Earworms 21 September 2015


I once found a polecat in the tube of my tumble-drier. It was Halloween; I’d gone to the cellar to fetch some washing and the air-vent tube was jumping around the floor as if possessed … having reasoned with myself, I investigated further and found a polecat had crawled in under the cellar door; it was very beautiful and I managed to capture it with the cat’s carry-cage. I put the cage in the kitchen while I went to find the owner and discovered, on returning triumphant, that polecats are very clean animals and expel their excrement as far from their bedding as possible. Had great fun cleaning the kitchen. But I digress – thanks for another wonderful world of worms, please keep them coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Alan Jackson – Angels And Alcohol – tincanman: Warning: It’s twangy, but not the usual contrived Nashville fare. I was surprised I could stand it, let alone like it. From his latest, it is beautifully written and perfectly sung. Melancholy without being sappy.

Vetiver – Current Carry – bethnoir: I feel as if Vetiver lead me into somewhat easy listening territory sometimes, which disturbs me, but I can’t resist laid back mood of this track from their most recent album, I even like the slide guitar which isn’t like me at all.

Matt Mattox et al: Lament – Lonesome Polecat – abahachi: Listen past the occasionally cheesy 1950s production, and this is a simply lovely song – I can’t help wondering why, unlike other songs from equally kitsch musicals, it never become a jazz classic (can’t you just hear Miles’ trumpet doing that melancholy vocal line?).

H P Lovecraft – The White Ship – CaroleBristol: H.P Lovecraft were a band from the psychedelic era, named after the horror writer. This track is from their first, eponymous LP and is named after a Lovecraft story. The music is reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane in places and has a very dreamy, spaced-out feel to it. It is probably their best-known piece and is definitely one of their better ones. Definitely a period piece.

izOReL – Qasida mursala – glasshalfempty: I am a fan of the amazing fire installations of Carabosse, a French company of fire artists. These are accompanied by live music, often from IzOrel, the solo project of Frenchman Aurélien Rotureau, who is based in Spain. This East meets West track is hypnotic, but I don’t know the singer’s name I’m afraid.

Shakti with John McLaughlin – Joy – Ravi Raman: Glad people liked Danse. Here’s another one called “Joy”, more frenetic than Danse and with the full virtuosity of JM/Shankar on display.

Image courtesy of 123rf.com

8 thoughts on “Earworms 21 September 2015

  1. Gosh, that was a varied selection!

    I think that my fave was izORel, and Shakti was the next one. I can see the appeal of Alan Jackson, and I will listen to it again, but I wasn’t in a very C&W mood today, so he kind of missed the spot. Vetiver was nice and I think it might grow on me. I can see what Aba means about the show tune. It could quite easily be a jazz standard. I can hear the harmonica intro part on piano, maybe with someone like Red Garland or Bill Evans?

    Equally, it could quite easily slip into a Sonny Rollins “Way Out West” sort of groove.

  2. That HP certainly brings back some memories, I haven’t heard that for about close on 50 years. It used to be an fm staple in LA.

  3. The first two I wasn’t initially sure about but liked more on a second listen. Slow burners I think.
    Lonesome Polecat and White Ship were both surprises. I wasn’t at all sure I was going to like either of them as much as I did. Very different types of music of course but all good.
    Shakti was epic and hugely enjoyable but I think I agree with Carole in picking Izorel as my standout of the week.

  4. Sorry I’m a bit late. Love the story about the polecat, had me really laughing out loud 🙂
    I can’t cope with Alan Jackson, sorry, the Lonesome Polecat was sweet, apart from the harmonica, I liked it.
    Not as much as I liked H P Lovecraft though, predictably, I loved this track, thanks for introducing me to the band, Carole.
    izOReL had some lovely noises in it, interesting sounds.
    I was listening to Danse by Shakti in the car yesterday, the children found it a bit too frenetic, so Joy, being even faster is a bit too unrestful for me at the moment, talented playere though.

  5. Nice set as ever, but the standout was the Shakti/John McLoughlin for it’s ecstatic effect.Glad one or two liked IzOrel. See you next week…

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