Earworms 17 August 2015


Another mixture for you. Can anyone tell me what the guitar in the Lijadu Sisters track reminds me of? The Claude Francois reminds me of “Going Back to my Roots” or “I’m Moving Up”, both of which I have been humming tunelessly all week. Anyway, thanks to all and please keep sending your stray earworms to earworm@tincanland.com. Have fun.

Odetta – Pastures of Plenty – goneforeign: Another by Woody Guthrie, written in the 40’s and describing the travails and dignity of migrant workers in North America, we still have migrant workers and not much has changed. Recorded here by Odetta, the voice of the civil rights movement in the 1960’s.

Tyler Farr – A Guy Walks into a Bar – Ravi Raman: I caught this song quite by accident. I first thought it was a novelty number. Pleasantly surprised.

Tobias Jesso – How Could You Babe – glasshalfempty: Male singer songwriters seem ten a penny at present. Tobias Jesso makes it eleven a penny. Plinkety plonk piano – check. Slightly falsetto voice – check. American accent – check. Inane lyrics – check. So, good pop then? You decide. Here he is channelling Carole King and Harry Nilsson.

The Lijadu Sisters – Danger – Fuel: Of all the songs I forgot to nominate on RR, this is the song I regret most.

Claude Francois – Alexandrie Alexandra (live) – abahachi: People who hate disco will hate this, so I’d suggest just skipping the track altogether. Anyone who likes or loves disco may be intrigued by the idea of a slice of late 70s French disco-funk by the co-writer of the song on which ‘My Way’ was based, posthumously released after he was tragically electrocuted when he tried to straighten a light fitting while in the shower…

Cookie Crew – Got to Keep On – severin: British girl rappers from 1989. They made quite a splash at the time but disappeared from the scene around 1992 when their record company wanted them to record more “pop oriented” material. They didn’t want to go down that road and quit recording altogether.

Image courtesy of 123rf.com

7 thoughts on “Earworms 17 August 2015

  1. Love Odetta. She can do no wrong, I think, so Odetta sings Woody is good for me. She gives the song a timeless quality.
    Tyler Farr grew on me. Not the kind of voice I generally listen to but I liked the song and the guitars. Wouldn’t listen to a whole album but this was good as part of the playlist.
    Tobias Jesso – the opening piano notes had me expecting the theme from Cheers. Alternated between plodding and light-footed. Half liked it.
    Lijadu Sisters I liked a lot. Where they from? Love their voices and the guitars.
    I like a bit of the disco funk even if it is French so I like the Claude Francois. Also provided a neat link into my piece of Hip Hop history. So that was good.

  2. The Lijadu Sisters are from Nigeria and have worked with KSA and FK. They’re often referred to as an African Pointer Sisters!

    The Claude Francois track was ace and worked really well with The Cookie Crew

  3. A really mixed bag this week, but it went down well.
    Odetta had such a wonderful pair of pipes. I’d not heard this one before, and loved it. Tyler Farr was enjoyable – a song with echoes of other tracks I like but can’t quite name: hints of the Who, Stereophonics, Oasis, strangely enough. He’s pigeonholed as ‘country’ but this was rocky enough to overcome my Pavlovian reaction to the C word as a genre. Lijadu sisters were terrific, such a great blend of winsome singers, funky organ, with nicely restrained guitar work. A timeless classic. Claude Francois’ French disco spun my glitter ball. And Cookie Crew put together a rare hip hop track that I didn’t skip – great drumming. If it weren’t for steenbeck, I think hip hop might have been off my guest list altogether, but I now get it – sometimes. I appreciate flow as an evolution of the calypso of my West Indian youth. Thanks, as ever, gang.

  4. Hi all….I haven’t been around the Spill in a while, and certainly haven’t been looking at earworms, so it was fun to come back to the fold this week.

    Goneforeign – I know you don’t partake in RR any more, but I was recently the guru for the topic of “farming”, and I A-listed Woody’s Pastures of Plenty, so I enjoyed listening to this version. Really like it a lot actually.

    In fact, I liked all of them this week, and in some respects, they are all things that I wouldn’t normally listen to.

    Tyler Farr – I am liking country music more and more, and I quite enjoyed this one.
    Tobias Jesso – this reminded me of elevator music, which normally would not be a compliment, but I liked it. I think what I mean by the elevator music is what glasshalfempty described as plinkety plonk
    The Lijadu Sisters – yep, this was nice too.
    Claude Francois – liked this a lot more than I expected to based on the description.Not sure I could listen to a whole album of it, but it was good nonetheless.
    Cookie Crew – probably my least favourite of the batch this week, but still liked it.

    hmm…just re-read what I wrote above, and I probably could have just said “liked them all” and it would have had the same impact…not to worry.

    hope everyone is well!

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