Earworms 12 October 2015


I had a strange day yesterday. Went to the book launch of a friend of a friend, in Pontefract. The book is a novel, the premise of which is that D H Lawrence’s wife wrote the erotic bits of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”. It takes in Birmingham Council, the New Statesman’s lonely hearts column, Wolverhampton Wanderers and the ethics of car boot sales, amongst other things (sounds a bit Tom Sharpe-esque). I’m only on page 14 so far and I’m not quite sure what to expect. Anyway, here’s another unexpected selection of earworms – hope you like them, and please continue to send your worms to earworm@tincanland.com (Halloween ones by Sunday 25 October). Many thanks to all.

Royal Crown Revue – Hot Rod – Ravi Raman: I picked a couple of this band’s albums just over a week ago and have been listening to them almost everyday. I love the thrumming bass line in this instrumental, a drummer who knows when not to use the high-hat or snares and above all the two saxophones and a trumpet. I’ve also added one more song and asked Ali to box that as well – called Barflies at the Beach, which includes these memorable lines: Now the moral of this story/ There’s more to life than jazz and bars … really? Another admirer fondly calls this “Gangster Jazz”. Hope you all enjoy these.

Royal Crown Revue – Barflies at the Beach – Ravi Raman: (It seemed churlish to leave it out. (Ed.))

The Guess Who – American Woman – AliM: This popped up on shuffle the other day, I didn’t even know I had it. The Guess Who were a Canadian band, this was recorded in 1969 (although it sounds fresher to me). I love the guitar.

Iris DeMent – From an Airplane – tincanman: Austere, but passionate.  From the singer and pianist’s latest, The Trackless Woods, on which she set to music a collection of translated poems by Anna Akhmatova (Russian 1889-1966).

Alt J – Hunger of the Pine – Fuel: Alt J, also known as ∆ (from the Apple keyboard shortcut) are an indie band from Leeds. Apparently this song samples the words “I’m a female rebel” from Miley Cyrus‘s 2013 song “4×4“, but don’t let that put you off. (Ed.)

The Flamingos – I only have eyes for you – goneforeign: This song was recorded by the Flamingos in 1959, becoming one of their most popular hits; it was included in the film American Graffiti. There were many original versions which were also very popular on radio during the ’40’s & ’50’s.

Image courtesy of 123rf.com

16 thoughts on “Earworms 12 October 2015

  1. My pick of the lot is Iris DeMent. More complex than it seems. Very catchy. Wonder if her other songs in the album are sung with a similar voice.

  2. And I just realise that I sent the wrong song to Ali! The instrumental I had in mind is Topsy, very different from the Manhattan Transfer number. Still …

  3. I really enjoyed both of the Royal Crown Revue tracks, great fun. American Woman has been a favourite since I first heard it way back when I was a teenager. It is nice to hear it again.

    I didn’t know what to expect from either Iris DeMent or Alt J. I’ve not heard anything before from Alt J that I actually liked, so I listened with some trepidation. Actually, as things turned out, it wasn’t at all bad, and certainly a lot more atmospheric and enjoyable than other things I’ve come across from them. I don’t really know Iris DeMent‘s music at all. It had a nice alt-country, Americana vibe and I thought that it was so good I listened to it twice.

    Anyway, The FlamingosI only have eyes for you is magnificent. It knocks the Art Garfunkel cover into a very small cocked hat. Undoubtedly the best track of the week, even though I know it well already.

  4. It’s a nice change to hear something like the Royal Crown Revue but it would be nicer if they’d given some credit for the real title of ‘Barflies’. It’s a dead copy of Benny Goodman’s 1938 Carnegie Hall Concert opener ;Swing, Swing, Swing, with Gene Krupa on the drums.
    Check it here: [youtube+https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUbgwADLFPM]

    • Their whole album is inspired by old tunes and they’ve given credit wherever due, in this case to Prima for the music and Nichols for lyrics.

  5. Well, original or not I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Royal Crown Revue first thing this morning.Not so keen on the Guess Who, I’m afraid. Not sure why. I have heard it before but just never took to it.
    Iris Dement I had never heard of and absolutely loved. Alt J also unknown to me and I quite liked. Preferred that veru odd beginning to the rest of the track to be honest. Flamingos – absolute bliss of course.

    • Can’t remember ever sending some Tuvan throat sing your way; good to mix over the top of a bit of drone or black metal…

      Will steal RCR for some of my deejaying and will mix it with some Diablo Swing Orchestra and The Mutants.

      Can’t remember sending Alt-J your way either but it worked really well between I. DeMent and The Flamingos. The Flamingos are the best thing here, of course.

      • I sent Ali a couple more earlier: Mooch & Hey Pachuco – should suit your deejaying even better. In any case do give us a taste of your mixing after the event.

      • There was a Pekko Käppi track on your RR10 CD, it was rather good so I looked him up on YouTube and just let it play … suddenly there was a lot of Tuvan throat singing (quite appropriate as I have sinusitis and could growl along).

      • Ravi: I’ve planned a weekly assault on The Spill’s eardrums, you won’t want my dj mixing.

        Ali: I see! It makes sense cos Käppi plays traditional Finnish instruments that are similar to Tuvan instruments. The man’s a maverick, i.e. brilliant or makes yer teeth grind.

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