Earworms 7 September 2015


Thanks to Ravi for an antidote to all those canines on the mother ship. I’m squeezing the last drops out of the summer, sitting outside to put this together, it’s freezing, I am besieged by winged insects and someone is operating some sort of smelly/noisy two-stroke engine. Glad I’m not as high as that cat. Anyway, here’s this week’s varied selection – thanks to everyone and please keep sending those worms to earworm@tincanland.com. Brrrr.

Venice Trip – Reign Dance – bethnoir: I think I’m addicted to this song, it’s the resonance of the bells/chimes, I keep hearing it even if I’m not listening to it. Venice Trip are a young London band, inspired by the Doors amongst others, they’ve been on BBC6 Music’s Introducing and I hope they’re destined for big things.

Dean McPhee – Glass Hills – glasshalfempty: AliM recently introduced us to the excellent Yorkshire guitarist, Dean McPhee. She is not the only one to have noticed his extraordinary talent. He is featured in a recent Boomcat ’14 tracks’ compilation, with this beautiful, almost Eastern, cut – his work described by Boomcat as ‘ancient sounding visions’.

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown – Okie Dokie Stomp – deanofromoz: Another discovery from my second hand cheap CD rummaging was an album that I think would have originally been a give away with Uncut magazine or some such. It’s a compilation of favourite songs selected by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, and is actually really enjoyable, mainly in the blues genre, but Keefie also threw in some other stuff like Little Richard, Bob Marley, Hank Williams and even Tina Turner. This one is an instrumental, that is bluesy yet jazzy….not sure how else to describe it.

Manhattan Transfer – That Cat is High – Ravi Raman: After wading through 1300 songs on melancholy and misery I needed some serious pick-me-up tunes. Manhattan Transfer, a band that seems to specialise in this area, provided relief with numbers like this one – from their second and eponymous album – That Cat Is High.

Papa Wemba – Overdose – goneforeign: I lay in bed last night listening to a tape of Zairian music and this came on , Papa Wemba from the mid ’80’s singing about the eternal problem, a longtime favourite. I thought ‘that’s a perfect earworm’, so here it is, enjoy.

No-Man – Pink Moon – Fuel: English duo Tim Bowness (singer) and instrumentalist Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), perform this splendid cover of Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon”. (Ed.)

7 thoughts on “Earworms 7 September 2015

  1. Well, that was lovely. I already knew the Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown and Manhattan Transfer tracks but the rest were new to me and all were great. I think that Venice Trip, Dean McPhee and No-Man would all end up as my top pick if they were in different weeks, but this week I am compelled to have a three-way tie, with Papa Wemba, almost unfairly being relegated to fourth place.

  2. If you open Wiki on the Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown page you’ll see a photograph of him, it’s one of mine but I’ve no idea how it got on that website. I saw him several times through the 80’s/90’s.

  3. Venice Trip – yes, very Doors. very late sixties generally. I like but would have to be in just the right mood to more than like.
    Dean Mcphee – love the guitar sound, possibly my favourite of the week.
    The Clarence Brown and Man Trans are great, uplifting tracks, both vaguely familiar although I don’t know them well.
    Papa Wemba song was new to me and had a lovely feel, slightly at odds with the title and (I assume) subject matter. Sounds fine anyway.
    I only have a passing aquaintance with Nick Drake so I can’t make an informed comparison but I liked No Man’s Pink Moon a lot. Very atmospheric. Yes I know that’s a cliche but it is so I’m using it so there.

  4. Yet another great playlist – they just keep comin’ Really liked Venice Trip – great intro – but then I am a child of the sixties. They describe their genre as psychedelic rhythm and blues. I won’t disagree, but thankfully it’s nothing like Their Satanic Majesties! And Clarence is real R&B – great stuff. On my buy list. I got the Mojo CD of tracks allegedly selected by Keef, but this wasn’t on it. I enjoyed MT too, tho’ hadn’t expected to – nicely upbeat – reminded me of Five Guys Named Moe. Papa Wemba was not new to me, as I share GF’s love of African music, but this was a great soukous track I’m not always a fan of Nick Drake’s whimsy, but after dark, what better than a pink moon. Thanks to all. I take no credit for the wonderful Dean McPhee, as he was Ali’s discovery, and I recommend his album Fatima’s hand. Looking forward to next week already….

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