It seems I missed a bit of a kerfuffle at Rebellion this year!

I didn’t make it this year (I might have mentioned) but I kept my ear to the ground anyway – only to be deafened by the screams of outrage in response to this bit of banter with the audience. Lots of punks have been mortally offended by the lead singer of a band taking the piss out of them from the stage! I think there’s just a little bit of irony in that.
There are plenty of reasons to dislike Geldof (top of my list would be hijacking a genuine political protest with Live 8, appointing himself as spokesman, and then patting the G8 leaders on the back, but anyway I digress…) but this isn’t one of them. He’s hamming it up so much that surely it’s obvious it’s meant as a joke. In fact his biggest crime here is that it’s done so badly. He looks a bit like your drunk uncle at a karaoke night playing at being a rock star.
Anyway just to help Sir Bob in the future here’s Fat Bob from Hard Skin showing how to insult the Rebellion audience properly.

11 thoughts on “BOB-GATE!

  1. 1st album was pretty good. 2nd was ok. Then they did “Don”t Like Mondays” – dear oh dear.

    Think Bob saw himself as an Irish Bruce Springsteen.

    • Yes, that with a bit of Poundshop Mick Jagger thrown in.
      I found an old diary entry from when I was 14 – a mate (of sorts) tried to flog me a cassette of the 2nd LP. I recorded in my diary that I didn’t like it because it was “too punky”!!!

  2. Eeek, he’s due in Dorking in a couple of weeks. Hope he doesn’t have a go at all the Tories, it could kick off and look bad for Ralph Vaughn Williams.

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