Earworms 14 September 2015


Some more first class music for you this week (see what I did there)? I’m waiting for someone to release a Jeremy Corbyn rallying song … anyway, enjoy the music and many thanks to all contributors. Don’t forget, if you have any Earworms to spare, please send them along to earworm@tincanland.com.

Bruce Springsteen – Long Time Coming – deanofromoz: After guruing the RRSA Farming topic, where I A listed Bruce Springsteen and the Seeger Sessions Band’s “My Oklahoma Home”, I just had to explore this part of Springsteen’s career more, so I picked up his “Live in Dublin” album. It’s a mixture of the Seeger covers and a few Springsteen tracks done in that style. This is a reworking of the track that originally appeared on the “Devils and Dust” album.

Robert Palmer – Sneakin’ Sally through the Alley – CaroleBristol: This is from Robert Palmer’s first 1974 solo album. On it he is backed by The Meters and the late Lowell George. It is a funky little toe-tapper and it is well-worth looking out the album. This music is far-removed from his 1980s lounge lizard/sexual predator image, and all the better for it.

Johnny Sansone – Corn Whiskey – tincanman: The only knock on his growly, menacing voice is he has to remove his harmonica to use it. So this instrumental from the transplanted NOLAian* does me just fine. His blues is dark, heavy – and a bit scary.
*New Orleans person

The Darkness – Open Fire – Bethnoir: I believe that the Darkness very meticulously dissect songs by bands they love to discover what makes them work and then make their own Frankenstein’s monster-like versions. In this case I reckon it was “She Sells Sanctuary” by the Cult, but what’s not to love?

Shakti – La Danse du Bonheur – Ravi Raman: This song is unique, among many other reasons, for starting with the beat, associated with dance, rather than the usual alapanai of a ragam (stating of the theme). The percussion is from a tabla and a ghatam (basically a clay pot). Though McLaughlin stays in the background Danse has been a concert staple for every Shakti avatar.

Tshala Muana – Lubila – goneforeign: A 1996 release from Kinshasa by Tshala Muana, It’s from her album Mutuashi.

Image courtesy of 123rf.com

10 thoughts on “Earworms 14 September 2015

  1. Bruce Springsteen – Long Time Coming To my ears, The Boss rarely takes any false steps, and this is no exception. Classic stuff and I especially like the backing singers and the pedal steel guitar. Absolutely great.

    Johnny Sansone – Corn Whiskey Good fun. A kind of less-weird Beefheart vibe going on here. Lovely harmonica playing.

    The Darkness – Open Fire Suitably OTT stuff from The Darkness. Yes, it does sound like “She Sells Sanctuary” but that isn’t a bad thing. Excellent.

    Shakti – La Danse du Bonheur I’ve never caught up with any of John McLaughlin’s post-Mahavishnu work but this makes me want to change that. This is really brilliant. Probably my favourite track this week, but The Boss runs it close.

    Tshala Muana – Lubila This was nice too. I love her voice and the horns.

    So, on reflection, Shakti takes this week’s laurel crown.

  2. Bruce – tfd converted me to Bruce Springsteen, I like his quieter stuff and this is good.
    Robert Palmer – very fond of Robert Palmer, like this track.
    Johnny Sansone – blues. love it.
    The Darkness – I don’t know “She Sells Sanctuary” but shall have to look it up. This is great, OTT stuff.
    Shakti – definite favourite this week, superb.
    Tshala Muana – lovely voice, very much enjoyed this track.

    Worms are boxed, as usual.

  3. Have had that Robert Palmer for way more years than I care to calculate 🙂

    Is there a studio version of Long Time Coming? I found the mumbling a bit offputting, but would deffo like to hear a ‘cleaner’ version.

    Tshala is lovely. It’s very festive and summery, which I’m clinging to as long as possible this autumn!

  4. Some good stuff in there (as is usually the case). Thanks, Ali & co.
    Robert Palmer’s take on Sailing Shoes is brill, too.
    The chorus of Long Time Coming has a Touch Of Grey about it…… (I still can’t take his straining voice, sorry. But he keeps great musicians around him.)

  5. Absolutely love both Shakti and Johnny Sansone. Joint highlights of the set for me.
    Never got Bruce and, although I like the music here, I’m still not keen on his voice.
    Sneaking Sally was the only one I’d heard before, many years ago and still sounds pretty good.
    The Darkness I only know from a few songs which I didn’t really like so this one was a very welcome surprise. Liked that a lot.
    Tshala Muana was, as Tincanman said, lovely. A lovely way to end in fact.

  6. Loved Shakti and enjoyed Johnny Sansome as well. I’m afraid I am still resistant to Bruce’s charms, but I was surprised by Robert Palmer. I didn’t realise he did that kind of thing, a tentative thumbs up from me. Glad a few people are enjoying The Darkness, they’re just a good time band, but they do it well, I think.

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