Earworms 31 August 2015


Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK, and what better day for YoungMunday to be celebrating his thirteenth birthday? We have an extra earworm by way of celebration, chosen by the teenager himself, and very lovely it is too. Happy Birthday our kid! Nepotism aside, here’s a great laid-back selection for you this week, and a very welcome return by Toffeeboy. Thanks to all for the worms, and please keep them coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Bob James – Westchester Lady – glasshalfemptee: Jazz purists probably hate ‘smooth jazz’ but there is a time and a place for everything. Here we have a prime exponent, keyboardist Bob James. He has proper credentials in bop with Quincy Jones before committing the ultimate sin of commercial success. I disapprove of the song title – I can hear my mother now, saying “She’s a woman, Paul – a lady is the wife of a Lord”. But I approve of the earwormy riff.

Aztec Camera – Let Your Love Decide – toffeeboy: One of the joys of my Scottish escapade has been the discovery of new music by bands that I’d somehow failed to explore – but equally, the discovery of music by bands that I’ve loved for years has sometimes set my pulse racing. This track, from Aztec Camera’s largely-forgotten fifth album, Dreamland, is a case in point. It’s almost too beautiful to bear…

Gabby Young and Other Animals – We’re All In This Together – severin: She has a lovely voice, she supported K*tz*nj*mm*r at the Scala and this is one of her best songs. That’s it really.

Joan Baez – One too Many Mornings – goneforeign: From Joani’s ‘Any Day Now’ album. Sept 1968, Gold album! That made my guilt at buying Dylan’s songs by an intruder tolerable, But I simultaneously loved Joani as much as Bob, so I had to have the album. I loved it and played it to death, particularly ‘Sad-Eyed lady’. So they all became ‘Earworms’ ’til this day.

Milk and Bone – Pressure – YoungMunday: Milk and Bone are a duo from French-speaking Canada. This track is from their 2015 debut EP “Little Mourning” which you can read about here: http://www.theguardian.com/music/2015/may/15/new-band-of-the-week-milk-bone-no-53 (it’s very earwormy).

Ryan Bingham – Nobody Knows My Trouble – deanofromoz: Ryan Bingham won the Oscar for best song for his contribution to the movie Crazy Heart. His “Mescalito” album is really great. My CD purchasing habits have moved from brand new stuff to rummaging through second hand cheapie bins, but I recently had a discount coupon for a store, so was able to buy up some that I had wanted to get, so I picked up Bingham’s “Fear and Saturday Night” album. This is the opener, and the real highlight on what is a really solid album, better than his “Junky Star” album in my opinion, although probably just a little behind “Mescalito.” I love the songwriting here, you can just tell it’s a very personal tale, but he doesn’t give much away, and that aura of mystery really makes the track.

Brad Paisley – Cluster Pluck – RaviRaman: Here’s a catchy tune that has earworm written all over it. Cluster Pluck by Brad Paisley featuring Vince Gill, Albert Lee and James Burton.

10 thoughts on “Earworms 31 August 2015

  1. Oh, I just lost a post. Boo! a shorter version…

    Happy birthday Sam, have a great day! We’ve been rewatching Red Dwarf as it’a pouring with rain here, I hope you have fun things to entertain yourself with.

    Westchester Lady makes me think of a 70 cop show where theyre rushing out to the long ugly cars to chase someone after a revelationary plot point.

    Aztec Camera I haven’t investigated much, I like the vocals, but not the arrangement very much, just my tolerance for brass is quite low.

    Gabby Young has a lovely smoky, dark voice.

    I bought Joan Baez and Joan Baez Vol2 at a car boot sale when I was a teenager, they were magical to me. I’ve never liked anything else by here as much, I htink it spoiled me! I love this Dylan track and whilst I don’t think she improves upon it, it’s still lovely.

    Milk and Bone got better, I didn’t like the girl’s voice to start with but it grew on me.

    Ryan Bingham is not for me, Brad Paisley is very catchy, but also out of my comfort zone, cheerful though, which is good on a day like today.

  2. I hope you’ve performed the appropriate rituals to mark the evolution of YM into teenagerdom, Ali. And battened down the appropriate hatches…

    Please wish him all the very best from someone else who doesn’t know him!

  3. I used to go out with a girl who loved Bob James and all his works. A track called “Woman of Ireland” was her favourite. I’m fairly certain it was “woman” not “lady”. The only one I really liked much was the theme music from Taxi. I liked this one a lot though so maybe my tastes have matured/expanded/deteriorated. Quite funky and cheerful for a rainy Monday morning. Hey, Shelley. I like him now……….
    Would never have guessed that next one was Aztec Camera. Not the style I knew and liked (i.e. Oblivious, Somewhere In My Heart and How Men Are) but, yes, it works on its own level. Cool.
    Never quite came to terms with Joan Baez. I prefer her later, more lived-in voice to the purer, more enunciated tones of the earlier recordings but this is a great song and always will be and she sings it fine.
    Milk and Bone I had a bit of a problem with as the voice at the very beginning set my teeth on edge. Like Beth I persevered and quite enjoyed the track on the whole. Just reading the article. “For some the balance will be all wrong, and they will dismiss it as cutesy”. Yes I nearly did. Oh yes and Happy birthday.
    Blimey, that Ryan Bingham is jolly gruff. Clear your throat man. What a contrast. Again took a bit of getting used to but I liked the actual song and musically very enjoyable.
    Brad Paisley – Ooh, we’re speeding up. Albert Lee’s in this? I do like a bit of Albert Lee. He was in Joan Armatrading’s band when I first saw her. Anyway, lovely guitar playing. Really liked that.

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