Readers Recommend 10-Year Anniversary Social, London, 19 September 2015


L-R back: Bisbosh (wearing Steenbeck’s owl on his T-shirt), Wyngate Carpenter, Fuel, SaneShane, Abahachi, Darcey’s Dad, Toffeeboy, Burlap Sacking, Ejaydee, Barbryn, Son of Webcore (not really that tall, standing on a chair).

L-R middle: Flatfrog, Gordonimmel, treefrogdemon, Skippy-is-a-cult, Bluepeter, Mnemonic, Tarxien, KalyR, glasshalfempty.

L-R seated: Peter Kimpton, AliMunday, Severin.

(Apologies if I’ve mis-spelled anyone, it may be the Harry Potter influence).

Hello to everyone who came to the RR Social, organised by Peter Kimpton, at The Parcel Rooms in Kings Cross station. And hello too to those of you who couldn’t make it, we missed you!

Some of you will already have seen these photos on Facebook, but I am posting a selection here for those of you who are too cool for FB or who missed the event. There were Skype link-ups with deanofromoz and swawilg (apologies again for spelling – I mean our Belgian correspondent) – unfortunately the link with tincanman in Canada was unsuccessful. I’m not sure if there were any other Skype links as DsD, Gordonimmel and I arrived very late at Tarxien’s having been stuck on the south circular for two hours. She was very patient with us, and we eventually arrived at The Parcel Rooms in Kings Cross to find everything in full flow. Anyway, here are some edited highlights:


Son of Webcore proposed a toast to Dinesh Allirajah (May 1366), a brilliant writer and contributor to the blog, and a personal friend to webcore, who passed away earlier this year following complications from surgery. A great loss.


Flatfrog and treefrogdemon talk about all things froggy and where to buy the best tee-shirts, whilst enjoying some liquid sustenance. We are assured that no amphibians were harmed at the event, and that the rather strangely coloured one crawling up flatfrog’s chest was later resuscitated with the aid of Peter’s bicycle pump; some hot air from a passing express train and a few spells from the Harry Potter shop on platform 13 and three quarters, or whatever the heck it is. As for the people queuing to push a stuffed owl and half a baggage trolley into a collapsing wall on Kings Cross Station, you must be absolutely bonkers. You wouldn’t catch Tom Petty doing anything un-cool like that, oh no.

Speaking of uncool, Peter brought along some of his favourite records for everyone to have a look at. Sadly he didn’t bring a turntable for us to listen to them, but DsD thoughtfully took them back to tarixen’s via the bus from Brixton, as a “thank you for putting up with us” present. She was very grateful, and is going to nail them to her wall for all to see. There’s a picture below, together with Ali’s admiring reaction to Peter’s good taste.









There was almost a fight over the Nana Mouskouri album; Fuel accompanied us to a well-known pizza restaurant after the event and tussled valiantly with DsD, who eventually gave in and let him take it back to Finland. At least, I think that’s what happened to it, it was just the right size for a coaster … though that would have been a shame, as she has a lovely voice.  We had to turn the Hot Hits sleeve inwards on the bus as the cover was rather suggestive, we didn’t want to cause any excitement among the jolly young passengers. RR is, after all, a responsible blog full of caring, sensitive and above all politically correct citizens, who just want to have a nice evening with like-minded people.

I don’t know if you’re getting fed up with photos yet but please don’t, as I’ve got some more. We don’t want any more tussles or tantru12039278_10153138028562129_2194183601060357274_nms. Just to prove it, here are the happy smiling faces of  (1) Blue Peter, DsD and toffeeboy (who, I believe, nearly caused a riot on Watford station by wearing the wrong colo12045638_527506540738544_4561807009034080981_our shirt). Blue Peter had come all the way from Spain for the event, he joins Fuel as the “furthest travelled” although it was probably quicker than our trip from Yorkshire.


Photo (2) shows tarxien, webcore and mnemonic who are putting the world to rights over a bottle of Ribena (other beverages are available) and some refreshing ginger beer.


Next up we have Peter, KalyR and SaneShane, either admiring Peter’s new phone, Skyping or checking the football results, whatever it was they are smiling so it must have been good.

Next we have the hook-up with swawilg (we could see him but I don’t think he could see us) and I hope he will forgive me if I’ve murdered his name again. Peter is holding the screen while SaneShane and tfd are playing “Rock, Paper, Scissors” while Wyngate adjudicates. The loser has to buy Wyngate a pint, so there’s a lot at stake. Especially at Kings Cross prices, goodness gracious me.

*Just realised I omitted the rock,paper, scissors photo … well, it was late last night … so here it is. Doh.11850494_527510027404862_2973200622097696713_o



Finally, here is tincanman waiting for a Skype call that never got through – we were sorry to miss you, tinny – and barbryn, glasshalfempty and Peter doing their best to get through.

12004740_10204802801690032_2898047682951339524_nThanks to everyone who came and made it such an enjoyable afternoon; hi to everyone who couldn’t come, and hope to see you at the next one  (preferably before ten years are up)!

Hope you enjoy the photos, if you want any please email me at


23 thoughts on “Readers Recommend 10-Year Anniversary Social, London, 19 September 2015

  1. Happy Anniversary everyone and well written Ali ! I’m so, so sorry I couldn’t be there, with MummyP doing her long, long home care shift and two young ones to occupy. Doesn’t Webcore look fantastic – still wearing the suit to happy occasions having worn it to Dinesh’s and his cousin’s funerals. I need a proper suit, I’ve only got a work one – I can scrub up OK and look smart in it, but it’s too blue and chalk-stripey like a work suit for other occasions.

  2. Just realised Mainy wasn’t there! He had said he wouldn’t be, but then his Facebook page flagged him as being at Euston station on Saturday morning. Confused? You betcha.

  3. What a treat it was to meet everyone (and see those I’ve met before again). And sorry to dash off so early – it didn’t feel nearly long enough time to spend with you all.

  4. Thanks for posting this. It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Meeting people who I hadn’t seen since D Lynskey’s book launch (1473). And so many people I had no idea were coming. Whoever ended up with the Hot Hits album – they’re highly collectible you know.

  5. Oh God how beautiful and young and impressive you all look, and so sharply dressed, except for George. Thanks a million for putting these up Alimundy, so good to see a face behind all these avatars. I especially had trouble recognising kalyr 😉
    I tried to explain to some of my friends why I was so excited last saturday, but then I gave up, because only you will understand…
    And don’t worry if you misspell my name, the real surname is Dusauchoit, how about that… just say swa, that’s ok with me. Thanks for allowing me to be part of this little wonder


  6. Looks like a great gathering and that a great time was had by all – sorry that there was no was I was going to be able to make it, and wasn’t even able to join in via technology, work just degenerated into chaos over the afternoon (I can confirm that everything you have read about the parlous state of the NHS is true…), Anyway, here’s to another 10 years and maybe a chance for another gathering (before 10 years is up!).

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