after listening to the upstairs neighbours shifting every item of furniture and simultaneously doing a clog dance for a couple of hours. Or perhaps on how well it might soothe the neighbours’ nerves after listening to the grumpy old man downstairs bellowing a variety of curses every time they so much as place one foot in front of the other. Or however they see things.

    Natalie Prass succeeded admirably on this criteria. Lovely voice. Enjoyed that a lot.
    Penguin Café also very cheering and made the world seem a brighter more pleasant place in which to live. Going well so far.
    I don’t really know the Decemberists. I hear the odd song here and on R/R but the background to this lyric eludes me. Sounds convincingly jaded which kind of chimes with my mood. Nice lift at the end too.
    Cadillac Three – Yes very Kentucky fried bourbon. Not my regular cup of camomile but liked it ok. Peace and love. Yes, more of that.
    Bob Marley, well he’ll always be a good listen. Normally I prefer the more militant songs but this is uplifting and, well, positive. Which is good. Make way for the positive days indeed.
    Dept M – Wow. That was really good. Just what the doctor ordered in fact. Great guitar and voice. A winner I think.

    Thanks all.

  4. Ali, I hardly ever get to listen to the worms – I got all excited recently when Tinny recommended that external sound card, but it turned out to be for windows while I’m on ubuntu – but I’d like to say THANK YOU! for all the work you put into this every week.

    • Thanks Debby, I fear Earworms will die the death before long but I enjoy doing it, so while people still enjoy it and send worms in, I’m glad.

      I posted a Soundcloud playlist on Facebook to cover some of the new promos that come in – I don’t know if I could do that on The Spill, I’ve posted YouTube playlists so I suppose it’s possible. Shall have to try!

      • I do hope that the Earworms don’t die. I always make an effort to listen to them. I just wish that I had more ‘worms to submit.It is rare that something sticks in my head these days.

      • Well, I’m never sure how many people are still interested, the comments don’t really reflect the number of listens. I’m certainly getting fewer worms in, and they tend to be from the same people (not that that’s a bad thing). I should be more proactive and ask people directly, that’s what I used to do. They can always tell me to go and bunny. Anyway, while there are worms, I will curate them for our listening pleasure!

      • That’s because you’re not trying to listen on my loathèd laptop! (Think 1970s transistor radio with the battery running down). If I ever get a regular paycheck coming in again, the first thing I’m saving up for is a new computer…

  5. OK, I’ve listened.

    I liked everything, but I liked The Cadillac Three the most. I even liked The Decembrists, a band that have rarely engaged my attention in the past.

    I’d like to hear a full band version of Department M, I think.

    I also saw Bob Marley and The Wailers in 1976, at the Hammersmith Odeon. It was as though half of Brixton had packed themselves into the place. I think that because of the products being smoked most of the audience, non-smokers included were, ahem, quite relaxed by the time Bob took the stage. A spectacular gig.

  6. Enjoyed all of those – just the ticket for a sultry summer evening!

    Especially Penguins, Bob and the last one.


  7. Late as ever. Do hope we can keep it going, as this is a key part of my weekly new music intake! Huge thanks, as ever, to y’all – and especially Ali, for keeping the show on the road. Liked them all this week, but Peace, Love and Dixie hit the spot, and I’ve now got the latest Decemberists album on my wish list. Keep ’em comin’

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