Earworms 28 September 2015


A little less melody and a little more “wakey wakey!” on Earworms this week. I’m conscious that I’m still sitting on earworms from people from a few weeks ago – I haven’t forgotten them, it’s just that I’ve received more submissions than usual, which is brilliant, thanks to everyone. They will all be included before long. In the meantime, please keep sending your worms to earworm@tincanland.com, where they will be very welcome.

Lil’Kleine & Ronnie Flex: Drank & Drugs – abahachi: I guess that one definition of an earworm could be: a song you hear while flicking through Dutch radio stations in search of one that isn’t playing endless Robbie Williams, which sticks in your head despite the fact that the only comprehensible words are the repeated “Drank und Drugs… Drank und Drugs”, which suggests that this isn’t exactly Dostoevsky. I imagine that if this was in English I’d probably hate it.

Hookworms – Radio Tokyo – CaroleBristol: This came out at the end of last year and got a fair amount of airplay on 6Music. I kind of forgot about it but I heard it again recently and it has stuck in my head. I think it has a real “Nuggets” vibe about it, proper 60s garage band stuff with the organ-driven riff, but also there is something of “In Search Of Space” era Hawkwind in the later stages of the song. Anyway, I think it is pretty good.

Nemo – Car Crash Eyes – bethnoir: James Cook is a solo artist now, but Nemo were his electro-rock band formed in 2001, I love the spiky guitar and dark feel to this song, so catchy and bright.

2nd Layer – Definition of Honour – severin: Two boys and a guitar. And a home-made drum machine. And some other stuff. The music was, literally, home-made too as you can, no doubt, hear. It was 1981 and lower middle class punks were doing it for themselves.

Brooklyn Funk Essentials – Recycled – tincanman: Gil Scott-Heron with a sense of humour. Amusing but pointed tale of a man arrested for trying to get his neighbour to recycle. From their latest Funk Ain’t Ova, and sadly, neither is black men being mistreated by white cops.

Erroll Garner – Teach Me Tonight – goneforeign: Concert by the Sea – I bought this album when it was released in 1956, it’s been a lifelong favorite, I probably have 4-5 unplayed LP’s ‘just in case’. The Monterey Jazz Festival was this last weekend and they featured a group that performed this album to honor Erroll and that prompted me to go to iTunes and hear it again. I think Erroll Garner is one of the all-time jazz greats and deserves a wider audience. There’s an interesting Wiki page for those who’re interested plus Columbia just re-released the ‘complete’ album and Kevin Whitehead just gave it a rave review, check it’s well worth a listen.

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15 thoughts on “Earworms 28 September 2015

  1. Well, it is a case this week that I don’t really have to pick a favourite, because I liked them all. A special mention to Nemo, though. That was really very nice.

  2. On first listen, I liked Radio Tokyo and Teach Me Tonight the most.
    Of course it’s hard to make any comparison between Erroll Garner and the others since he’s working an entirely different seam. Nice way to end the set though.
    All good stuff and will listen again later.

  3. I still struggle with jazz – in a broadbrush way. To me it is discordant and fits with less melodic / punk-ish / rap-ish music. That said, there is nothing I dislike here, I think Nemo and Hookworms are my preferences but that’s because they’re reminiscent of the music I grew up with. The Brooklyn Funk Essentials song is clever. Hookworms makes me think of The Doors. Anyway, burble, burble.

  4. Drank and Drugs borders on one of those irritating, rather than exhilarating, songs you can’t get out of your head.

    Hookworms is great – garage band in a good sort of way.

    Nemo – pleasant enough.

    Definition of Honour – I can see why they didn’t make it. (They didn’t make it, did they?)

    BFE – OK, but I sometimes have trouble with ‘storytelling over a beat’, no matter how smooth the beat is. Nice trumpet in the background.

    Erroll Garner – wonderful. I bought a cheap French issue box set of 25 Columbia jazz albums under the name ‘The Perfect Jazz Collection’ for about 20 quid a few years ago and this album is amongst them. I’d never really heard Garner before, but I was hooked after the first play and it gets aired regularly. I can thoroughly recommend the box set.

    • Tempus, That sounds like a great deal, I have dozens of Columbia Jazz albums, I’m curious which others were in the box? Glad they included Errol, he’s unique, no one plays like him,

      • Severin/Tempus: Great collection, read the buyers comments at Amazon. I have many of those, all recommended, lots of lifelong favorites in there.

        1. Louis Armstrong – Plays W.C. Handy: Original Jazz Classics
        2. Sarah Vaughan – Sarah Vaughan In Hi-Fi
        3. Art Blakey – The Jazz Messengers
        4. Billie Holiday – Lady In Satin
        5. Miles Davis – Kind Of Blue
        6. Dave Brubeck Quartet – TIME OUT
        7. Duke Ellingtont meets Count Basie [1999 Remaster]
        9. Charlie Mingus – Tijuana Moods
        10. Chet Baker – Chet Is Back!
        11. Thelonious Monk – Monk’s Dream
        12. Sonny Rollins – Sonny meets Hawk!
        14. Paul Desmond & Gerry Mulligan – Two of a Mind
        15. Benny Goodman Quartet – Together Again
        17. Nina Simone – Sings the Blues

      • plus …
        18. Art Tatum – Piano Starts Here
        19. Erroll Garner – Concert by the Sea + Seattle 1963
        20. Herbie Hancock – Head Hunters
        21. Stan Getz – The Best Of Two Worlds
        22. Jaco Pastorius – Jaco Pastorius
        23. Weather Report – Heavy Weather
        24. Wynton Marsalis – Marsalis Standard Time
        25. Charlie Parker, Monty Alexander, Ray Brown, John Guerin – Bird

  5. Drank and Drugs is catchy, like rabies, not quite for me. Hookworms is much more my style, a committed vocal and, I agree a touch of Hawkwind somewhere. I enjoyed 2nd Layer, I have heard of/ heard the Sound reminds me of early Cure, which is a good thing.

    Recycled has a fabulous groove and a delightful voice and Teach Me Tonight transported me to an upmarket café somewhere, I’m not sure if I’ve heard it before (used to frequent a little place which always had classical or jazz playing), but I really enjoyed it. Great worms this week 🙂

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