Earworms 3 August 2015


We start off with some “doom jazz” for you today, a completely new genre for me. I love it, it’s like Bladerunner meets Trueblood where Rick Deckard gets it on, very slowly, with Sookie Stackhouse, or perhaps Eric Northman seduces Roy Batty and / or Sean Young. Fabulous. Anyway, that’s enough of that. Many thanks for your top-ups to the worm bank and please keep sending them in to earworm@tincanland.com Here we go:

Bohren & Der Club of Gore – Komm zurück zu mir – abahachi: Whatever Colin Powell says, Thucydides never actually wrote that “Of all manifestations of power, restraint impresses men most.” But if he had done, he could have been describing the magnificent oeuvre of this German doom jazz group, in which not much happens very slowly but extremely atmospherically. Most of you are going to hate this…

FKA Twigs – Lights On – severin: FKA Twigs was so critically acclaimed last year I think there was a bit of suspicion about whether the music merited it. I think it did and made Two Weeks one of my three tracks of the year. Nominated this track for R/R songs about danger. Totally off topic and unsuccessful of course. Still I think it’s earwormy enough for this column.

DELS (feat. Rosie Lowe) – Burning Beaches – Fuel: DELS is Kieren Gallear, a rapper, recording artsist, graphics designer and filmmaker from Ipswich in Suffolk. John Peel gave him an early break on Radio 1 and he never looked back. This is from his second album, Petals have Fallen. (Ed.)

Sleaford Mods – Face To Faces – tincanman: Brits still have lots to rant about – or perhaps even more – so cheers to London duo Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn for picking up the torch lit by Ian Dury, The Streets et al. From their latest, Key Markets.

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey – Miliki Ojeje – glasshalfempty: I love the juju-highlife fusion of the wonderfully named Nigerian musician Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey. He’s been around forever, and I was very pleased to get him A-listed a while back (Austerity).

Franco and Sam Mangwana – Co-operation – goneforeign: I usually don’t submit songs much beyond about 4-5 mins. to Earworms. But with this one I had no choice: 9 + minutes of the most amazing Zairian music ever, a perfect example of Congolese Soukous from the 1980’s. It’s with Franco’s group, OK Jazz. OK Jazz originally meant ‘Tout Puissant Orchestre Kinshasa” (or “All-powerful Kinshasa Orchestra”), it was Franco’s band in Zaire from June 1956 until December 1993.


Image courtesy of http://www.123rf.com

9 thoughts on “Earworms 3 August 2015

  1. There was much to enjoy here.

    I loved the Doom Jazz, very atmospheric and, as Ali said in the intro, very Bladerunner. I may have to look around for more of the same.

    My favourite was the long one from Franco and Sam Mangwana, terrific stuff, but the other African track ran it close.

    FKA Twigs was interesting. There is a menacing quality around that track that makes me want to call it Gothic Electro. Intriguing.

    I didn’t much like the other two, though, sorry. I understand what Sleaford Mods are doing and it is all very laudable, but it is a bit like being harangued by someone on the bus without being able to get away from them because your stop isn’t for ages. DELS just didn’t work for me.

  2. Also loved the Club of Gore opener. And also found the Sleaford Mods hectoring a bit unwelcome although I quite liked the musical setting. Will return to the others after a second listen.

    • Mixed feelings about DELS. I enjoyed it most when the guy stopped rapping which kind of defeats the object. It was like the music gets turned down and becomes irrelevant for the spoken sections. Which was a shame as I quite liked a lot of it.
      The final two were a great way to end. Probably (just) preferred the Ebenezer Obey track but it was a close call.
      Yer Doom Jazz was still my favourite of the whole bunch thiough. I’ve played that about five times now and it doesn’t pall. Lovely stuff.

      • I must have read GHE’s comment and unconsciously “mirrored” the “listened five times” comment when I posted my update. It was probably four times. Or six. Or something.

  3. Oh, I love love love the Doom Jazz. Any statement “Most of you are going to hate this…” is an immediate challenge to me, to really give it a try. This didn’t need any trying – just gorgeous. I must have listened five times already. Slight shades of prog rock, like instrumental Pink Floyd, and not unlike a lot of drone I listen to. More suggestions, please, Herr Aba.
    Really liked the goneforeign cut, too (as usual).

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